Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How to Survive The First Trimester with Another Kid

So, either this kid is a boy too or I just do pregnancy in a similar way no matter the gender... I've been sick since right at 6 weeks.  Thankfully its not been as bad as with my first little guy (when I really wanted to curl in a ball and die for weeks on end) but it's still been pretty miserable. 

Alas, here are my tips for surviving those treacherous early months:

Stock up on meals for the rest of the family (I can barely stand looking at the kitchen, much less raw meat, chopping, dicing, smells... I'm about to get nauseous just typing it... )  So I have been trying to cook up tons of meals to last the family a while-- and they can pull it out and cook it themselves.

For me-- having tons of options means that any moment in time, hopefully one things will sound appealing for my always-hungry-but-nothing-sounds-like-it-will-stay-down tummy!

Nap when the kid naps.  Ok-- I haven't really taken this advice every day but if I can make myself sleep-- it's that much less time that I am awake and feeling miserable and sick! 

Get outside (which thankfully was cool weather in my sickest days-- Something about cold air when you feel sick feels so good.)  Otherwise, getting outside seems to be a little distraction, and if you do end up puking, there is plenty of space.  : )
Exercise.  This one is counter-intuitive but trust me when I say that once you work up the energy, you feel better in the short term and long term if take your body for a little spin.  With my first pregnancy, my symptoms disappeared 100% when I ran.  Not so much with this one and then I get a headache the next day... but it's still worth the long term benefits!

Eat whatever you can keep down and if it's somewhat healthy, that's all the better!  I like my food heavy and carb-y in my early weeks.  Can't help it but it's all that "settles" my ickiness.

And finally, make your hubby take over chores and childcare as often as possible so you can sleep, rest, puke alone... ; )

At 13 weeks (tomorrow) I am feeling better than I did at first!  I'm hoping I'm on the tail end of the ickies! 


  1. Hey, did I miss the big news? (Or am I just forgetting?) Congrats! Sorry you're feeling yucky, but hopefully you come out of it soon. My key was resting whenever I could (even if that was just sitting on the couch vs napping) and staying hydrated, fed and as well rested as possible. The great thing is that the 2nd pregnancy seems to fly by so much faster because you're already busy with kid #1.

    1. You didn't miss it... I just snuck it end at the end of the post before this one... : ) Staying hydrated is key but REALLY hard for me to keep water down!