Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I-man is 12 weeks old today on 12-12-12

In the spirit of 12-12-12, I had to post my little man turning a whopping 12 weeks old.  Ah.  I shall refrain from the time-is-flying paragraphs I wish to write.  ; )

Trying to capture his beautiful blues...

Mommy Stats:
Running 2-3 times a week and trying to do a Jillian video in there too.  Pace is back to just junder 10minute miles when I run 3 miles.  Planning an April half marathon again.
Eating/Craving WAAAAY too much sugar.  Seriously, this happened when I was nursing last time and I don't know how to make it stop!  Pointers are welcome!
Due to above... I haven't lost a pound more since my last visit to the OB.  Easily 5lbs from pre-prego weight but not sure the exact amount.
Love being a mommy of two and it has been soooo much smoother with baby 2 and having 2 than I thought it would be.  Doing the Baby Wise plan the 2nd time around has felt easy and sleep makes all things feel better!  Undecided on if we'll plan/try for baby 3... (the dot. dot. dot. allows for un-planned baby 3 if the Lord changed our "plans" either way!)
I-man Stats at 12 weeks old:
Almost 14lbs
Eat. Wake. Sleep. on a 3-1/2 hour schedule except in the evening when he eats every 2 hours from about 5-9 to help make the long night stretch of sleep.  Slept from 9:30pm until I woke him up at 7am for the past 2 nights!  (Yay for longer and longer night stretches!) 
Smiling more and laughing with a "squeak-toy" kind of laugh.
Loves to kick his feet and paw at dangling toys.  Bonus points if he can bat at them and kick another one at the same time!
Starting to smile at his big brother.  (Up until then he seemed to merely tolerate his loud voice and too-close presence.)
Big Brother at 27 months old:
LOOOVES his baby brother.  Makes sure he knows where he is at all times.  SEriously, it shocks me how not-jealous he is when I am doting on the littlest man... he wants to dote on him too.
Very inquisitive (still) and thinks through things more than just surface views or answers.  Example-- A few days after a visit to the zoo, totally unprovoked, he brought up the gorilla we had seen there.  This gorilla would puke- eat it- repeat... he says... "Mommy, that gorilla did not have a sink back there to wash his hands.  Thats yucky yucky!" Ha ha!  "Why Yes, son, that is gross he didn't wash his hands after that!" 

When trying to take the weekly photos, this is usually how they turn out...

We are really looking forward to Christmas this year.  It's fun having a little guy who knows whats going on.  We went to get a real Christmas tree at a tree farm this year and the 2 year old has not stopped talking about it since then!  We got the baby out long enough to take this photo and let him know he was there when we look back on Christmas 2012.  
Enough Random for my post?  I think yes.  Until next time...

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

2 Months and Other Stuff

A quick type out as I feed the boy and have a sleeping toddler... My sweet baby boy is 2 months old!  I know every mom say it but I really hate how fast time flys!
He's lost a lot of hair and now has a hairstyle that revivals The Donald's... behold that little puff on top!  : )
He was my small baby boy when born but has beefed up fast... weighing in at 12lbs 10oz and 23"long at his 2 month check... with a head in the 95th percentile.  We make big headed babies!  And the funny thing is that its only grown 2cm since birth which means I push out big headed babies!  Haha!
His big brother cant get enough of him!

I have been running a lot more consistently since the littlest mister now sleeps one 8 hour stretch at night meaning I only wake up once to feed (yay for feeling rested!!) and I have committed to runs on Tuesday and Thursday nights with my stepdad!  We're just doing 3 mile runs but i keep feeling better and slowly getting faster too!

Sooo much to be thankful for here as we officially celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pregnant Run vs Postpartum Run

Hands down, running 9 months pregnant is easier for me than running postpartum. I know some ladies sleep worse pregnant than with a newborn or just feel too uncomfortable everywhere but I feel better and have easier access to running when pregnant. 

I ran 2 miles on Thursday and 2 miles today (Sunday).  Whew.  It was S.L.O.W. and took a good hour of mental prep before I could even bring myself to change into running clothes. 

First, there is finding a window of oppotunity.  (ie. Baby asleep, toddler occupied, a sitter to watch said baby & toddler)

Then there is the motivation to run over taking a nap.  A window of opportunity usually means choosing between the two!

Finally, there is the whole physical side.  My postpartum body (okay-- really just my postpartum chest) is SORE all. the. time.  I am not talking just my nips.  Nursing does a number on me and baby 2 is no exception.  My entire chest is sore and putting it into a running bra is painful!

