Friday, December 31, 2010

(Temporary?) Motivation

Ran 3.29 miles last night and hikes 3 today!  Happy dance. 

Remember that excuses list...

Yesterday was an unusually warm 50 degrees and today is an insane 65 or so!  No excuses, then-- so I ran/hiked!!

Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reasons (excuses) for not running

I have been downright awful about posting and running.  I want to just be fair in stating both. 

Reasons I give for not running:

1. Its cold.
2. Its dark when I actually have a husband to watch the kid.  Thereby dark and cold.
3. I do not feel justified in taking a 4 month old out for a cold run even if he is bundled up really well.
4. Don't kill me for writing this but when you go back to your normal size within a couple weeks (and are happy at your normal size) it is hard to feel motivated to run again.  But I need to.  I know when I stop breastfeeding it won't be as easy to maintain. And I know my 2 years of running before this point aided in being able to say that.

So there we have it.  My lot? Treadmill purchase (which I despise treadmills!!) and/or workout videos are in my near future.

Someone tell me to get my butt in gear on this!  I have a half marathon in April and don't want to run it slower than my pregnant self did last April!

Monday, December 6, 2010

My cup runnith over

My cup runnith over, y'all seriously.  I may not do as well getting out for runs now that it is COLD and I have a real live baby to bundle up, instead of just hauling my bump out the door, but I LOVE being a Mama!

For all of my fear about being a mom, would I like my kid?  Check.

Would my hubby be ok with me loving a little person too?  Check.

Would I actually like being a mom?  Check.

It was all unfounded fears.  I love this season of my life and can truly say it is one of the more fulfilling experiences in life I have had to date, and I was never someone that sat by and let life happen.  I have explored chunks of this big world (several trips to Europe and 2 to Africa) and as exciting as the exploration was, it doesn't compare to the way your heart wants to explode when you witness even a small milestone of your child.  I know I am gushing, but for others that have their first "bump" on board, I want you to know, it will all be ok and then some! 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My sweet baby boy had his first shots today.  (We are doing a mondified/delayed shot schedule per Dr. Sears book The Vaccine Book, so thats why he had his first shots at 3 months.)

I made Mark take him in for the shots while I waited in the waiting room.  He came out still crying, but stopped when I held him.  Poor babe.  We got home and he atethen fell fast asleep for a couple hours.  When he woke up for his 4:00 feeding he was not doing well-- crying, wouldn't eat, had one very red thigh and only was ok if I held him in my left arm while walking around.  It was so sad and pitiful, my heart was breaking.  No one tells you about this stuff when you sign up to be a parent!

I was able to put the moby on and hold him that way since my arm and back were killing me from carrying my 13 pound boy around.  He fell back asleep for a bit and with Mark's help we got him to eat and take a bit of pain reliever about 6:30.  By about 7:30 he was still a sad baby boy, but went to sleep in his crib until his 10:00 feeding.  (I went to bed until then too).

I loved having him to hold and love on, but it was so not worth it to see him in pain.

But today I have my happy baby back.  He is keeping the spider man stickers on each thigh until they loosen up-- this mama doesn't want to have to hurt him pulling them off, even in the tub.

Have I mentioned how crazy in love I am with this kiddo? 

He is 13 weeks old today (will be officially 3 months old on Thanksgiving tomorrow)!

I leave you with a recent pic of the little guy...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Runs at 12 weeks postpartum

Today was a 6 mile run.  It felt pretty good (minus a stint about mile 5 where I had to walk a bit because my abs did this tightening/cramping thing.  I had been talking quite a bit and doing lots of hills, so I am going with that to blame, over having less ab tone since housing a kiddo for 9 months.)  : ) 

It feels good to do longer runs again.  The only race in my forecast is the half marathon in April again this year.  We will be ditching the Nashville Music City half and doing the Derby half this year in Louisville.

According to my running partner (my stepdad) I have not added any time to my runs, or I should say I am back to running my normal pace-- but I don't yet feel much stronger like I thought I would after having run with an extra 25 pounds!   

Baby-boy is now 12 weeks old and weighing in at just under 13 lbs (or just over) depending on how full that belly is.  I am crazy in love with him!

My work called me Friday and asked if I could come in Monday to talk about my helping out on some projects.  We'll see how that works out.  I want to stay in the Architect circuit but I also am not feeling ready to rush back into much.  As I said-- we'll see.  My husband keeps reminding me to take it a day at a time and remember that I don't have to have the next months, or years planned out today.  He's right.

Well, this entry has taken us down some unintended paths today.  Hope this message finds everyone well.

Friday, November 12, 2010


Since I was asked by a Facebook pal... yes, the birth was a natural birth (ie-- no pain meds).  Not sure I would want to do it again naturally with Pitocin, but I would probably be crazy enough to try again IF (and lets pray, not) I actually had to be induced again with a future kiddo.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

BIRTH STORY-- a couple months later

This is insanely long, but I wanted to share.  If you don't want to read it, I will not be offended at all.  But I think its important to share the truth of a natural birth (though all experiences are different).  And yes, I will try to go natural again with a future kiddo if I am blessed with another.  Though I really hope Pitocin has no place in a future birth!!

Nathan Birth Story—

I had an appointment with my OB on Tuesday, August 24th 2010. I brought hubby Mark along since it was definitely going to be a more than routine appointment. Because the baby was “overdue” by this point (he was due August 20th)—they wanted to run a few tests. They wanted to do a non-stress test and an ultrasound. Because the ultrasound room opened up first, they decided to combine the two tests with that method instead.

We had a different ultrasound tech than we had had previously (I loved the usual lady!) but this lady did not do any explaining and very little talking. However, her questions and body language made it very clear that she was not finding everything in perfect condition. Because of her attitude I was ready to cry but trying to hold it together. (Combine a very pregnant first time mom and an abnormal ultrasound and you start to get edgy!) WE waiting in the subwaiting area for what felt like forever to see my doctor again.

Once we got back to see Dr. W she said that my ambiotic fluid looked low and extra thick. She said the thickness could indicate merconium or that my placenta was not working as well anymore. She said she knew of my plans for a natural birth but recommended that we go immediately to the hospital to be induced.

I felt a major lump in my throat and held back tears. Mark started to ask a lot of questions as I tried to keep it together. Internally I was paniced and teary! Mark asked that we have as much information as possible to make an informed decision.

Dr W examined me for the first time in my pregnancy (I had declined previous exams to avoid potential infection) and I was 1-2cm dialated and my membrane was still intact. She tested my leaking fluid with a strip of paper and it was ambiotic fluid. Somewhere in here Mark mentioned that I had been “leaking” for about a week but had not been concerned since ambiotic fluid can replenish itself. Dr W really turned up the pressure in asking us to get the hospital for fear of infection and stated there was no need for an additional stress test because she was concerned about infection. She said she wanted me to know that she was not trying to “sabatoge” my birth plans but for the baby’s safety we needed to immediately go and be induced. She said she would call ahead and tell the hospital to expect us with instructions that I could maintain mobility. I started crying and we decided we had enough information to agree to go and be induced.

