Friday, March 30, 2012

Getting better...

Thanks for the concerns and prayers yesterday!  We're on the mend today! 

I literally did the sinus cleanse thing about 5 times yesterday (gross but it dries things out) and I got to talk to my general practitioner who I really trust.  She wasn't even working yesterday and took the time to talk to me.  She thought I probably had a viral sinus infection so the antibiotics would not help and she doesn't like decongestants being used during pregnancy.  She wanted me to stick with the natural remedies and today I can feel that they worked!  Yay!  I did take one Tylenol today since I had a slight headache still and didn't want it getting worse.  I have not been nauseous and I can almost breath again!  And have only used about 2 tissues today verses the BOX I was trashing each of the past several days!

The little guy seems to be okay still too!

We're downing liquids and staying indoors despite the beautiful weather.

Mama's back in action! 

Now to decide to long run or not to long run this weekend?  Better play it by ear when I wake up... ; )

Thursday, March 29, 2012

14 weeks and a Trip to the ER

I. can't. breath.  Like, really, going on a good week or two of major sinus issues.  If it was just spring, or I was just pregnant, or it was just that I caught the virus my kiddo had last week, I might know what to do/take.  Instead I have been suffering and trying to limp along on occasional Tylenol.  Until yesterday. 

This is the person who hates taking meds when I am not pregnant but even less so, when I am!

I woke up with my typical every-other-day headache I've been having, and my horrible sinus pressure, only to eat breakfast, drink a little water and puke.  Blah.  Laying down hurt, sitting up hurt.  After about an hour of being up, I tried to take a Tylenol again without puking and went back into bed and started crying (but trying not to because I knew it would hurt more) to my husband about how miserable I was.  I ended up falling a sleep sitting up in bed for a bit and was glad to have passed more time and find my headache a bit eased. 

But light and noise were killing me and I knew a toddler was awaiting.

SO I got up again and wondered how I would make it through the day.

About lunch I called my hubby again who talked me into making a doctor's appointment and my mom said she'd come over and watch the little guy.  My sweet husband came to pick me up.  Not 2 miles down the road I was puking up the tiny bit of lunch I had, the gaterade I had tried to drink a bit of and any remaining stomach lining all the way to the doctor's office.  And then again in the waiting room.  Yeah, I was that person your glad you aren't sitting next to!

The doctor took one look at me and asked what was going on and said she wanted me to go to ER.    She thought there was too much going on for her to help with first-- Migraine, Vomiting, Dehydration, Pregnancy, Sinus Infection ... I was about an 8 or 9 in pain.


We loaded back into the car when I was throwing up again and headed to ER.

After WAY too long they got me hooked up to fluids and some drugs to ease the headache and nausea.  I went to about a 4 on the pain scale.  Baby's haertrate was good and strong at 146 or so.  Evidently reduced pain was good enough for them, so they discharged me with a handful of perscriptions which I will still be too scared/stubborn to take. 

After getting everyone off to bed-- changing sheets and air filters, a sinus cleanse and all kinds of other prep as recommended by the nurse... we were off to bed. 

Picture me doing this several times... source

Until midnight.  Then I heard my little guy have a wet cough and told hubby to go check him ASAP as I thought he may have thrown up.  He had.  Not sure why?  But hubby (gagging) is undressing him and cleaning up his sheets as I throw him in the tub to get puke off his hair.  Poor baby was pretty scared.  We got him to drink some water and eventually got him back to bed.  Unfortunately it's been the other end for him this morning.  Fun times at the sick house.

So here I sit today, without a headache for now (praise the Lord!) and the same stuffy head.  Though I did try the sinus cleanse/neti-pot thing again and finally a Claritin.  Hoping both kick in soon.  Its been a long 24 hours!

My husband has been so sweet about everything.  Running to get meds, check them online, get food, take care of us, etc.

But Mama needs a sick day/week!  Not sure what we have going around here!  In all seriousness, if your a prayer person, say a quick prayer for us to get well and keep babies and Mama's healthy around here!!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

13 weeks

Now that I get to be public with the news, I thought I would post a 13 week belly shot  (let me say a girl comment-- my legs, heck, all of me... looks skinnier from the side!) Excuse the bad shadow!:

It's hard to compare in photos but I felt like I was showing sooner with this one.

  • Still have to be very picky with what I eat because it's hard to find something that sounds good or doesn't have a smell that makes me feel sick!
  • Still getting sick on occasion and nauseous.
  • LOTS of headaches... at least every other day!  Ick! 
  • Can't sleep well right now due to allergies, headaches and sinus gunk.
Pregnancy Similarities:
  • Weight gain seems about the same
  • Sick/nauseous (but not as bad as with #1, and not as much vomit)
Pregnancy Differences:
  • Harder time sleeping early on (at least for now)
  • I still feel sick when I run (symptoms went away when I ran with #1)
  • Running 3x a week.  My long runs are up to 10miles.
  • Did my first race with this kid, a 10k at 56:47pace.
  • Usually a walk of some sort everyday when I don't run
  • Chasing a toddler (that counts, right?)

So, I'm not going to guess a gender, but we actually plan to find out around 20 weeks this time instead of waiting until the birth.  So about 6 weeks +/- and we'll know if this is a boy or girl!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My new diet

The sercret to Massive Weight Loss, Starts with Pregnancy...