BUT... I think my being tired is not just about having a newborn and being up a couple times to nurse in the night... its also about a sudden drop off of physical activity so I have to get out there!

So there you have it.  Pregnant Run vs Post-Partum Run -- I'd say the 9 month pregnant run is easier for me!

Baby boy is 3 weeks old.  Big brother wants nothing to do with me if baby brother is around... he just wants to hold him and "play" with him.   This is a horrible picture but its what life looks like when I allow the toddler to have his way...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Good Cry

Oops-- started this post yesterday and never published it...

I have been a lot more emotional stable after this pregnancy/birth than I was with my first son.  Though I still have a good cry every couple days.  : )

Well today it was after watching this beautiful video about one of the most loving decisions this single mom would make... allowing her baby girl to be adopted.  This was posted on another blog I follow and I had to share it.  Grab some tissues and cry with me!

Friday, September 28, 2012

I's birth story

This is a loooooooong one.  Feel free to skip if you aren't into birth stories.  I included lots of details and even some fun labor and birth photos that got taken along the way. 

You can find N's birth story here

Without further ado...

Is's Birth Story

At 38.5 weeks I started dreaming about my sweet boy every time I’d sleep.  I really had not dreamt much about him until then, but each time I did, he always had a full head of black hair.  It made me even more anxious to meet him and find out what he really looked like.  In my mind, I felt like it was going to be soon even though I had declined all checks at my OB office and had no reason to believe this baby boy would come early or even around his due date.

I had a looming 39 week appointment on Wednesday, September 19th.  Because my first son was induced and a 41 week baby my biggest prayer going into this labor was that I would begin labor on my own (no Pitocin—aka “the devil”) and be able to go natural. 

On Monday September 17th I felt like I needed to go to the bathroom.  When I wiped I had some slight pink mucus mixed in too.  I was elated thinking this was the infamous “bloody show” I had read about.  I tried to call my hubby at work but he didn’t answer and starting searching Dr. Google for when this meant my baby was coming.  Unfortunately it seemed that the general consensus was anywhere from a few hours to days.  I decided to share with my doula and she wrote back with similar info.  Oh well.  So I waited but looked for every little sign I could—including the minor cramps I was having.  Since I had cramps with my first son and they never turned into labor, I wasn’t very hopeful until I had more going on.  Late Monday night I lost my mucus plug.  (Seriously, can we get better names for these things?!  They aren’t nearly as gross as the words sound!  I digress.) 

When I went to bed Monday night I was hopeful that maybe something would pick up but when I slept fine right on through to Tuesday I was a little bummed.

On Tuesday September my sweet 2 year old and I went to my usual chiropractor appointment where my chiropractor (and friend) felt for the baby’s position as she did each week and mentioned that the baby’s head was feeling low and just a thumb length above my pelvic bone.  I couldn’t help but share with her my news then that it might, might be happening soon… otherwise, I’d see her in a week still pregnant.  Because evidence was beginning to mount that it really could be soon, I decided that after nap time, we’d go for a run to see if it would get things moving.  So after lunch and a nap for the boy, we headed out.  I ran 1.5 miles pushing him in the BOB and then decided to walk in the rest of the way (another .5 or so). 

I put out to social media land:  What's on my mind?? All I think about right now is when this baby may come now that I am almost at 39 weeks. I wonder if this is the last time I will ____ before having TWO boys. ~R

Around dinner time I jumped in the shower and started noticing mild contractions with real starts and stops (verses the cramps I’d had that were just kind of dull all the time).  These felt like stronger cramps that wrapped around to my back a little too.  I got mildly excited and mildly freaked that this meant a baby really could be coming!  So I did what any woman in early labor would do… got dinner, got the kiddo put into bed and told the hubby I was going shopping for a little while. 

Before I went into the store I downloaded a free contraction app and started timing my sporadic contractions.   I texted my doula, Susan and told her what was going on.  She reminded me of the mantra I’d heard 1000 times—“you are looking for longer, stronger and closer together”.   They were short and long, far apart and close but some were actually requiring some extra breathing!   I laughed to myself as I shopped that was a laboring woman!

When I returned home, I told the hubby I’d been having contractions the whole time I was gone and we were probably having a baby “soon.”  He had a big presentation at work Wednesday September 19th that he had been working crazy long hours towards and was prepping for as I told him the news-- so he was a little surprised that it was really happening and I think a little stressed to get his stuff together to pass on to someone else if needed.

