Saturday, February 26, 2011

B.O.B. Recall

Everyone who has read this knows I am a fan of my B.O.B. stroller (Thanks Sarah for recommending it!).  I still am.  But wanted to give readers a head's up on this-- they just had a recall on most models due to the drawstring at the top.  Go to this website and enter in your model number for a free retrofit kit and instructions on how to remove the drawstring on the canopy.  Want to keep our babies and their mama's healthy!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Half Birthday to the Baby Boy!

Happy half-birthday to our sweet baby boy!   Six months old-- whoa!

You are the only kid I know who laughs through all the foot game of "this little piggy went to the market" until I get to the "wee wee wee" part after your little toe... then you look like you might cry. Just one of your many sweet quirks. 

We love you soooo much little man!

Monday, February 21, 2011

ABCs of Me

Inspired by another post I read today-- this is totally not running related but may give you a better glimpse of who this running mama is... ABCs of me...

Animal: dogs
Advice: Assume positive intent.  (huge in a marriage relationship!)
Album: Hummm... this changes often and I have honestly not listened to a full album in a while-- more talk radio than anything.  I heart Dave Ramsey for talk radio.

Best feeling in the world: Love

Best weather: High 60s, low 70s with sunshine
Band: I played nothing in a band.

Candy: Dark chocolate. 
Color: Red

Continent to visit: Back to Africa!!

Cheese: Vemont cheddar

Drawing or painting: Oil painting.

Dog breed: English Springer Spanials.  My last dog was one and he was a beauty and so soft!

Eyes: Dark blue
Everyone’s got: A story.  Take time to listen.
Ever failed a class: No.  But I did get a C in family 252.  My lowest grade ever.  Might not have helped that I skipped class and went on to my archi studio instead.

First thoughts waking up: Time to go feed the baby!  Get to see that sweet face again!
Feeling: So blessed and happy I might explode.
Favorite Movie: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Greatest Fear: Lately-- critters in my attic.
Goals: Soak up a day at a time.
Good luck charm: Prayer-- not so much a lucky charm.

Holiday: LOVE Thanksgiving
Hot or cold: Usually cold unless I am pregnant and due at the end of the hottest summer in my history... ; )

Ice cream: Cookies and Cream
Instrument: I can’t play anything

Jewelry: My wedding and engagement rings
Job: Architect, Wife and Mom (probably not in that order)
Jokes: Love to laugh-- bad at telling jokes

Kids: One baby boy and hopefully more in the future!
Keep a journal: Yep.

Love: The Lord and My family!!!
Laughed so hard you cried: yes... usually over something goofy my hubby has done.

Learned: Firsthand how all the things  my parents taught me were right on.

Lost: Currently a car key and my Blackberry phone case.

McDonald’s or Burger King: McDonalds, but thats rare... though they do have the best coke if I crave one.  And I like an egg mcmuffin on occasion.

Marriage: 5 years this summer.  Blessed.
Musical: Sound of Music

Number of siblings: Oldest of 4 (2 sisters and a bro)

Name that comes to mind first: Mark (hubster-- love him!)

One wish: Someday design and live in our dream home on a piece of land with a creek close by.
One time I…: rafted the Nile and thought I would not live to tell about it!
One word: Blessed.

Perfect pizza: Chicago style cheese!

Pepsi or Coke: Coke (but 99.9% of the time I drink water!)

Pet: nope.

Questions: Why must time go so much faster as I get older?
Quit: Easting Bare Naked Chocolate granola.  Addicted, I tell you.
Quiet: LOVE a long hot shower or bath to myself.

Reason to cry: Thinking about my baby growing up.
Rude: being snotty for no reason.

Song: Like an Afters Song right now.
Sleep: Prefer 9 hours.
Salad dressing: Raspberry
Slept outside: Of course!  Love camping or laying under the stars on a blanket-- hubby is not such a fan of ground sleeping.

Time for bed: 10ish
Thunderstorms: Rain ok-- but too many tornatos to like storms.

Unpredictable: Stolen answer-- I like a good plan. I think I am pretty predictable, but life is not.

Uncool: More now that I am a mom.

Vacation spot: Would love to take hubby back to Venice where I spent a semester or back to Kenya.
Voice: A bit through my nose.  : )

Weakness: Worrying
Worst feeling: Forgetting to do something.

Water or land: Land.

X-rays: Try to avoid them-- but have them on occasion at the dentist and chiropractor.
Ex’s: Yep and only a few I'd like to forget.

Year it is now: 2011

Zoo animals: A Monkey!

Ok-- if anyone actually read these, hope you enjoyed the silly-ness!


Caught 2 mice in the attic.  Ick.  At least the run to the store was not worthless at 3am.  : )  Hoping for a better night of sleep now.

I think this is the first time I have (knowingly) had a mouse in my house.  Ew. 

Gonna Feel This Later

You know when you are working out and think-- this is gonna hurt later?  Well-- thats me today.  Up at 3 am.  Can't sleep so deciding to get some "work" done in the peace and quiet-- which may or may not have included a trip to Walgreens for a mouse trap to catch the mouse my brain thought it heard while I was still safely asleep in bed.  This is gonna hurt later today when I have a kiddo to care for and two meetings throughout the day. Fun.