Knowing I was upset, Mark suggested we not rush, grab out bags at home, get some lunch and try to mentally prepare for the change in plans. So that is what we did. We went home and finished packing, I ate some bbq and a fruit smoothie and we loaded up the car. We then called our doula, Susan. Mark explained the situation to Susan who asked many of the same questions we did and agreed to meet us at the hospital to make sure we got started ok.

When we got to the hospital, they couldn’t find my pre-registration info so we had to register again. The LDR (Labor & Delivery) was not quite ready for us, so we walked around for a while and grabbed a couple of final pregnancy photos (with my tear-stained face). We were finally called back to LDR 2. (To me, “2” meant ‘peace’ and also reminded me of “running for two” so I was oddly comforted with that room.

I got into a gown and met my nurse. As she talked and hooked me up to things I was crying. She said I was the most pitiful thing she had seen. I was really trying to embrace the new circumstances but knew pitocin would really kick the contractions up and was an intervention I didn’t want or expect, and could not help my tears. She got me hooked up to the monitors and said I was having contractions (the cramps I had felt for a while were contractions) but said she would wait to start the pitocin. Per the doctor’s orders, she did start me on fluids and antibiotics.

Susan arrived about this point and we talked a lot about possible options, but ultimately determined to get started instead of trying to rest first. So I worked to shift my mindset to the new plan and Susan reminded me ‘all is not lost.’

The nurse started the pitocin around 4pm and Susan went home to rest until we were to call her back. We dimmed the lights and I put on my headphones and listened to my favorite songs and just rested and relaxed. I was not feeling anything but the monitors continued to show contractions and I got to about 3cm. A new nurse came in and kicked up the pitocin. Around 9pm I started to really feel the contractions (Time goes fuzzy after at this point so any times and dialation mentioned are via info from the doula)—so it was the first time we let any family know we were in the hospital and a baby was coming.

To manage the pain, I was moving around—sitting on the birthing ball while leaning over one of those rolling tables; sitting on the toilet, leaning over the table while on the bed and back again. Around 11 the pressure, pain and contractions were really bad. I told Mark I didn’t think I could do it. He encouraged me that I could. He texted Susan and she came right away. I said the same thing to her and she said firmly but kindly—‘you can do this, Rachel.’

I was shaking during contractions and feeling bad, but that was the last time I verbalized the doubt—and the last time I said much of anything outloud. I was checked and was 4cm. The nurse made the comment during that check that I would continue to dialate about a cm an hour. I didn’t think I could make it 6+ more hours and was on a mission to get there faster. Within no time, I puked. I remember saying—‘this is a good thing, right?’ since we learned in our natural birthing class that often happens at ‘transition.’ I got up to move around more.

I was in the zone at this point, mostly keeping my eyes closed and not saying much of anything. Even with paid it was such a unique zone to be in. I almost felt I could fall asleep between the major contractions.

Around 12:30am my water broke while I was in the bed. I was a little freaked out when that happened because it was a big gush and it really intensified the contractions (as if that was possible!). I immediately jumped up and said “I have to do something!” and I vomited again on the way to the bathroom. I was again excited to vomit because it felt like I was getting closer!

I don’t remember being checked again—just that I hated checks and that everyone continued to be shocked by my quick progression. At another check the nurse said something about my cervix being partially blocked. Susan suggested I try a side position to help. I started contracting in a way that was so much pressure each contraction that I was involuntarily pushing. The only position that remotely worked to bear with the contractions was on my hands and knees. I would rock back and forth between the very intense contractions and have multiple pushes during the contractions. I was insanely HOT so Mark and Susan were fanning me (later they would say the room was FREEZING to them).

With eyes still closed and only moaning, I kept picturing that the surges were pushing my baby closer but I was in extreme pain. I asked out loud if Dr. W was coming (she was supposedly called about 1:30am). Per Susan I was about 8cm by this point. I kept rocking and pushing on all fours until Dr W came. They tried to (unsuccessfully) attach the birthing bar but instead I moved over to my back and put my feet in stirrups to push. I knew this baby was coming! I could hear more people entering the room (my eyes were still closed) and as I heard preperations taking place I was also getting more excited.

Dr W said the baby was crowing and she could see a lot of dark hair. She placed her hands to guide my focus and pushing as she also stretched things. The nurse did great coaching during contractions and pushing with “ok—push, push, push push, breath…” and repeating again. As the baby started to crown and emerge I felt intense burning. Within 30 minutes of pushing a baby was laid on my belly with the words “It’s a boy!” It was 2:19am when he was born on Mark’s dad’s 70th birthday!

I was so excited and said—“he is a big boy!” I was so relieved to meet him and be finished with labor it was not a “Baby Story” moment. There were no tears, just some relief, though smaller contractions continued. Mark got to cut the cord and then he was put to my chest for a bit as I birthed the placenta and still felt contractions. Nathan had also swallowed a lot of fluid so they suctioned him. He weighed in at 8lbs 12oz and was 20” long.

I was stitched up and Dr. W said the down side to going natural was feeling the stitching and that I had a 3rd degree tear. That was nothing compared to the contractions though still not pleasant. I nursed within an hour and talked to Susan as Mark went out to the waiting room. Susan said I had been a “rock star” and read off some of the times she had written down.

I asked her how the Pitocin affecting things and she said she could see on the monitor what seemed like a pitocin contraction with my body’s contraction right behind it- so I was never actually having a break from contractions.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quick Access and Post while laptop-less

Another appreciation-- my own laptop.  I am able to get some quick internet access but my laptop has been out of commission for almost 2 weeks now after a water accident-- more specifically, my hubby  wanted to show me a video on the laptop in the kitchen as I decided to remove a sterilizing steam bag out of the microwave-- splat.  There was still water in/with the bag and it ruined the keyboard.  Oops.

SOOOOO... I promise that as requested by a friend/reader I will write and post the birth story soon.  Yeah, kiddo is 10 weeks today, so I am a bit late!  But I already have it written, just need to type it-- and its still plenty fresh!  : )

I have always been pretty darn independent-- my family thought marriage might be a stretch-- so being a mom has also stretched me.  The first couple weeks were way hard, with the baby blues on top of it all BUT I can now say, I love this blessing and season of life.  I seriously cannot get over how crazy in love I am with my son at 10 weeks!  Those huge grins, curiosity, sweet milky smell and on and on are such amazingly rewarding on a daily basis.  This is definitely my favorite "job" I have had in life so far. 

Someone asked me this weekend if I ever get bored.  And I could honestly say, no.  Not only did I despise being a home body in a past life, I was easily bored on a slow Saturday.  Not so anymore, even when kiddo is sleeping, there is something to do.  My life is generally a slower pace right now, but I am slowly sipping it all in while it lasts.   Sentimental moment-- maybe a tad.

More soon, promise!! 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


For some reason I have REALLY not been motivated to get out there and run.  I know myself well enough to know that as one skipped run turns into 2 which turns into 3 and so on.  But with a new baby I have these small windows of time between feedings, and other things call my name first-- sleep, email, clean, eating or fixing a meal, a shower. 