Contractions kept coming but I made myself lay down at 11 and knew I’d probably wake up in the night with stronger contractions.  About 1:30 on September 19th I could not sleep anymore.  The contractions were pretty painful and close enough that I didn’t have time to fall asleep between them.  I got up quietly and went downstairs to try and let me hubby sleep.  I knew he’d need the rest if we were going to have a baby!!  The contractions were about 10 minutes apart. 

About 2am I decided I needed to get someone over to our house to watch the 2 year old in case things progressed fast.  So I called my mom thinking she probably would not answer.  It rang and rang and went to voicemail.  But she called me back a minute later and explained she had just been up to use the bathroom and saw a missed call.  I explained what was going on and she said she’d be there soon. 

Hubby woke up at 2:30am, found me on the couch and asked what was going on.  He was not too happy I hadn’t woken him up but I knew he needed sleep more and I was still handling contractions okay.  Mom arrived soon after and we talked on the couch (me stopping when I needed to breath through a contraction) and her telling me about my own birth day.  It was a pretty crazy feeling to feel so normal and then have a contraction and go back to feeling normal again.  I could hear my hubby back upstairs sending messages out to coworkers and packing things up.

Hubby came down and said we should try to get some sleep.  I doubted that was going to be possible but said I would try.  Mom got ready for bed and we gave her info for the next day if we had to leave while she slept.  I labored a while standing or bending over the bed in our room and the hubby gave me some counter pressure on my back.

Laying down was not pleasant at all!  Hubby did counter pressure on my back as we laid down to “rest” and then I started to just feel annoyed by it.  Contractions seemed to hurt A LOT worse but I gave it the ‘ol college try for a while until I couldn’t take it anymore.   We both ended up getting back up (I’d say it was maybe 4:30am at this point).  I sat on the toilet and labored a while and then decided to get into a deep bath.  I stayed there for at least an hour.  It’s true that the weightlessness feels so much better and while contractions still weren’t fun, it took off a lot of the pressure.  My hubby was timing contractions and talking to me and saying how tired he was.  I knew he was being a trooper too!

I heard my mom start to wake up around 7and then she came down and got toddler boy out of bed and ready to eat some breakfast.  I knew my mom would wonder about us still being there, so I got dried off and went to see my family.  We all sat in the kitchen as my mom, hubby and son ate oatmeal.  I was growing more quiet I’d breath hard through each contraction.  Toddler boy thought it was hilarious as I’d “phew phew phew phew” for a while… he’d say—“Mommy’s breathing” and giggle.  : )

I tried to eat some oatmeal but was not feeling good at all and started to feel nauseous.  I then told Hubby that I thought we needed to go to the hospital soon so I had time to settle in (it was about 8:15am).  He called the Doula to tell her what was going on and expedite her coming over.  (I think he had only texting her about 15 minutes before with the morning update). 

When the Doula arrived I was back to sitting on the toilet.  She asked me a few questions and talked to the Hubby about what had been happening and agreed that if I was ready to go, we should go.  I was growing emotional and crying off and on.  Susan asked if I was thinking about my sweet Toddler and I said that I was.  She was really sweet about it and understanding that things were changing for me physically but also emotionally. 

We told my mom we were headed out soon, gathered up last minute things, kissed my mom and son goodbye as my son giggled more over all that was going on (not really knowing what it was!)

Luckily the hospital was only about a mile away (about 5 minutes in morning traffic) because a couple contractions along the way had me telling the hubby not to brake so fast when he stopped and thinking how annoying the seatbelt felt and how I wish I had grabbed my sunglasses. 

We got there right around 9am and found close parking and walked in.  Check in took a little while longer than I would have liked and when we got to the nurse’s station in the triage area of Labor & Delivery there was a nice tall counter that I leaned on as they got us further checked in.  It felt great and I only talked when I had to answer something that Hubby or the Doula couldn’t.  I remember a nurse saying— “I assume you plan on going natural because of the way you are so calm and breathing”

We eventually moved into a little room off to the side for me to have some quick fetal monitoring and a vaginal check before I could be off all monitors and moved into our actual L&D room.  My baby kept kicking the fetal monitor which cracked me up and the contractions slowed some as I laid there.  All looked good and I was measured at 7cm.  I was thrilled!!  My fear was them telling me I was a 2 or something.

I texted one of my best friends to wish her a happy birthday and tell her the baby was coming on her birthday too!  She said that was her best present of the day.  My Doula thought it was hilarious I was texting friends at 7cm.  That didn’t last too long, when I stood back up after the monitoring, I felt sick and the contractions started coming on stronger again.  The Doula mentioned “transition” to Hubby and that was music to my ears.  Transition = baby soon!

