Friday, March 30, 2012

Getting better...

Thanks for the concerns and prayers yesterday!  We're on the mend today! 

I literally did the sinus cleanse thing about 5 times yesterday (gross but it dries things out) and I got to talk to my general practitioner who I really trust.  She wasn't even working yesterday and took the time to talk to me.  She thought I probably had a viral sinus infection so the antibiotics would not help and she doesn't like decongestants being used during pregnancy.  She wanted me to stick with the natural remedies and today I can feel that they worked!  Yay!  I did take one Tylenol today since I had a slight headache still and didn't want it getting worse.  I have not been nauseous and I can almost breath again!  And have only used about 2 tissues today verses the BOX I was trashing each of the past several days!

The little guy seems to be okay still too!

We're downing liquids and staying indoors despite the beautiful weather.

Mama's back in action! 

Now to decide to long run or not to long run this weekend?  Better play it by ear when I wake up... ; )

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