I had my 6 week appointment today and had actually gained a pound since my 2 week appointment.  I wasn't surprised by that either.  I don't do the running around like I did before a baby, on top of this exercise motivation issue.

So, there you have it.  Wanted to admit it to the blog world. 

Now that I still don't have the motivation to run today and it is a running day-- I am going for a walk in this next block of time.

Hope my dear readers are doing well and you are having more motivation than me-- especially knowing this nice weather will soon turn into cold days with more dark hours-- I better get my booty in gear!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Running Solo

I have been able to make it out a few times without the kiddo.  As much as I love the boy, its nice to get out alone and not focus on pushing a stroller, or if the sun is in his eyes, etc. 

On Sunday I had the pleasure to be back out with my running buddy (my stepdad) for a three-mile run.  It was a bit chilly (not complaining!) and a very pleasant run.  It was nice to be back out and start training again with him although he is WAY ahead in mileage and speed-- he is doing a marathon in another couple weeks.

Baby boy is doing pretty well and will be 6 weeks old tomorrow.  Time is flying by way too fast and I keep looking down at him and he is changing and growing up on me.  Sniff.

Here is picture of little man for the interested.  He is smiling more and more each day... love it!! And I do (eventually plan to put up his birth story when I get time to type it out!!) 

Monday, September 13, 2010

Running For Two

I went on my first run on Saturday with the kiddo in the BOB Ironman stroller... ok-- I get all the hype now.  When you are just walking with the stroller you don't get a feel for how light the stroller is and how easily it can turn when going at more than a walking pace.  It was great!  Granted, I did not have any major turns, but I am a fan of the stroller.  It was smooth to run with and to turn. 

Also, the adapter kit has worked just fine with the Chicco Keyfit carseat.  My little man fell asleep and was out the entire time.  I love that he faces me during runs, so I can see that he is asleep and how little his head moves even over a bump!

It takes about 50 times longer to get ready for a run with a baby, but it was well worth it... and bonus... it gives me no excuse to not get a shower in for the day.  : )

On a walk one day-- he is in the carseat and adapter for walks (and runs) now.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I would like to give a quick shout out to the book-- Exercising Through Your Pregnancy for the encouragement to run through my pregnancy and the science and data behind it being safe-- I made it all 41 weeks!  I would also like to thank Nikki with the blog Slow is the New Fast.  It was the first blog I found of someone running during pregnancy.  Though it was archived posts, it was an inspiration to read your story and see you running after all you went through-- so thanks!  That blog helped me connect to lots of other running mamas! 

Running helped me ward off lots of icky-ness during pregnancy and I think helped me keep my weight in check.  I gained a total of 26lbs and was back in my normal clothes when I got home (though my belly doesn't quite have its original firmness, I am back to my usual size!)  I credit running to that.

So, I hope this encourages others-- if I can do it, you can too!  And lots of ladies have done it even before me, so you can feel safe running!

And now I leave you with a couple photos of my new little man-- no one could have really told me how hard these first couple weeks would be, but I also can't explain how in love I am with my son and how blessed I feel to see my husband embrace his new role as a great dad!

These are of little man at 1 week-- he'll be 2 weeks old tomorrow!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Didn't even see the Hare

Today I got out for my first run since birth (8 days after little man was born and about 10 days since my last run).  It was SLOW.... really, really slow.  I think I got passed by the Tortoise, but as he jogged by he reminded me-- slow and steady wins the race!  So, my "run" was almost more of a speed walk, but I needed some time out alone and to get this body and blood moving.

It's hard work having a newborn and being new parents.  Someone forgot to give us the instruction manual on him, so its been a little bit trial and error.  Parenting books and classes can only go so far once you actually have the real thing with you.

Well... my little man just woke up.  More later.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby's Here!!!!!

Nathan was born on Wenesday at 2:19am!!  He weighed just under 9lbs!  I made it through labor naturally-- though I had to be induced on Tuesday.  Pitocin stinks but we have a healthy baby boy and mom!!!

I was in Labor an Delivery room 2! 

More of and update later!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Still here 40+ weeks

Still here.  Still hanging out.

I go from being total excited/anxious and impatient to feeling like I have so much I can still get done before a little one arrives. 

So, I wait.

Today I did some serious nesting.  Not sure if it was an activity to keep me busy or the actual instincts that can take place before birth.  Either way, I got a lot done-- I picked up the house, vacuumed, re-organized the entire bathroom, cleaned out the fridge and gave it a good wipe down, threw a dinner in the crockpot and did laundry.  Now I am hanging out and hope to be chilled out on the couch the rest of the night with a good book, movie or laptop.

Good thoughts and prayers in this direction would be appreciated for a speedy (natural) delivery and healthy baby.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

40 weeks on Friday

Friday is the "official" due date and 40 weeks.  I am mentally ready to have this kiddo, though I physically feel good still.  I am not one of the miserable "get-this-kid-out-of-me" mamas.  BUT... I am growing anxious and eager to meet this kiddo.  It is on my mind almost constantly.

I was running this morning and started out a bit faster than usual.  After a mile I had a strong pain in my lower abdomen, so I decided to walk.  After a few minutes, it went away.  BUT... every pain, weird feeling or strange symptom makes you wonder if labor is beginning.  Will today be the day?  Is this early labor?  Was that something or nothing?

Another anxiety is work.  Tomorrow is my last day.  My company was not excited about me working up to labor (its not like the movies, people!) and asked that I make tomorrow the start of maternity leave.  What will I do with all that time if I don;t go into labor soon?!  So tomorrow is my last day for at least 5 more (paid weeks off) and then who knows.  I at least will not be back on a full time basis however it happens to work out.  That's a little unusual since I have been working outside the house since I was 16 and full time outside the house for 6 years.  Plus, I've never had a kiddo before.  Talk about some life changes on my horizon! 

It's stuff I just can't plan-- and I am a planner.  So-- that's exciting and challenging too.

Enough rambling and back to work here for a few more hours...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Confessions of a Pregnant Runner

I'm not going to lie... at 38.5 weeks, running is more and more difficult.  Besides being ready to meet my little bambino (sp?), I am ready to have a kiddo just so I can quit running while pregnant!  There.  I said it.

And... to answer a previous rhetorical question I asked.  Yes. It can. Get Hotter!  It is literally the hottest year on history in Kentucky since like the 1930s or something.  Ouch.  And I would be pregnant through it.

Not only is this belly getting out there, I am having some not-fun pregnancy symptoms in the lower regions.  I will spare any real details for the blog, but know that the "baby dropping" may not always be the most pleasant or exciting news.  Plus, I read it can still mean a good 2-4 weeks left in your pregnancy. 

So there.  I confessed.  It's not always rainbows and butterflies around here.

I'll keep you posted when there is a baby to report and will definitely post photos when I can!'

