Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Maternity Photos-- 36 weeks

So the family and I got some real bump photos taken this past weekend...  Here are a few "preview" photos the photographer (Little White Whale Photography for any locals) put up on her facebook page.  I thought I would share them here too... So glad we decided to do more bump photos as I am very pleased with these and feel suddenly nastalgic for being pregnant when I see these!  (Yeah, I know I'm still pregnant! ; )

Getting in my runs still... though the pace continues to drag... I'm running our 4 miles at a 10:30 pace now.  BUT I am soooo happy to still be running and still feeling good while running.  I have had a lot fewer discomforts running with this kid than my first!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Weeks 31-34 and Reflecting on my Big Boy

I can't seem to post these days... but I can make time for reading WAY too many blogs by you all!

At 34 weeks I have gained right around 20 lbs.  (With my first little guy I had gained 21 at this point)... so pretty much tracking along like I did with him.  In full disclosure I weighed more 2 weeks ago at my last appointment but they said I lost weight... ??!!  I am feeling uncomfortable and whale-like most evenings though!

I can also attest that I am very uncomfortable at night when this little guy is super active.  He obviously doesn't like when I am finally sitting and relaxing and have just eaten.  He moves like crazy with a bum up in my rib and pushing out on the sides with his limbs and back!  OW!  My OB today said I look small but my measurements are exactly on. 

31 weeks:

32 weeks

33 weeks

34 weeks

The OB and Chiropractor have confirmed he is head down-- yay! 

I finally hit 3 runs this week... I have had a few weeks of only 2 runs a week just based on time constraints with all of the house projects which keep me sore so I have to choose either to get sore running or get sore working.  For the sake of nesting-- it's been all about the house work.  ; )

Some progress we've made around the place--

1. Finished laying hardwood floors upstairs
2.  Moved our bedroom upstairs
3.  Moved Little Boy into his new room (our old room) and into a big boy bed

My little boy seems to have turned into a big boy overnight!  A few are evidenced by: 

1.  He's pretty consistant with his potty training... of course he has accidents some days.

2.  The move to big boy bed was a non-event.   Cried 15 minutes the first nap and that was it.  He even has stayed in bed and waits to be gotten up. I equate that to talking a lot about it before the big day, him being compliant and a little book we read several times about Elmo moving to a big boy bed. : )
3.  He speaks in "sentences" for an almost 2 year old.  As I'm writing this draft he just said the following... he also talks non-stop... like ALL. DAY. LONG.  Maybe my constant narrating when he was little has turned into him doing the same thing:

"Watch little basketball fall." 
"There it is. Come out."  (Speaking of a ball going under the table and out the other side)
"Air came back off.  Feel it again please."  (About the AC kicking off)
"Hold 2 trucks again please"
"See you jump off"  (Requesting I watch him jump)
"Put doggie into N's new room again"
"Doggie and N running fast"
"N ride on car.  Car on this carpet."