Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oversleeping and A Family Photo Shoot

Yesterday morning I accidently overslept for my run with my stepdad.  I woke up at 5:36am in a total panic and saw he was calling me (we were meeting at 5:30).  Amazingly I got out the door in under 5 minutes and to the park in another 5 or so and found him running in the dark.  I pulled over, got out and resumed running for just shy of 6 miles with him before I had to head home.  I felt rushed all around!!  It was another HOT day so it was good to be finished running before it was even 7am!  (And in case you were wondering-- I had set the alarm for PM not AM-- guess I was tired!)

Today the fam went to take photos and try and get some decent pictures of the three of us.  I will post  a few but my hubby does not like being put out into internet land so I'll keep 'em small and will post a few of just the kiddo and I.  We tried to "re-create" a few shots a year later.  I'll try and post last summer's preggo pics with this summers-- nearly one year old!!


This year...

Last Year... 39 or 40 weeks pregnant

This year... followed by last year (39 or 40 weeks pregnant)...


Monday, July 25, 2011

H.O.T. with a Capital T!

Moly it's HOT out there.  Hence upping my runs to three days a week before the crack-o-dawn.  Yes-- you read that right-- three days a week I actually beat the sun up in order to run outdoors.  I'm a wuss about waking up early but even more of a wuss when it comes to running in heat.  Hate it.  Despise it.  So I will drag my bootie out of bed to be at the park between 5:30-5:45 for lower temperatures.  And I am still pooling sweat when I'm done.  Thankfully I have added to my arsenal an additional running buddy so between my two running buddies I have only had to run solo at that hour once!  Yeah!
And as my hubby reminded me-- you don't get to sleep in anyways-- (with a little guy that wakes up at 7 everyday)-- so whats a bit earlier?!  True, dear.  True. Thanks.

An update on some previous posts-- been working on the first birthday party-- will post some photo's afterwards.  The big day is August 21st and thanks to a sister-in-law who lives in a much nicer neighborhood than us-- we're going to rent out the party room there instead of cramming 30-40 of our closest friends and family into our little house.  And did I mention it's been HOT here, so that would be a whole other factor!

And an update from my last post-- Feeling a bit better in the chest after digging out my creams and trying to make sure he's latching good enough-- still not 100% though-- but also not enough to quit nursing.  This update brings me  to another point-- when I run early in the morning I've done both--pumping first or just running-- lately I've been just running.  It's a bit more tender and a lot more full that way-- but so far it seems to be ok.  I still wear two bras to run to keep everything in place.  Unless anyone comments with some reason that's a bad idea I haven't thought of yet-- I plan to keep that routine going-- it gives me extra sleep time!

Was this post random enough?  Have a great week everyone-- I'll end here!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Ow!  You all know I try to share some of the good/bad/ugly of this baby thing.  Here is one for you.  I feel like I am new to breastfeeding again... it is hurting again when the kiddo nurses, especially on my right side.  He's 10 months old now and nurses 4x a day-- we were doing great until a couple days ago.  I was hoping it would go away but it hasn't. 

Going to visit my "doctor" -- aka "Google" it doesn't sound like I have a blocked duct or anything.  Sounds most like the pain people are discribing when they have thrush but I don't see anything different there?  Sounds like others have had this happen when their baby's get teeth too, but he definitely isn't biting or anything.  The pain is such that there are moments when I feel lightheaded again like the first weeks of nursing and I'm not digging it!

Anyone else have this happen around this time?

Saturday, July 16, 2011


I changed the blog so now you can publically "follow" the blog.  Please join if you enjoy reading this blog!

And I leave you with a picture of the kiddo eating Blackberries yesterday.  Despite this face he LOVED them!


As in catching up...  Let's see faithful blog readers-- I feel like I don't have much of interest to write about here.

Ran just under 6 miles this morning and felt like I ran it in a sauna even at 7:30am! Sheesh! 

I have still been running in the mornings but am about to make Tuesday and Thursday runs at 5:45... let me tell you... it is soooooooo beautiful that time of day.  It really makes me wish I was a morning person like my mom!  I actually feel decent once I'm going but when that alarm goes off excuses are running through my head.  It's lucky I have people to meet or I would go back to sleep.  And I usually end up hitting the hay early that night or taking a little nap later in the day. 

What are your motivators for getting moving on those early runs???

I am also trying to expand my cooking/food prepping repertoire.  It's one of the few skills my hubby and I have lacking between us... (he's super handy, super mechanically inclined, and an interesting person to talk to)... I'm well... I'm... trying to keep my kitchen cooled off, eat healthier and make more interesting food (that don't take too long to prepare)!  Links welcome!

Oh-- and we just got back from celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in Asheville, NC.  BEAUTIFUL part of the world!!!  Enjoyed kayaking on the French Broad in a POURING rainstorm and hiking and eating and... It was a fun trip.  We left the kiddo with his Aunt and cousins and I was able to endure without him and pumping for 4ish days.  : )