~Running For Two

Photo at 38 weeks... 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Teenage Boys

My appetite has been out of this world the last week or so... I feel like a teenage boy!  I can't get enough to eat, even though eating too much makes me feel totally miserable!  I'm guessing this big kiddo is requiring some extra food these days!
On Friday I pulled weeds in our yard for nearly 3 hours (it had been very neglected with the heat here).  Since it was a low humidity day, it actually felt amazing in the shade.  Well, all went well until the next day when I realized my squatting and bending over for this long had used inner thigh muscles that obviously needed some work! 

So Sunday's run was pretty much a hot mess.  I would have skipped it altogether had it not been for my husbands encouragement.  So I did my two miles and it was painful!  It was sore during and meant that bending over or squatting were out-of-the-question for the rest of the day. 

With that run as my last memory, I was happy to feel good again for my run this morning.  I did another 2 and have felt better again today.

I think its worth sharing the ups and downs, because pregnant running is just like life-- it's not always rainbows and butterflies even when my last optimistic post read like it is.

I think we're down to 17 days... give or take when the kiddo actually decides to come.  Then I'll let you know how postpartum running and having a baby outside my body stacks up.

Friday, July 30, 2010

37 weeks and counting

Today is 37 weeks and I am honestly feeling really good!  I actually woke up this morning so comfortable I forgot I was pregnant.  Also, I think flipping over has actually gotten easier since I've gotten a little bigger!  Crazy, huh?!

Running has also gotten easier.  I have almost no weird after-effects now.  I know I am probably sounding like a major optimist, but its true-- and its not just pregnancy hormones!

I have been running about 2 miles each run (except weekends I may do 3 or so). 

Because I was always curious for other runners, here are the latest stats from my appointment today.

I have gained a total of 24 pounds in this pregnancy. 

Blood pressure has been great and low.

Baby's heartrate was in the 150s today.  (Its been 140-160s depending on the day, so I don;t know that I can predict the gender yet either : )

My mother-in-law got me/us the BOB ironman stroller-- I can't wait to give it a whirl!  Yeah!  If you have one, what do you think of yours?  Any tips for the initial newborn retrofit?

I leave you with some pics!  The first is me with the new stroller (taken last weekend) after hubby put the tires on in the living room-- I was thrilled!  The last is of the nursery which is finally ready for a baby!  (Yes, that is my bag of running gear in the bottom right corner, may need to find a new home soon!)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Soaked Morning Run

Today was a really fun run!! 

I went out a little after 6am and it was crazy hot and muggy!  I started a bit slow getting in the groove.  Then, there were occasional bursts of rain showers (but with the big drops) as well as a little thunder and lightning.  Let me tell you-- that put a little more pep in my step.  About a mile+ into the run, I could tell I was going to get wet!  There was a good downpour for just a minute or so which let up.  But then, a bit further up it was a full on constant downpour!! 

"This feels great!!" I thought to myself.  "How often do we get to play in the rain as a big kid?"

I sped up a little but enjoyed the full soak I was now running through!

I knew my hubby would start to worry though and sure enough I get a phone call** from him about this time asking where I was because he was out driving my usual course and didn't see me.  About the time he found me (I had mixed up my route for some variety), we were nearly home so I just finished running and I looked like a drowned pregnant rat! 

It was one of the more fun runs I have had in a while!  I really need to play in warm summer rain more often!

**Side note:  Yes, I run with a cell phone these days.  I am nearly 36 weeks pregnant so you never know when you may need the phone!  I also run with pepper spray in the other hand!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

One month and Belly casting

We're down to about a month... give or take depending on when this kiddo decides to come into this world.  It's exciting!  I am actually starting to feel a little more ready each day and taking in all the good stuff until then.

Ever since I saw a belly cast (long before I was pregnant or even married) I decided that some day I wanted one.  It was the artistic side of me.  I was going to have the hubby attempt to cast me, but then we found this chick locally who is trying to grow her business and went with that.  So at 35 weeks, yesterday was the big casting day.  Below is a picture of the belly cast right after coming off my greased up body (along with the artist who cast me). 

I decided to forgo modesty for the sake of art and wore nothing but some old shorts for her to cast me. I had to agree with my hubby that it would be good practice for birth because all kinds of people will be seeing me in naked glory. 
So anyway-- the process for the casting is to strip down, rub Crisco all over your upper body that is being cast, and then begin applying the strips of wetted gauze that is impregnated with plaster.  It starts to harden pretty fast which also is a rather odd feeling, but a neat process. 

From this "rough cast" she will sand and prime into a smooth final cast which can be painted and hung.  I am hoping to paint it a solid color and maybe add a verse to the belly-- but we'll see how it all turns out. 

To look back at yourself (or hold yourself) in a plaster-cast-version afterwards is almost like an out-of-body experience! Dramatic statement, I know, but it is very crazy!!

So, that was my fun yesterday.

~Running for Two

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Jumping Poll

I know I have several quiet and lingering readers-- I'd like your voice and opinion on this one...
Should a pregnant mama be jumping during exercise?!

I have been doing some work out videos in the morning when it is raining or I am not feeling a run.  The hubby was concerned that so many of the moves involved jumping.  I have felt great after a workout and during BUT in doing a google today it seems many think you should not be jumping in the final weeks.

What are your thoughts or experiences???  This particular link really freaked me out about it!  But this one seemed to believe it was ok with a few conditions.  Leave a comment with your thoughts PLEASE!

Friday, July 9, 2010

34 weeks

We are getting danerously close, people!  Wow.  Before I jump into running (yes still running).  Allow me to talk baby for a while.

Today, I am blessed to be celebrating 4 years of marriage to my first babe-- my wonderfully husband.  I seriously adore that guy!  Four years has flown by and I look forward to many, many more decades of celebration together!

I went to the doctor today-- imagine my surprise (and ok, excitement) that baby is growing but this mama was not!  I didn't gain anything since my last appointment (2 weeks ago)!  Yeah!  Also, my OB confirmed what my Chiropractor had been also feeling-- baby is head down, with the spine to my left and the feet/hands to my right.  (This confirms the kicks and random pain only under my right rib!)  I was pretty excited about the confirmation to help me better visualize this little kiddo in there.  Finally, in other stats the heartrate was in the 160's today.  Faster than last week even!

On to running-- I am really enjoying my morning runs once I am up and at 'em.  It feels much better early in the morning and its nice to be finished for the day in the afternoon.  I am crazy SLOW now but am happy to still be running and I have been focusing more on getting a certain time of running in (say 30 minutes) instead of a distance or pace.  That has also helped my sanity! 

I find the old people I pass who are doing their walks around the same time, really stare these days.  I probably would too, as I don't think I have ever seen a very pregnant lady running.  I am sure it looks odd.  The good news is that it totally makes me giggle out loud and wonder what they are thinking!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I went there

Admission of Guilt-- I went there.  Yes I did. 

Mentally I went to the thought of having a final run.  Running with my step dad this weekend, I thought-- 'what if this is our last run together until after I have the baby?' 