We walked to the L&D room and it was soooooo nice not to be connected to monitors!  I felt so free.   The room had a bathtub I would have loved if I weren’t so far into things.  Instead, I labored on the toilet again and would feel 100% fine when I wasn’t having a contraction and was even talking to my little birthing team.  Pretty soon, I started feeling more pressure in the front of my belly and occasionally pressure in my groin/bum and waves of desire to push.  I just kept thinking how odd it felt to be so “present” for this labor.  It was the pro and the con to this birth.  The pain was really high during contractions but between them I felt like I could really rest or talk.  In my first birth I felt like the pain was so intense and constant that I had to stay on another planet to cope.  It was an out of body birth.  This birth was intense during contractions but a very in-body experience.  I felt I was really “there” for everything.  

As I had some desire to push, we had the doctor come in.  (Unfortunately it was one of my OB’s partners as my OB could not make it.)  She was even more open to natural birth and told me to labor and push in any way I wanted and let my body just do it’s thing.  She checked me and I was a 9 and my water still hadn’t broken.

Because I was a lot more “present” this time I was also growing self- conscious about possibly pooing when I pushed and what else was coming out.  I tried to push and change positions but because my water was still intact and I was mentally worried about poo-ing I felt stalled.  So the doctor and nurses said they’d be steps away and could come back in.  SO I moved back on the toilet, tried to push and poo and then felt ready to really push. 

We called the doctor back in and told her I wanted some direction and commentary on what was going on.  I got on my back again and felt ready to push more.   After a few pushes, the doctor suggested I could hold my legs up to help push and that did feel better.  I was feeling a little bummed that no one was telling me that a head was crowning.  About that time my water broke (11:47am) and I had a room full of people saying to keep pushing that the baby was there and I needed to keep pushing him on out.  The only voice I was listening to was my husband. 

I could hear myself growling a primal roar to push the baby out.  It surprised me but I also kept waiting to hear he was all out because I felt like each little inch coming out hurt more than the feeling before.  Literally one minute after my water broke, I had my sweet son on my chest.  He was born at 11:58am.  I was emotional as I held him and looked at his head full of dark hair, just as he looked in my dreams!

When the cord stopped pulsing, my husband cut the cord and my son was moved up closer on my chest.  I was holding my second son.  He felt so tiny. 

I delivered the placenta and looked down at it.  It was smaller (and bloodier) than I thought it would look but I was glad I got to see it this time.

I was told I had a second degree tear and was stitched back up.  I was able to have my son stay on my chest for over an hour and he nursed and laid peacefully on me.  Over an hour after his birth, he was weighed at 7lbs 5oz and 20.5” long.  I did not have near the “I am never doing that again” trauma that I felt after my first natural birth but I also didn’t think it was as easy as I hoped it might be.

I’m so in love with my sweet boy and can’t wait to watch him grow.











Wednesday, September 26, 2012

He's Here!

He's here and one week old!!  I had him one day before I was 39 weeks.  We were able to start labor on it's own and have a natural birth!  Will post more details when I get time that isn't devoted to my toddler or sleeping.  : )

Here is a pic of yours truly and our 7lb 5oz, 21.5" long bundle of joy right after birth.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Weeks 35-37 Pregnant

Hello-- still pregnant here... kicking it at 37 weeks. I feel a lot more patient with this kiddo than I was the first time around.  I think because I am a little nervous for 2 and I don't feel like things around the house are ready (are they ever?!). 
On the other hand I am totally excited and ready to meet this new little guy!  I wonder about him all the time and can't wait to hold him in my arms!
I have been working to prep again mentally to try for another natural birth.  I'm not sure if its been better or worse knowing the level of pain I am possibly in for.  I'm just hoping labor starts on its own and there are no medical reasons to induce again this time.  Pitocin and a drug free birth =  OWW!

35 weeks

36 weeks


37 weeks


Life at 37 weeks:
Still running 3x a week.  (Usually 4 miles each run but this week it was a little less due to weather and running without my running buddy which means I slack off more).  A little more pressure and discomfort while running and after.
Trouble turning over at night.  It's hard to hoist such a belly around after going, going, going all day!
Weight gain at 37 weeks -- about 21 lbs  (Slightly less than I did at this point with my first guy, but I am running more distance than I was with him at this point...)
For comparison... here is my bump at 37 weeks with Boy 1...



Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Maternity Photos-- 36 weeks

So the family and I got some real bump photos taken this past weekend...  Here are a few "preview" photos the photographer (Little White Whale Photography for any locals) put up on her facebook page.  I thought I would share them here too... So glad we decided to do more bump photos as I am very pleased with these and feel suddenly nastalgic for being pregnant when I see these!  (Yeah, I know I'm still pregnant! ; )

Getting in my runs still... though the pace continues to drag... I'm running our 4 miles at a 10:30 pace now.  BUT I am soooo happy to still be running and still feeling good while running.  I have had a lot fewer discomforts running with this kid than my first!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Weeks 31-34 and Reflecting on my Big Boy

I can't seem to post these days... but I can make time for reading WAY too many blogs by you all!

At 34 weeks I have gained right around 20 lbs.  (With my first little guy I had gained 21 at this point)... so pretty much tracking along like I did with him.  In full disclosure I weighed more 2 weeks ago at my last appointment but they said I lost weight... ??!!  I am feeling uncomfortable and whale-like most evenings though!

I can also attest that I am very uncomfortable at night when this little guy is super active.  He obviously doesn't like when I am finally sitting and relaxing and have just eaten.  He moves like crazy with a bum up in my rib and pushing out on the sides with his limbs and back!  OW!  My OB today said I look small but my measurements are exactly on. 

31 weeks:

32 weeks

33 weeks

34 weeks

The OB and Chiropractor have confirmed he is head down-- yay! 

I finally hit 3 runs this week... I have had a few weeks of only 2 runs a week just based on time constraints with all of the house projects which keep me sore so I have to choose either to get sore running or get sore working.  For the sake of nesting-- it's been all about the house work.  ; )

Some progress we've made around the place--

1. Finished laying hardwood floors upstairs
2.  Moved our bedroom upstairs
3.  Moved Little Boy into his new room (our old room) and into a big boy bed

My little boy seems to have turned into a big boy overnight!  A few are evidenced by: 

1.  He's pretty consistant with his potty training... of course he has accidents some days.

2.  The move to big boy bed was a non-event.   Cried 15 minutes the first nap and that was it.  He even has stayed in bed and waits to be gotten up. I equate that to talking a lot about it before the big day, him being compliant and a little book we read several times about Elmo moving to a big boy bed. : )
3.  He speaks in "sentences" for an almost 2 year old.  As I'm writing this draft he just said the following... he also talks non-stop... like ALL. DAY. LONG.  Maybe my constant narrating when he was little has turned into him doing the same thing:

"Watch little basketball fall." 
"There it is. Come out."  (Speaking of a ball going under the table and out the other side)
"Air came back off.  Feel it again please."  (About the AC kicking off)
"Hold 2 trucks again please"
"See you jump off"  (Requesting I watch him jump)
"Put doggie into N's new room again"
"Doggie and N running fast"
"N ride on car.  Car on this carpet."


Thursday, July 26, 2012

Update on ISR Swimming and a Video

I mentioned we started ISR Swim lessons in this post

Well-- after 8 weeks my little guy is QUITE the swimmer!  Now only can he swim REALLY well... he also LOVES to swim!  I would call this class a huge (and more expensive than I planned!) success!  The kid "swims" everywhere now (on the kitchen floor, in the bath tub, in his tiny baby pool).  He is even teaching his lego man and stuffed bear how to "swim"on the floor too.  : )

So-- I would HIGHLY recommend these classes if you want your kid to really know how to swim and not have a fear of water.  We'll have to do 1 week refresher classes each year but the premise is that its now all muscle memory and will take very little effort to remember even if we don't see water all winter long!

I wish I could swim this well!

Here is a short video of the swimmer in action.  He was taught to look for a wall to swim to and float on his back to catch his breath before swimming again.  Here goes...

Video Link

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let's Talk Dirty-- Toddler Potty and Poopy Talk anyone?


I need your thoughts and experience on potty training.


Some background...

Now that my sweet boy is quite the swimmer and I am not going to lessons EVERY morning for 8 weeks (8 weeks?!) and a baby due in 9 weeks... we're in the throws of real, official, potty training.  As I mentioned in this post -- he has been pretty consistently going poo on the potty since 18 months.  It's the pee we needed to work on.

Sooo... starting Monday we began officially.  I had him either naked or in loose undies and each time he'd start to pee, he'd look up and say "go potty!" with a surprised look, would stop going and would finish peeing in the potty.  That's pretty much been how it's going for 2 days.  Wet a little, finish in the potty.  After he goes I tell him he's a big boy and do a silly song with a dance.  (Thank goodness you people can't see that on camera!)  He laughs and that's his "reward" for using the potty.

Thank goodness we have hardwood floors everywhere, so cleanup has been easy!  : )  And we still do diapers for naps and bedtime.

