Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh wow, you're big... and other things no pregnant lady wants to hear

You know what no pregnant woman wants to hear-- "Oh wow-- you're big!" or "You are as big now as you were at the end last time".  Seriously I heard these things FROM MY FAMILY at a party this past weekend.  Granted the last comment was from my step-grandmother who has no filter and is defintely WRONG... I do have a belly... as most women do at 27 weeks... but I am carrying almost identical to the way (and size) I did the first time.  Ugh.  Seriously, I do not get why being pregnant makes people forget their filters.

Why yes, I am 27 weeks prego and last blogged at 23 weeks.  Where is the time going??

Considering we're expecting weather in the 100s!!!! here the next several days, hopefully those days pass by as fast and this prego mama says cool!!

My laptop took a MAJOR crash.  I got a new laptop and THANKFULLY all my files transferred over-- it just was slow going, but I am back up and running.

Speaking of running-- I ran 8 miles this morning before it got crazy-hot!  It felt REALLY good but I will say I am beginning to feel the extra weight and my hip was giving me some issues the last couple miles.  I still feel better all and all than I did running in the first pregnancy, so I can't complain.  By 27 weeks with Boy 1, I was tapered much more on mileage and slower!

24 weeks:

25 weeks:

26 weeks

And a photo at 27 weeks will have to wait until hubby gets home tonight...

So at 27 weeks I am feeling good.  Running two 4 mile runs every week and a long run of either 6 or 8.

The belly is feeling stretched and I am constantly putting on lotion and trying not to eat too much at night when that feeling is the worse!   House projects are coming along and I think I get more excited to meet this guy every day as I feel him move around!


  1. You look awesome, Rachel!! I cannot imagine running 8 miles...I can barely run after my boys!

    My 5 year old niece said to me the other day, "boy. Sure looks like you have 2 babies in there!" hahaha. Real nice!

    1. Sarah... you look awesome! Loved the bump photo you put on fb. There are weeks I am a little late in getting my bump photo taken... I guess thats the life for kids after baby 1. : )

  2. You look amazing! And, you've officially made it continuing running longer than I did while pregnant. ;)

    1. Aw thanks! I made it to 41 weeks with baby 1, and hope to run up until birth with baby 2 even if it slow going!