And by that thought, I do not mean because the baby comes, or because I am too slow for him, but because I just decide its not worth it to continue running.

I felt ashamed I thought it.

But the thought lingered a little and then dissipated when I slept ok the night after and woke up feeling fine!  Today I did my bootcamp dvd instead of a run... but I still plan to keep running.  We're almost to 34 weeks.  Only 6 more weeks of running, I tell myself.  I have no good reason yet to stop running other than the after effects I have felt for months now.  My actual runs are still decent in length and a bit slower to accomodate, but otherwise they feel no different. 

Keep running.

Mind over matter.

You WILL feel better for this once the little guy or gal gets here.

AND... not to make you totally envious but word on the street is that my Mother-in-Law has had a total splurge and bought me (us) the BOB ironman stroller with infant seat conversion I have been lusting after since I heard of it a few months ago from a Facebook friend. 
All the more reason to keep running right here.  I can't be the new mom with a toy like this and not be a committed runner.  Spending that level of pocket change and not running is not cool.

So, running for two, is this post enough of a pep talk to keep you going a few more weeks??

Good News

Good news!  The OWW from the last post has been remedied thanks to my trust suppport band again!  I have been sleeping in it and keeping it on all day too.  I have to say its made a HUGE difference!  Even after my run, I didn't have the usual difficulties turning over in bed when wearing this belt, and it took away the horrible tender feeling in my belly button.  I keep it a little looser at night so that the baby will stay head down instead of feeling pushed on, but it still seems to be working for us both.

In other news... I think the heartburn may be starting!  I woke up with some heartburn last night so I just propped myself up a little better and have tried to keep my posture better when I have felt it coming on today. 

All in all, I feel good though.  Almost 34 weeks and feeling slightly more prepared for having a baby.  We finished natural birthing classes, have a couple weeks left of parenting classes, have a shower planned in another couple weeks and more borrowed items from friends to add to the list of baby items.  Excited to meet this kiddo!

Rachel @ RunningForTwo

Wednesday, June 30, 2010



That is all I can say.

My belly button is seriously hurting.  I have had random tenderness around my belly button, but today it downright hurts and is crazy tender.  I am pretty sure its rebelling against the latest growth!

My belly button is tender to the touch and if I twist a little one way or another it really hurts.

I googled it and all is well and normal, so no worries.

While I am bemoaning my ailments... I got in a workout again today, which of course brings back the pain on my pubic bone too.  Ah, the joys!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No wonder you look pregnant!

So, I am talking to my sister yesterday afternoon and ask her how far along she was when she gave birth. 

She says, 36 or 37 weeks (but was induced with both girls). 

Then she asks why I am asking. 

I tell her I have had some cramps which just reminded me this baby will be here before I know it, and to ask her when she delivered.   

She then asks me how far along I am. 

I say, 32 weeks.  (Friday will be 33 weeks)

Her response-- You are?!  No wonder you look pregnant!!

Wow.  I am glad my family and I are totally on the same page.  Alas.

I leave you with a pic of this SERIOUSLY growing baby...


Having had an AWFUL nights sleep on Sunday night, I decided getting in a few snoozes were better than getting up to run.  Then when it was 90+ degrees that afternoon, I decided my trusty dvd would be my workout. 

I had purchased Barry's bootcamp a couple months ago when I saw it on sale... you read that right, Barry's Bootcamp.  I am pretty sure its the off-brand bootcamp, if you can have such a thing.  The workout was fab, but seriously, the guy gives me the creeps.  He is pretty effeminate, has a weird speech thing going and he personally does not lead the workout, but instead harasses the beautiful woman leading the workout along with the women following along.  Its very strange. 

Anyway, the premise of the 21 minute workout is to do 16 exercises at full intensity for  seconds.  At 10 seconds left you hear a buzzer and everyone starts counting down, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.  This is probably the first and only time I will listen to the video (thank goodness for a mute button), but I have to admit, the concept is pretty motivating. 

I do hope to get a run in tomorrow and this weekend, but I also want to try some of the other videos now that I know it was easy enough to do while pregnant.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Babies and Rib Pokes

32 weeks and paid another visit to the ob doc again today!  She said all was looking really good.  The baby's heartrate was 160 which I was surprised about since many of my visits are in the 140s.  The doctor said it was probably because the baby had been moving around-- and sure enough, this little guy or gal was squirming before and during the appointment.

The doc also asked if I was still running and she was shocked when I said yes  (for pregnancy and weather reasons)!  I gained another 4 pounds but since I hadn't beento an appointment in almost 4 weeks, I was expecting about that much gain.  That puts my overall weight gain at 21 pounds.  I have hoped to only gain about 25 pounds for the entire pregnancy, so with 8+/- weeks left, I will probably be over that.  Oh well.  I feel good, healthy and have a baby inside that is also doing very well.

Based on my chirpractor, little Squirt has been happily resting in the same position as the baby above.  Notice where those feet are-- right at the rib.  My kiddo likes to plant a foot under my rib at various times of the day, and let me tell you-- it is not the best feeling in the world!  According to my emails, the little guy/gal is almost 4 pounds now and over 16" long.  I feel every bit of that weight and height in my belly too!  Sometimes I think I have an alien in my tummy based on some of the crazy moves going on in there!!

In other updates, I am SOOO happy to report that I found a doctor's group for this little baby of ours.  I was shocked at how many places will not accept you if you want to consider a delayed/alternate vaccination schedule.  (ie-- I don't want our newborn receiving a Hep B shot before they even leave the hospital).  So it was a huge relief to find a group that would accept us and that we really liked at the initial meeting!  I was also impressed that she spent almost an hour talking to us.

I know the shot thing is a very personal decision that many people feel passionate about, so please don't get offended if you have a different view.  I just ordered a book on the subject by Dr Sears called The Vaccine Book which I hope will better educate our decisions on the issue.

Alright enough baby talk for now... T-minus 8 weeks (+/-) and counting until we get to meet our new child and find out of Squirt is a baby boy or girl...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

6am runs and 80 degrees!

Today was another peaceful morning run at 6am... but may I also mention it was 80 degrees and humid!  I find it funny that I am pregnant during a summer/spring that is even hotter than normal since I despise hot weather more than most!  And I will also volunteer that my air at home and work cannot keep up, so the office and house are nice and warm by the afternoon!  Thank goodness for a twenty minute drive home with the car AC blasting!

Just read an article on activities to avoid when pregnant.  I wanted to see if running made the list.  It was there, but as a "use caution" sport.  They also link to an article on running during pregnancy which doesn't have any real profound advice but is good to read for general advice on running during pregnancy.  As with anything-- if you were doing it before you got pregnant, chances are, you can continue after pregnancy, modifying as your body changes or as needed.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Peaceful runs

Usually Thursday nights are an evening run for me-- that is until Spring decided to be well into the mid-90's!  Yikes.

So I got my pregnant bootie out of bed bright and early for yet another morning run this week.  It was such a peaceful, blissful run at 5:45.  Seriously.  I ran in the road for the majority of the run and I think I saw about 2 cars the whole time!