My questions for you:
Is that normal that he starts going a little before he realizes it and finishes on the potty?

At 23 months old, how much should I "help" him go potty?  Right now I go in with him and help him pull down/up his pants.  He doesn't ever really go in on his own-- he always tells me he needs to go and we go together.

Did your boys sit or stand to pee?

When did you venture out in undies and know they'd tell you if they had to go?

We alternate between his little potty or the seat on the big potty.  What's your preference for your kiddos?

Any thoughts and advice are welcome... I admit I did not read any books on this and have been winging it and feel like we're getting somewhere but I'm not sure.

Bumps- Week 27-30

I really have got to remember not to take bump photos in my pj's... they are sooo not flattering.  See week 28 as proof.  : )  Here are weeks 27-30

Week 27:

Week 28:

Week 29:

Week 30:

And we'll see how long it takes me to post tomorrow's week 31 bump!  ; )

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

30 weeks but a month overdue

A month overdue in blogging that is!  About 9.5 weeks left to go.

SO I can't believe I will be into single digit weeks on Thursday... already!  (well unless this kid bakes an extra week or two like his brother did!)

I am feeling good but running has definitely grown harder as the belly has grown.  Try as I might, my pace just naturally slowed.  I'd been easily running around 9:30/mile and now its slowed to 10 or 10:20 a mile.  Oh well... as long as I can keep some miles on my legs I don't really care how slow it is!  With all the home projects a few runs have slipped through the cracks, though!  Oops!

I did learn something from my chiropractor today... she said this baby is not very low (but is head-down) and sits a little transverse in my belly.  (Oh-- I should say she is also a doula and feels my belly after my adjustment every week to see how the baby is sitting).

She said it's probably making running better since you don't have a head right down there at your pubis bone.  I said-- that must be why it hurts a lot less to run this time.  My first little guy was head down and really low early on... and I was always really sore down there after a run.  I have not had that problem this time.  I also don't feel the urge to pee as much when I run with this one.  Interesting, huh?!  Sorry to be TMI but it was interesting to me!

Well... of course my computer is wanting nothing to do with uploading photos... so that will have to wait, again!  Whew!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh wow, you're big... and other things no pregnant lady wants to hear

You know what no pregnant woman wants to hear-- "Oh wow-- you're big!" or "You are as big now as you were at the end last time".  Seriously I heard these things FROM MY FAMILY at a party this past weekend.  Granted the last comment was from my step-grandmother who has no filter and is defintely WRONG... I do have a belly... as most women do at 27 weeks... but I am carrying almost identical to the way (and size) I did the first time.  Ugh.  Seriously, I do not get why being pregnant makes people forget their filters.

Why yes, I am 27 weeks prego and last blogged at 23 weeks.  Where is the time going??

Considering we're expecting weather in the 100s!!!! here the next several days, hopefully those days pass by as fast and this prego mama says cool!!

My laptop took a MAJOR crash.  I got a new laptop and THANKFULLY all my files transferred over-- it just was slow going, but I am back up and running.

Speaking of running-- I ran 8 miles this morning before it got crazy-hot!  It felt REALLY good but I will say I am beginning to feel the extra weight and my hip was giving me some issues the last couple miles.  I still feel better all and all than I did running in the first pregnancy, so I can't complain.  By 27 weeks with Boy 1, I was tapered much more on mileage and slower!

24 weeks:

25 weeks:

26 weeks

And a photo at 27 weeks will have to wait until hubby gets home tonight...

So at 27 weeks I am feeling good.  Running two 4 mile runs every week and a long run of either 6 or 8.

The belly is feeling stretched and I am constantly putting on lotion and trying not to eat too much at night when that feeling is the worse!   House projects are coming along and I think I get more excited to meet this guy every day as I feel him move around!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Dues date Guess and 22/23 week Update

Baby Boy 2 is "officially" due September 27th.  My guess is he comes (or starts coming) on September 30th.  His big brother was born on a full moon and though I ended up having to be induced-- he was still a week overdue, was a "short" 5 hour active labor and was obviously ready to join us.  This year's September full moon begins at 11:19pm on September 29th.  Let me just go on record with my official labor prediction of September 30th. : )

But before weekly prego stuff... My sweet Blonde Boy 1 at 21 months old:

Loves to dance:

Without further ado... weeks 22 and 23...


Still 3 days a week with long weekend runs.  This past weekend I did 8 and then ran around all day and had an evening walk with the fam.  My prego muscles were beat but I have to say it's been MUCH better than running during the first pregnancy-- limited "need-to-pee" issues and other icky symptoms have stayed at bay this time!  Yay!

