Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kentucky Spring

It's going to be 90 here today.  Ouch. 

So, I used the incoming heat as motivation to get in a run early!  I met my stepdad at 7:30 this morning.  I did 3.5 miles.  (He was going to do 15!)  It was a great run!  Not only was the morning cool and downright gorgeous, I also felt great!  My pace for the 3.5 miles was a slow 11:15 but we did all hills and I felt good, so it was a sucessful run!

How lucky are we to live so close to a beautiful park with views like this for a Sunday morning run?!  I took these photos on my drive back home.

Oh yeah, did I also mention that Hubby and I worked 5+ hours yesterday evening to paint and install shutters on the front of the house, paint the garage door, paint the front door, paint a chair, install a new mailbox and house numbers... My body wanted to kill me when I was finished, but had recovered enough for the run today!  Plus, our little house has soo much more curb appeal now!  We were motivated to do these things after looking at before and after pictures of our house's interior.  Our thought-- no one can ever say we do not see potential in a house!  Wow.  You forget, and looking back at photos brings it all back of how much work we put into this place.  Renovations are my other love, but I don't expect to start a blog to that anytime soon!

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