Birds were singing, the sky was filled with colorful brush strokes.

Logged 3.36 miles at a 10:50 pace.  Felt good.

Tomorrow is 31 weeks-- but whose counting?! 

I really hope to keep this running thing up until the very end-- with perhaps a minor motivation that I read on average people who run up until they deliver will deliver about a week earlier than their due date.  We'll see.  But if its this insanely hot in JUne-- what is August going to feel like at 9 months pregnant?!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yes, the honeymoon phase of pregnancy has officially left the building for me. 

I am uncomfortable.  Hot.  Stretched.  Uncomfortable.

I seriously do no know how another 9.5 +/- weeks will feel.  I already feel stretched to the max and uncomfortable to sleep or sit for very long.

Did I mention I went to Miami for 4 days last week and thought I might keel over from the heat and humidity-- and that would have been if I weren't pregnant?!  Only being 10 weeks away from baby-land on top of my normal distain for heat and I am was really feeling hot!

I did get a run in while in Miami.  I am sure it helped to have run in the morning vs the evening, but I am pretty sure I was sweating as much as an afternoon run here.  It was pretty to run along the beach though.  I only lasted a little over 20 sweaty minutes.

Hubby actually ran with me this morning!  Since it's supposed to be 93 today with an insane heat index, I wanted to run before work.  This requires that I go out before 6 when it is still dark.  Since hub's didn't want me to run alone in the dusk, he came with me.  He's a great runner-- he just doesn't make the time for it right now, so he is also a great running partner because he can easily talk and converse at any pace.  Have I mentioned I am crazy about that guy?  ; )

In other news-- I found my first stretch mark on my side/hip while in Miami.  I had a total cry fest over it-- I called the hubby at work in tears.  I can't only blame it on hormones, though I would like to.  It was a cry of giving up control, anxiety, fear and general sadness over how growing a baby takes over your body-- that up until that point you feel you had some control over.  So yeah.  That's the real side of all of this.  I should say that Mark was totally sweet about my meltdown and said he is getting really excited to meet our kiddo and that I will still be beautiful.  Again, I love that guy.  And I am excited about having a baby too.  The unknown is always a little intimidating to me.  I am a creature of habit and all is new with a baby in the belly and on his/her way into our lives!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The un-fun run

Out of maintaining full disclosure... last night was not a good run.  I had a muscle pain in the front of my thigh immediately after starting to run.  (Maybe if I listened in Anatomy I could have told you what that muscle is.) Plus it was way hot and muggy.  Hello Kentucky weather, it's still early June!  You usually reserve this kind of hot muggy weather for August (when I will be really large and miserable)!

Bad runs happen though.  If every run where a good run, I would probably run more often than I do!

We ran 3.3 miles at an 11:23 pace last night.  The distance nor time matter to the point that I was just not feeling the groove in this run!  Then once I got home, I was still feeling the discomforts of the run and had trouble sleeping. 

29 weeks along now!  Gained another pound since the last appointment.  Looking forward to meeting this baby!

This kiddo is moving around like crazy-- I love to feel the giant movements and flips that are so different from the little squirms of early pregnancy!

Very thankful that running is about the only thing that brings me weird symptons right now, and I bring that upon myself! 

Moral of the story-- not all runs are enjoyable and smooth sailing.  Again-- that's life.  I could go out tonight and have an awesome run (but I'm not)... so until next time.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We're back from our "babymoon"... that last trip before the baby comes as a couple.  The destination was nice, but mostly I enjoyed the time to connect with my hubby away from work and distractions.  Sure, we took baby bump photos, walked too much and saw the sites-- but we also took in some treasured time together!

So now, back to reality.  Back to work.  Back to running, anticipating and the busy-ness of everyday.  I enjoy those things too.

With the vacation tucked neatly into a long weekend, I missed my Thursday and weekend runs.  However, I was back out there yesterday evening.  It felt good to run.  It was crazy hot-- about 90 but one of those nights where you feel good.  Even though we walked like crazy in Virginia on vacation, I think the rest off the running legs was good for me. 

We ran 3.5 miles last night at an 11 minute pace.

Considering I am officially into the third trimester, a week off of running, a hilly course and the extreme heat-- this sweaty mama was pleased!  And speaking of sweat-- I literally had sweat running down the back of my legs after the run.  I am going to go with the thought that it was back sweat that ran on down my leg instead of thinking that I was literally sweating my bootie off!  I know, too much information.

Speaking of the heat... if you run with a little one on board-- PLEASE stay hydrated and listen to your body!  I know I talk about being stubborn, but I try to listen to my body and know my limits.

I leave you with my latest weekly "bump" photo.

I am excited to be really showing to a point that there is NO doubt that a baby is on board. 

I am starting to get used to the weird crotch pain after runs, sleeping in a new (and interrupted) way and watching this belly grow.  Ok-- I'm kind of enjoying this thing called pregnancy : ) 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Recovery and Discomfort

Running has generally still been going well-- its after running that is uncomfortable.  The recovery seems to take longer and be more sore and stiff than I would ever get on short runs of 3-5 miles.

I am sore between my waist and knees... pretty much everywhere that is in between the two.

So, I did some searching online today and at least found an article I thought was comforting about other pregnant runners having discomfort.  I plan to keep running through it for now (after all, the constant pee urge has actually improved!) but I wanted to know that this was all normal! 

I really have in my stubborn mind that I want to run up until labor, so I need some other sources of encouragement to keep it up when walking around after the run reminds me of how my 90 year old grandmother used to shuffle around!

So, hopefully this is encouragement to anyone else running for two or planning to run for two!

Send any other links you find or like this way too!

Maternity Clothes

Coming up on 28 weeks preggo and the third trimester--  I have totally, completely embraced maternity clothes!  For about 2.5-3 weeks now, I have retired my normal clothes and gladly step into maternity pants every morning.  Ahhh!  That stretchy band around the waist is amazing! 

I admit to having been one of those pregnant chicks who worries about the changing body and weight gain.  I have tried to keep exercising and eating healthy/as I did before, but its odd looking down and seeing such major changes in a short amount of time! 

As of my appointment last Friday I had gained 16 pounds to date.  This is the most I have weighed in my life, which is a serious change to look at the scale, but as hubby reminds me-- its not you that is weighing that-- you're body is growing a baby!  And boy oh boy is this baby's growth about to really take off in the final trimester.

Here is how (generall) weight gain breaks out, this one is from WebMD:

Baby  -  8 pounds

Placenta - 2-3 pounds

Amniotic fluid - 2-3 pounds

Breast tissue -  2-3 pounds

Blood supply - 4 pounds

Fat stores for delivery and breastfeeding - 5-9 pounds

Uterus increase- 2-5 pounds

Total:  25 to 35 pounds

I thought I would share that tidbit.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I won!

I never win anything... this is the girl who can hold on to a lucky ticket in a room of only 2 ticket holders, and I will not win a thing.  But today, my friends, I have won some lozenges!  Now, I can't say I don;t have a lucky streak.  : )

Check out the post and blog about my win!  The Blog is here and the specific Post is here.