Weight gain:  Not sure but the belly is growing! 

Sleep:  Still Good... baby boy is getting more and more active at night!  I had more baby dreams last night as hubby and I went to bed talking about names...

Names:  Here are our "rules" for baby names... #1-- First name must be Biblical... all our first names are too.  Mark, Rachel, Nathan.... #2 If it's a boy they get 2 middle names (like Daddy and Boy 1) which the names should be named after someone.  Let me tell you... coming up with 2 middle names is the tough part!  At least Boy 1 kept the same middle names as his daddy which made it easy.  Boy 2 needs two middle names-- we aren't liking the names of many important men in our lives so we may use the first letters which limits options... not an easy challenge.

And finally... some bump photos... in the same shirt too... : )

22 weeks:
   and 23 weeks:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Cloth Diapers 101

I continue to get a lot of questions about cloth diapering regarding my personal experience and general questions.  I recently wrote a long email to someone today and thought I would share much of it here too.   If you want to read my first post about the specific diapers I use click here. Hope it helps those that are new to cloth diapering and want something easier to understand.  It's just one Mama's method and explanation:

It can be confusing!  The best advice anyone gave me were to invest in just a few different types before diving in and buying all of one type or brand.  For example—I bought lots of newborn sized diapers that were homemade from someone.  They fit well but leaked like crazy and did not accommodate the little “stump” of the cord that hung on for weeks with a newborn.  When we have another newborn we'll do disposables in the early days so they accomodate the cord stump and wait until the snap diapers fit best (which I found was around 10lbs).

Let's back up...

There are basically three types of diapers…

The cheapest diapers in diaper lingo are called “Pre-folds”… the kind your mama used to use with pins (or the kind you use as burp cloths).  They usually are worn with reusable covers.  I never used that kind because I figured it wasn't easy enough for me and that the hubby would not use them.

I tried the all-in-ones which are basically an outer cover and some kind of absorbent insert that is attached so you don't "stuff" any inserts in teh diapers-- its all one piece.  I tried one like this (Bumpkins) and liked it but still didn’t find it absorbent enough and also you have to buy them in sizes so they don't grow with your kid... therefore you have to buy more from small to large.  These are a lot more than prefolds for the convenience and are usually about the same price as Pocket diapers.

The ones I use are “pocket diapers”… these can go for crazy amount for the name brand but I found the KaWaii are equivalent enough to Fuzzibuns or some of the others like it.  I also like that it adjusts with snaps so it grows with your child (unlike the all in ones) which you buy in different sizes.  They are pocket because they have a pocket where you stuff the inserts in (I just use one but I know some people add two inserts if their baby is a “heavy wetter.”  I also just stuff them one at a time when I change his diaper… it saves doing the whole basket of diapers at once.  But you can do it either way.

Note:  We still do disposables at night most nights so it absorbs the most and wicks away from his skin (whatever helps us all sleep the longest!)  and we use them with sitters just so its easier for them.  When I haven't I end up with dirty diapers back in the clean basket and parts and pieces thrown away. 

Here is the inside and a photo of the outside...

 We never did the diaper sprayer… another thing that I decided did not sound fun!  We use disposable liners—they add cost but I wash the ones that were just peed on and use a few times.  That way when he poos, we just throw away that part… the diaper avoids yuckiness and needing rinsing and we can just put it in the diaper pail without dunking in the toilet or spraying off.

Must Haves:

Cloth Diapers
Diaper Pail (Trashcan with a flip up lid)
Wet Bag  (Sized to fit your trash can)


Optional but Recommended:

A second wet bag for when the other is in the wash
Cloth Diaper Disposable Liners
Small wet bag to stash in the diaper bag (Plastic bags work too)

I bought almost all my diapers for $8 and under and have about 15 in regular rotation now which means I do laundry every 2-3 days.  Hubs has done lots of calcs and we feel that even using a disposable at night, we've saved lots of mulah!

Please ask any questions I may have left out or assumed and I will answer them or update the post.  Good look!  It's pretty simple once you get your system down and figure out what works for you!

Toddler Swimming Lessons- ISR Day 1

This weeks has started as a week of "torture" for my son (and who am I kidding-- for me too!)... we signed him up for swimming classes.  But these aren't just any swim lessons... Mama is not in the water and he gets one-on-one instruction from his teacher for 10 minutes a day, EVERY day for 4-6 weeks until he knows how to swim, float, swim... its called ISR--  Infant Swimming Resource's Self-Rescue program   It's for kids 6 month to 6 years.

