Saturday, July 16, 2011


As in catching up...  Let's see faithful blog readers-- I feel like I don't have much of interest to write about here.

Ran just under 6 miles this morning and felt like I ran it in a sauna even at 7:30am! Sheesh! 

I have still been running in the mornings but am about to make Tuesday and Thursday runs at 5:45... let me tell you... it is soooooooo beautiful that time of day.  It really makes me wish I was a morning person like my mom!  I actually feel decent once I'm going but when that alarm goes off excuses are running through my head.  It's lucky I have people to meet or I would go back to sleep.  And I usually end up hitting the hay early that night or taking a little nap later in the day. 

What are your motivators for getting moving on those early runs???

I am also trying to expand my cooking/food prepping repertoire.  It's one of the few skills my hubby and I have lacking between us... (he's super handy, super mechanically inclined, and an interesting person to talk to)... I'm well... I'm... trying to keep my kitchen cooled off, eat healthier and make more interesting food (that don't take too long to prepare)!  Links welcome!

Oh-- and we just got back from celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary in Asheville, NC.  BEAUTIFUL part of the world!!!  Enjoyed kayaking on the French Broad in a POURING rainstorm and hiking and eating and... It was a fun trip.  We left the kiddo with his Aunt and cousins and I was able to endure without him and pumping for 4ish days.  : )

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