(You will also find the Happy Runner as one of the running and pregnancy blogs I enjoy... and is another person I do not actually know in the real world.) 

Given I had a VERY unpleasant first trimester filled with full days of nausea while carrying this little Squirt in my belly, I (only have joking) said that maybe one kiddo might be enough for me.  BUT, my friends... I hope to give pregnancy another go-round so I can try these-- oh, and to have a playmate for Squirt. ; )

Thanks again for the win!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kentucky Spring

It's going to be 90 here today.  Ouch. 

So, I used the incoming heat as motivation to get in a run early!  I met my stepdad at 7:30 this morning.  I did 3.5 miles.  (He was going to do 15!)  It was a great run!  Not only was the morning cool and downright gorgeous, I also felt great!  My pace for the 3.5 miles was a slow 11:15 but we did all hills and I felt good, so it was a sucessful run!

How lucky are we to live so close to a beautiful park with views like this for a Sunday morning run?!  I took these photos on my drive back home.

Oh yeah, did I also mention that Hubby and I worked 5+ hours yesterday evening to paint and install shutters on the front of the house, paint the garage door, paint the front door, paint a chair, install a new mailbox and house numbers... My body wanted to kill me when I was finished, but had recovered enough for the run today!  Plus, our little house has soo much more curb appeal now!  We were motivated to do these things after looking at before and after pictures of our house's interior.  Our thought-- no one can ever say we do not see potential in a house!  Wow.  You forget, and looking back at photos brings it all back of how much work we put into this place.  Renovations are my other love, but I don't expect to start a blog to that anytime soon!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I was spacing out! 

As an update to the belly support bands from a previous post:

Why did I not think to tuck my belly support band under my running shorts or put it on first?  I have made that wardrobe change and no longer look like skin is hanging out when I run with my belly band-- it's all neatly hidden away. 

Just thought I would make that confession.

This side of Experience

Sitting on this side of an experience is an exciting and scary thing. 

I remember having similar feelings before getting married -- about embarking into the unknown and starting a new chapter.  I knew 110% I wanted to marry Mark!  Still, so many people throw at you, 'it's hard work' and many more lines that make you wonder how you will actual feel and handle things in that new season. 

After saying 'I do', embarking on a honeymoon and finally sharing the same roof after almost a year since our first meeting.  I look back fondly to those thoughts and see that it was pretty unfounded.   'Hard work' is relative.  Marriage has been great.  I have the world's best husband and can now dish out some of my own marital wisdom with the best of them.

All that being said-- I now stand on one side of the great abyss (not yet having a child) and can't quite make out what the other side looks like (having a child).  Oh, sure, I have read lots of books, read the travel brochures and even met some nice people who have been there and lived to tell about it.  But, it's still the unknown.  And I will still be crossing over to the other side in about three months, ready or not!  I am ready.  No I'm not.  Either way, it's almost here.

So we met with our doula, Susan on Monday.  You won't find me shouting this from the rooftops or even updating my Facebook with this status-- but we are going to try for a natural birth.  At least stacking our deck to go natural with a doula, birth plan, birth classes and long talks with the OB.  Assuming no major drama-- I hope to report back in about three months that all went well, we have a healthy baby and had a natural birth.

In talking to our doula, Susan, she says she loves working with athletes.  That they understand the 'no pain, no gain' mentality and that a little sweat gets you to the finish.  (Major paraphrasing by yours truly.)

I think that is true.  While I have never had a single labor pain, I have all along looked at pregnancy and then the act of labor being similar to running a race.  There are times of discomfort, but you know the finish line and the reward is just ahead.  You've prepared.  You have run and trained and 99% of putting one foot in front of the other is mental at that point.  If you can keep your head quiet, your legs usually follow.  You can't allow the fear or doubt creep in and start talking.  If or when it does you shhhhhsh it away!  Tell it, you can do this.  And when you look back to whatever race it may be (an actual race or a life experience race) you realize that it went by much too quickly and was not nearly as tough as your doubts were whispering that it might be.

Don't forget to breath.

Look around, take it in.

Enjoy every step along the way.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crumbs and Garbage

Do you ever wonder what the cleaning people think about you just based off of how you leave your space and have it "decorated" at work?  I do.

I have always been a fairly big snacker... as in, I eat about 2-3 times while I am at work throughout the day.  Even before being pregnant, while just running, I had a pretty big appetite that required a morning snack, lunch and sometimes an after lunch snack.  Of course, that has continued now that I am pregnant, hungry and running... (especially when I was insanely sick in the first trimester and eating helped the nausea!) 

I try to be a neat eater, I do.  But sometimes a spare raisin or Fiber One cereal 'noodle' will get away from me and doesn't make it into my mouth or the trash. 

((Can you believe that carpet is actually in the office of a company practicing architecture?!!))

Then there is the trash can-- filled with random scraps of food or packaging.  Looking in the garbage right now I see a banana peel, a baked lays bag, a container from vegetable soup, a container from half a sandwich, a popsicle stick and napkins.  I would like to say that was from a few days, but that was all trashed after today's meals/snacks.  (I do eat healthy most days!)

Back to my point-- I wonder what perception the cleaning people have of the person who works in the corner space?  Do they wonder which photo up on my wall is of me?  Do they notice other clues I leave behind or have displayed that I don't?  Makes you wonder.  I think about who they are at times, but maybe I am just a little weird like that. 

We occupy the same spaces and yet we don't meet. 

Hum... kind of like my baby and me right now?!  I really wasn't doing this post to reach that conclusion.  But, makes me think... Until next time. 

I am off for a run tonight.  Its almost 90 and muggy here today, ugh!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


If you have ever watched Saturday Night Live, you may have also seen the "Really?" segments... this was the version that went through my head today:

Holy cow, I just pushed publish on my last blog entry and saw my baby countdown.  100 days?!


100 days left to attend my birthing classes, finish reading about 10 different baby/birth books, take parenting classes, finish a nursery...


We have so many little projects to do at home, and for all the committees I am on.  Is 100 days really enough.


100 days... that is an eternity!  I can't wait 100 days to meet our son or daughter!


Son or daughter... I'm going to be a mom?!  A kid's life is in our hands.

I think I just about had a mini-panic moment.  Seriously.

Belly Support Review

Today I would like to talk about maternity support bands.  Fun topic, huh?  Before I dive in, let me first show my current "baby bump" as a reference for this review.  This is my belly last week taken at 25 weeks (and I'm in pjs, so don't look too closely).

I have written about my major urge to pee while running and some hip (I guess better medical term would be, pelvis) weirdness in the last few weeks as well.

My doc had suggested a belt, which I decided I would try even though I didn't feel like I really had enough "belly" to have a band support.

