Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Running in Circles

Yesterday turned out to be a fabulous day!  Hubster was off, so after I had a brief client meeting, we were both free for the day!  Hubby asked me if I wanted to go to Michael's... I said great!  Then I hear him on the phone with Michael and realize we aren't going to Michaels the craft store but a friends house.  No biggie-- except I had a run planned with my stepdad.  So I worked out that we would run from our friends house.  It was cold and doing that fun ice/rain thing and as we were running off, I was getting directions from our friend on how to do "the loop" from their house. 

Well-- since it was going to be pushing feeding time and I had fogotten a bottle-- we planned to just go three miles so I could BF when we got back.  As some point in the run we had gone 1.7 miles so we decided to loop back (or so we thought)... we kept running and running knowing we were lost and came out on the main road far away from their house.  Oops. 
I was really enjoying the run.  The rain felt good, my body felt good and I secretly enjoyed being lost and having to run further.  And because it was dark and we were running along some major roads, we were picking up our pace too.  When all was said and done we ran 5.3 miles and my little guy was still sound asleep when we got back.  Shoo ! And my hubby was only a little worried about what in the world happened to us.

Then to top it all off-- our friends had homemade fried icecream dessert waiting for us.  You better bet I ate some.  (Icecream with cinnamon rolled in chopped up corn flakes and same maple syrup... my mouth is watering just thinking about it).  And I woke up my sleepy little guy and fed him!  SO it was a fabulous and fun day and a reminder that I can still run and feel good. 

Here is a recent pic of the kiddo...  He is 20 weeks old!

Monday, January 17, 2011

No more excuses

Got a nice run in on Saturday and have another planned for tonight.  My running parter (stepdad) and I agreed that we have had a lot of excuses the last few weeks and we're over them.  We are planning evenings to run again.  If we ran through all last winter (while I was prego and very sick to boot) then surely we can get motivation for this season.  Plus we have a half marathon to get ready for in April and as I said before, I can't be slower than last year!  So tonight-- I am bundling up the little guy and heading out for a run!

And-- for additional accountability-- when I can't find the motivation to run, I am sticking in one of my Jillian Michaels dvds and gonna let her kick my butt instead.  : )  I would like to get my abs back to a pre-baby condition, and that isn't going to happen by doing nothing!