Hahaha!  Here's my new "diet"...

How to Survive The First Trimester with Another Kid

So, either this kid is a boy too or I just do pregnancy in a similar way no matter the gender... I've been sick since right at 6 weeks.  Thankfully its not been as bad as with my first little guy (when I really wanted to curl in a ball and die for weeks on end) but it's still been pretty miserable. 

Alas, here are my tips for surviving those treacherous early months:

Stock up on meals for the rest of the family (I can barely stand looking at the kitchen, much less raw meat, chopping, dicing, smells... I'm about to get nauseous just typing it... )  So I have been trying to cook up tons of meals to last the family a while-- and they can pull it out and cook it themselves.

For me-- having tons of options means that any moment in time, hopefully one things will sound appealing for my always-hungry-but-nothing-sounds-like-it-will-stay-down tummy!

Nap when the kid naps.  Ok-- I haven't really taken this advice every day but if I can make myself sleep-- it's that much less time that I am awake and feeling miserable and sick! 

Get outside (which thankfully was cool weather in my sickest days-- Something about cold air when you feel sick feels so good.)  Otherwise, getting outside seems to be a little distraction, and if you do end up puking, there is plenty of space.  : )
Exercise.  This one is counter-intuitive but trust me when I say that once you work up the energy, you feel better in the short term and long term if take your body for a little spin.  With my first pregnancy, my symptoms disappeared 100% when I ran.  Not so much with this one and then I get a headache the next day... but it's still worth the long term benefits!

Eat whatever you can keep down and if it's somewhat healthy, that's all the better!  I like my food heavy and carb-y in my early weeks.  Can't help it but it's all that "settles" my ickiness.

And finally, make your hubby take over chores and childcare as often as possible so you can sleep, rest, puke alone... ; )

At 13 weeks (tomorrow) I am feeling better than I did at first!  I'm hoping I'm on the tail end of the ickies! 

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Last minute 10k and a revealing photo...

About 5 minutes after posted yesterday that I was going to have to do a 6 mile run without my running buddy, my sister called and said she had a friend that couldn't run the 10k race the next day and did I want to run it?  I said sure, went to packet pickup and lined up how to get downtown for race day!

It was such a fun race and reminded me that I need to do short races more often! 

I was happy with my time of 0:56:47.  I ended up running into a friend (we both rode the bus and both did not plan to run until the day before when given a free race bib) and decided to run the race together.  It was a really good pairing and I think we helped push each other more than if we had run alone. 

And the most exciting part... this was my first race as RUNNING FOR TWO again!!!  Yep... I've been holding out on you all... we're expecting #2 at the end of September (or if this kiddo is late like their big brother then we'll meet him/her in early October instead!

And I did break out my prego runner shirt again for the race... It's a logo I created the first go-round.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Fast runs and No runs

I started the week with one of my fastest runs and ended having to skip yesterday's run due to a headache that would. not. go. away.   I try to never put too much stock into a really good, really bad or non-existent run!

Good news-- today I am headache free!  : )

Bad news-- I have to do my 6 mile run without my running buddy this weekend.  : (

Have a good week and fun St. Patty's Day, everyone!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Fluke or Perhaps another Benefit to Cloth Diapering?

I always planned to potty train a boy around 3.  It seemed everyone I talked to with boys said its grueling and takes boys longer to be ready than girls?  Well, at least that's what Kate said (of John and Kate) about potty training the sixtuplets.  So it must be true?

I'm a bit reluctant to share this but here goes anyway... at 18 months I bought my boy his first set of big boy undies.  For about 2 months now he's been telling me/us when he needs to go poopy on the potty.  All in all, its drastically reduced the dirty diapers I've had to deal with (although dumping poo and wiping a bottomis still not as fun as I had hoped it would be... ha ha.)

He likes to potty but not have to go back and put a diaper on, so I thought I would try big boy undies so all I have to do is pull his pants back up.  Sounds easy enough if he's accident free, right?

The only reason I bought a potty a couple months ago was because he seemed to time his poos with naps, so we thought we'd just sit him on the potty to see if he wanted to go before a nap.  I still don't plan to be hyper strick with potty training.  I know it takes time so I plan to just help him know when he's going, and make it fun when he decides he wants to use the potty.  So far today and yesterday we've had all the poos in the toilet and not his diaper.  He loves to read books on the potty and loves to flush it.  Currently, those are our only motivators.  Oh... and of course lots of verbal praise!

Photo Source

I have recently read online that some moms potty train from day one or others potty train around 6 months when a baby can sit.  To each there own.  So far this plan is working for now and it's nice that he can say "mommy poopy" so I know when to take him.  I do think the cloth diapers have helped him be more aware of when he is going to the bathroom... at least that's my excuse.  : )

The first few times he sat on the potty took F.O.R.E.V.E.R.  We sat there about 30 minutes before he would go.  But now he goes right away, which is nice. 

What's your expereience in potty training?  I fully expect full potty training to take another year-- as in he doesn't have to wear diapers during naps... and maybe longer for night time?!  I've also had people tell me their kids do great for a while and then really bad again.  I guess we'll see how it turns out.