Monday, February 21, 2011

Gonna Feel This Later

You know when you are working out and think-- this is gonna hurt later?  Well-- thats me today.  Up at 3 am.  Can't sleep so deciding to get some "work" done in the peace and quiet-- which may or may not have included a trip to Walgreens for a mouse trap to catch the mouse my brain thought it heard while I was still safely asleep in bed.  This is gonna hurt later today when I have a kiddo to care for and two meetings throughout the day. Fun.

Well-- ran 6 miles on Saturday.  It was a cool morning in the 30s and I had the baby boy with me for the run so he was very bundled and only his little face was showing.  He was warm when we finished and just looked around most of tthe time except for a 20 minute snooze in the middle.  Other runners are even more friendly when you're pushing a baby early on a cold morning.  Felt good to be out at a common running time to see the "real" runners out.

Supposedly there are 9 weekends before our race.  So that puts us at a little less than a mile a week to build up to 13 for our long runs.  We should be just fine.  Too fine.  I have got to get my head in the game for this race and seem to be taking it more lighly than I ever have in the past.  Which probably will equate to a slower year than usual.  I think more than ever it is a motivator to get my bootie out there to run and less about the race this year.  Of course I will probably feel differently the day of the race and wishing I had taken this more seriously.  Such is the life of a running Mama.

Guess that will hurt later too.

And side note-- it was crazy warm out at 3am today!  About 70 degrees!

Off to do some "real" design work I have been putting off.  I have a small residential kitchen project I need to bust out. 

This post has been heavy on the "air quotes" today-- forgive me.  : )

Sleep tight runners!

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