At first it made the urge to pee even worse, as the belts tend to push in and lift up.  BUT... after having run with it for a few weeks now, I can say, I think it has definitely helped.  If you can get use to the urge to pee while running, you can get used to the urge when putting this belt on... but once you get going, I really think it helps to relieve some of the pressure.  I bought my belt for about $20 directly from my doctor's office.  (( Side note-- I had to balance my frugal urge to comparison shop online first, with my other frugal side who knew that I would get reimbursed if I bought it through the doc... : )  Sigh.  ))

Anyway, who can argue with $20 either way, and especially when you notice a difference.

I am wearing a small, which you wrap around in a way that is above your butt and hips in the back, and down below your belly.  It is a little too big but I pull the Velcro as far as it will go and it stays well enough.

To the side is an image of the belt I am using...  It is the Medela Maternity Support band.

The only thing I really don't like about the support band is that it peaks out below my running shirt and considering I am caucasian  and my skin basically matches the color of the band, I can only imagine that from a distance, it looks like I may be bearing a little more skin than just a support band.

(See picture below from the half-marathon a couple weeks ago to see what I am talking about!)

One more tidbit to share in this lovely post on bellys-- my belly is really HARD!  I wonder if that's the baby, or something else?  Forgive me, I am an architect... hence the reason I do not make the big bucks and do not remember my anatomy.  Just an unusual feeling when you rub your stomach... which I never understood why pregnant people rub their belly's... that's a rant for another time. 

Anyone smarter than me on this is free to comment.  : )

Friday, May 7, 2010

Increasingly Harder

I hate to admit it, but running is becoming increasingly harder to do-- the half marathon could not have come at a better time!  Not only is it hot here (its supposed to be 87 today-- did mother nature forget it's still May!!) but I also have been getting crazy big!  I feel ok while I run (just a little slow) but by the time I go to bed, the running catches up to me, and I am sore and its hard to flip my belly over when I toss and turn. 

Anyone know how another 15 weeks +/- of this will look and work out for me.

If I weren't so stubborn and sold on all the positive benefits I may make more excuses-- for now, its just-- keep running!

Take care,
Running for Two

Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear Belly...

Dear Belly,

As if there was any doubt, these past couple weeks have made it officially-- you are popping!  Holy moly!  My skin feels like it is stretched to the max already and everyone tells me-- this is just the start... you (and baby) will grow like crazy in the coming weeks.  Can we say-- stretch marks, here you come.    I don't know if I am ready, but they say there is no turning back now, and this little bambino only has about 1 way out! 

So, Mr. Belly-- if you would, go easy on me.  I have not invested in maternity clothes and need time to find things to wear.  For some reason, my office does not think running t-shirts count as "business casual" even though its starting to feel like that may be all that fits me soon.

Do we have a deal?

Running for Two

PS-- here is a photo of this growing belly at week 23 (last Friday).  As if the running snapshots below don't capture enough.  Compare to week 20 here and you can see what I mean has happened in a couple weeks!!


I have to crack up at these photos, because you can literally see my belly get bigger from start to finish... ha!
This first photo is about mile 3... running between stepdad and bro-in-law.  I do have to laugh at myself that my belly support band is hanging out in all these photos.  (That and the pastey white legs, which are always good for a laugh.)

hello with the growing belly in the photo above...

Running for TWO...

my sweet hubby, was like, 'what was with the peace signs in the photos?' I am like-- 'hello babe... running for two?!'

And finally-- me on the far left crossing the finish.  Ignore the time on the clock in the photo-- I was obviously not in the first corral to start!!  I will tell you, I finished in 2 hours and 18 minutes.  Yeah, it was my slowest time ever, but i was ok with that!!

Finally-- one that shows yet again, why I love my hubby.  look at the sweet sign he made up and held near the end of the course!  This is me holding up the sign he made (after finishing the race).  Again with the white legs and belly band hanging out... I crack me up!

Race Day!!!

The race went fantastic and for the most part, I felt really good and weird pregnancy symptoms were tolerable.  I ran the half in 2 hours and 18 minutes (yes, this is my slowest time ever, but certainly not the worst I have felt, and I am 23 weeks prego!).  So, I will take it!!

Little Squirt did great in-utero.  There was a time about mile 9 that this little kiddo felt like they were doing flips in there... and my belly would go further out and then back in.  Also combined with a feeling of sudden urgency to either pee or poo at those moments.  Luckily, that only lasted about a mile... it was odd.

I am very thankful to my step dad and brother-in-law who ran with me, and kept my pace when it slowed a bit after mile 5 or so.  We had kept about a 10 minute/mile pace at the beginning, and then I/we began slowing down a bit.  I said I felt fine, but all things in my hip/tummy/groin region started feeling odd which is hard to keep full pace through.

My wonderful husband got some photos at various places along the course I would like to post later.  He was great-- he would hold signs and wave, then run ahead to get a photo.  He also made the sweetest sign for me (and little Squirt as we refer to this baby).  I love my hubby so much-- I am so blessed and can't wait to begin the chapter or parenting together too.  Ok, sorry for the tangent off of running... I'm just crazy about that guy!

And shameless plug-- if you want some cute running gear, visit my website--  I hope to add more and keep up on the gear that others sell too.  I got some comments on my shirt and logo, which was fun.  "One lady said, is this baby's first race?"  To which I smiled and said "yes" and she responded with a "congratulations" as she continued to pass me... ; )

I did notice in the photos (to come) my belly seems to grow as the race goes along.  What's up with that?!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Race is in 3 days... ahhhhhh!

Can this prego mama get her running groove on at 23 weeks along?
Will the urge to pee subside long enough to make it 13 miles without a port-a-potty pit stop?
Will the temps stay low?  They are forcasting a high in the 80's that day!
Can the weird groin/hip pains hold off for me?
Is my pace going to be close to what it has been for my training runs?

Here's to running while prego, and all the fun along the way!  For better (or slow) I am looking forward to making my goal-- a half marathon under my belt while pregnant-- check.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Preview Party

This post will have very little to do with running, other than to say-- below is a preview of our little guy or gal that has run these past 5 months along with me!  We can't wait to meet him/her in August!  (Have I mentioned that we are keeping the gender a surprise until birth-- though I did have my first gender dream last night and it was a girl).  We'll see.

In other news... here is a preview of the baby's room.  I am into the blue and green right now as evidenced in this photo and in my choice of current blog colors.

In the running world-- tonight is the last training run I will have until the race-- which is Saturday.  I am also on my 3rd pair of shoes!!!  Yikes!  I have only had 2 runs in them so far which is not my ideal situation before running a half-marathon, but so far they seemed ok.  Plllleeeeeaaaase Mr. Shoe, treat my feet, legs and hips well-- they are carrying a baby bump!

Curious about the newest shoe?  I abandoned the Nike shoes they kept trying to push on me (who heard of Nike being a great running shoe anyway... shesh!)

The newest shoes are Brooks Adrenaline GTS shoes.  Despite all the shoes I have ended up with-- I do not aim to have pink shoes!!  Third time is a charm as they say...                    
I will update on how the race goes Saturday-- stay tuned.  I do plan for this to be my longest run during pregnancy and will begin to taper my miles back down to the 3-6 mile range.