It's not cheap, requires a serious time commitment every day and it's tough to watch your baby and in the case of my kiddo-- yelling/crying for his Mommy while kinda being freaked out by the whole experience. 

Google ISR Swimming on You Tube and you will be amazing at the tiny kids that learn how to swim.  More importantly-- you can read stories for kids who took the class and has some kind of run-in with a pool or water and were able to save themselves because of what they learned in the class. 

So just like letting your kids get bumps and scrapes as they learn to crawl or walk or disciplining kids when it's not fun but what they need... that's why we're taking this class... for the end goal of having a kid who could live if he ended up in water and a kid that will eventually enjoy swimming (like my niece and nephew who are complete fish in the water and took the classes when they were young).

Here is a 20 month old after completing the class to give you an idea of what they learn and what someone my kiddo's age can do at the end...


THey are super strict in watching what your kid eats all day during the 4-6 weeks and you have to log their foods, pees, and poos, and their sleep.  That is also the reason lessons are just 10 minutes... they do as much as possible to limit potential injuries. 

One day 1-- he just did wall work-- where he was put a little away from the wall and reach out to grab it from multiple angles (no underwater yet).  He actually did really well with that-- he just cried for me the whole time-- and I only got a little teary twice while watching it.  : )  Thankfully my sister-in-law was there to support both of us.

I'll keep you posted on how it progresses and maybe post our own video at the end.

Monday, May 21, 2012

21 weeks and such

While I'm late in posting (shocker!) I actually took my 21 week belly bump photo on the correct day.  Yeah, that's a shocker too!

Symptoms:  So far so good still!  Yeah!  Major progress has been I am now back to drinking water first thing in the morning and I can swallow like all 10 of my vitamins in one giant fistful again!

Exercise:  Running 3x a week-- with the shortest run being 4 miles.  So far I'm keeping pace and having minimal side effects (I even haven't had the constant urge like I need to pee on every run!)  I also talked hubs into lacing up his running shoes Sunday and we ran 63 minutes together while pushing the tyke in the jogging stroller!  It was HOT too!

Thoughts:  I had my first "birth the baby" dream.  True to pre-baby dreams it was definitely unconventional.  I wasn;t full term and was trying to push out the baby-- this was all while I had ZERO pain and tried to babysit my son between trying to push and trying to figure out where my husband was.  It was an odd dream but it also made me really ready to meet this little guy!

I just completed a 21 month series with a great group of ladies through my church.  We had out "graduation" and someone asked the two prego ladies to take a bump picture together... so since I rarely let my head be in blog photos... here goes below... I am on the right at 21 weeks and the beautiful lady on the left is due a month after me with her third kiddo.

Can I just brag that I found that dress an hour before I had to get ready for the night on a trip to Target.  It was only $25 bucks and isn't a maternity dress so I think I can wear it in the future too!  Score!  We did not coordinate our dresses, we're just both fans of black and white!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Lil Bit of Everything and 20 week Update

On Saturday the fam (minus my hubs : ( and I hit up an informal 5k fundraiser for an organization that I recently designed a small building for... Barren Heights and whom my mom and stepdad volunteer with.  It's a cool organization that helps families who have a child with a disability take a free vacations at their camp while volunteers assist in meals and fun with their kids.

I was pleased with our 5k time... we averaged 8:45/mile all while switching who pushed the munchkin.  He got a huge kick out of the balloons and got his favorite tool... a hammer... painted on his face... It was fun!

20 weeks:
Well... the official belly pic at 20 weeks (a few days late) is deceiving as usual... I must look thinner from the side... ha ha!  I certainly have a belly!

Total Weight Gain: About 8.5 lbs

Symptoms:  Feeling better still, no sickies, no cravings and I can drink water and take pills without gagging (mostly)  : )  I'm sleeping well and will enjoy the sleep I can get until it gets hot and I get more prego!

Some random one's for you:
I'm wondering what it will be like to balance two kids?  Will it be the same MAJOR adjustment as one was? 

I'm also wondering what I should buy two of?  I know that's kind of dumb but when I change N's diaper I still use the changing table... can they share one or will I need two?  What else?

Will my boys be sporty?  If so, will I actually enjoy spending time watching sports?

Will I feel the urge to have more kids or feel done after this one?  Will Hubby and I be on the same page regardless of which direction it is?

Exercise:  Still running but no long run due to the 5k event over the weekend.

Happy Monday!  I make no promises but will hopefully be back around Thursday when I'm 21 weeks since this one is late again!