Well-- ran 6 miles on Saturday.  It was a cool morning in the 30s and I had the baby boy with me for the run so he was very bundled and only his little face was showing.  He was warm when we finished and just looked around most of tthe time except for a 20 minute snooze in the middle.  Other runners are even more friendly when you're pushing a baby early on a cold morning.  Felt good to be out at a common running time to see the "real" runners out.

Supposedly there are 9 weekends before our race.  So that puts us at a little less than a mile a week to build up to 13 for our long runs.  We should be just fine.  Too fine.  I have got to get my head in the game for this race and seem to be taking it more lighly than I ever have in the past.  Which probably will equate to a slower year than usual.  I think more than ever it is a motivator to get my bootie out there to run and less about the race this year.  Of course I will probably feel differently the day of the race and wishing I had taken this more seriously.  Such is the life of a running Mama.

Guess that will hurt later too.

And side note-- it was crazy warm out at 3am today!  About 70 degrees!

Off to do some "real" design work I have been putting off.  I have a small residential kitchen project I need to bust out. 

This post has been heavy on the "air quotes" today-- forgive me.  : )

Sleep tight runners!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cue the Angel's Chorus

Hear that sound?  That's the angel's chorus in a round of "hallelujah!"

Yesterday was amazingly beautiful and I am pretty sure I heard the rejoicing from the city around me as people rushed outside after being stuck in their homes for a cold few months of snow and winter.  (Me included!)

My step dad and I got out for a 5 mile run at a 10min/mile pace.  We chatted it up the whole time.  He commented that he wishes our running base was better-- my response was-- I think we are doing just fine.  We'll feel fine by the end of April to run 13.1!  The only bummer is that they changed the course for the Louisville half marathon to AVOID HILLS!  I am seriously bummed.  I LOVED the hills and running through the park.  According to some survey they did, more folks said they would run it without hills.  Not sure who they polled.  Running hills gives you a chance to relax in the down hill.  13 miles of a flat course is going to be killer.

Speaking of killer.  Time to get some ab muscles back.  Feeling a little poochy (yes-- highly technical term) and since I get to still look at my tummy about 5 times a day when the kiddo nurses, I am ready to not feel that way.

In kid news-- Baby boy started saying "Mama" a couple weeks ago (of course the first time was when I was out of town!).  The cutest thing ever!  Also, he can sit up on his own now.  It's amazing to me to see how much he has grown and learned in 5 months of life outside my belly!  I have baby fever and seriously want about 10 more. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Dark and Cold

Nothing can get me running faster than a dark run, cold night and my own imagination.  I'm just sayin'  : )

That was my fast 3 mile run earlier this week and then I just completed a butt-kicking by Jullian Michaels.  Ahh.  Glad to be back in the saddle after a week of nothing due to a nasty cold and trip to DC!

What gets your booty in gear??

Cloth Diaper review and post

I have been meaning to post this for a while and since I had someone else ask... here goes.  I am very happy using cloth diapers.  For my tree-hugging and frugal side of life.

My favorite overall diaper I use daily is KaWaii (a Chinease brand). My favorite name brand are Bumpkins but they are pricey and come in different sizes so you have to order sizes as the baby gets bigger which also adds up. The one I like best --the KaWaii diapers (I bought them on ebay brand new-- around $100 for 12) Basically they snap to adjust to different sizes, they fit N best once he got up to around 10lbs which doesn't take long. I like owning about 20 cloth diapers because I can do laundry every other day then. We do a disp. for night and if we take him to church nursery or he has a sitter who is scared of cloth.

When N was a newborn the KaWaii cloth were too big. I had bought newborn cloth diapers, but I did not find them worth it. Basically, you have to at least wait until their cord stump falls off, which took several weeks for N, the cloth ones did not keep him dry at all, then the disp. ones are the cheapest diapers at that newbown age (around $.05 each give or take), so I think its worth it to just do disp the first month or two until the kiddo fits cloth ones. But if you don't think you can make the switch after that, it may be worth starting with cloth after the cord stump falls off.

My engineer husband figured that with water use-- a cloth diaper costs us about $.07 to use.  But since I am doing laundry for his clothes, bibs, etc... I think it even offsets that number... so its pretty cheap and I find it does not take much extra effort.  I just "stuff" his diapers at each use instead of when they get out of the dryer.  When he stops breastfeeding and has more solid poos, we may need to install the diaper sprayer we have yet to use/need.

The person I bought the KaiWaii from on ebay is Here is the person I bought from on ebay is linked here... and ones I didn't mention that I had bought and like N to wear sometimes when he is awake are made in Indiana are linked here.  I find they aren't as thick and don't absorb quite as well for long naps, but aren't as bulky and are easier to play in and sits better with his clothes. (Buy them from that company on earth day for a better deal.)

SO that's my quick cloth diaper review.  Hope that helps anyone thinking about going this route.  If I think of anything else, I will add it to this post.  Or email me/leave a message with questions.