Saturday, April 30, 2011

Race day!

Details to come but a great race day!!  Beutiful weather, felt GREAT and ran it about 2 hours and 6 minutes.

Hopefully going to get this kid down soon so I can NAP!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!  (Speaking of big days-- I woke up early to watch the Rotal Wedding and I am not ashamed to admit it!)

Anyway-- back to my BIG DAY-- the half marathon is tomorrow!  I feel ready... hopefully its a fun one.  Fun/enjoyable being the main goals!  Looks like a high of 78 around these parts and only in the 60s in the morning.  So warm. I am not a fan of shorts because my legs are ghostly white but this weather calls for shorts.

Here are my plans for tonight...

My little sister (in college) in coming over tonight (she will be the sitter tomorrow).  We shall talk about boys now that she has a serious boyfriend and eat Pad Thai and some kind of dessert -- all by request of my sister.

Set out my running clothes, pin bib on my shirt, pack a post-run bag of stuff and flip flops.

Feed and get the little guy to bed around 7:30.

Talk more about men-folk with my sister.

Try to get to bed by 10 or so.

Here's a rundown of how I see my morning...

Wake up at 5am

East Breakfast and pump which without feeding first will take about 30 minutes.  Ick!

Get dressed

Head out the door by 5:50am to catch the bus that leaves at 6:20am!

Prayers with the group before the race.

Race starts at 7:30!!


Carb load at the finish

Change into flip flops and wait on my mom who is walking the race!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rainy Days...

I don't know if other parts of the globe hear about our weather here but its been a wild ride!!  We slept in the basement a few nights ago because of the tornado's (did I already mention that?) and last night were severe thunderstorms for HOURS!!  I could not sleep at all!  (Of course hubs and baby boy were out like logs!  I'm glad someone was up worrying about the safety of our family!)

All that was followed by more RAIN today.  So my plans to run with a gal friend of mine were cancelled due to more rain and lightening this morning.  So I told myself, if there is a clearing -- you have to go get in your  six!  And I did.  About 10 it let up for literally an hour and I did my six before it started pouring again.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Two Points for the Lady in Fuchia

Score TWO for this Mama. 

I ran twice in one day yesterday!  Yeah, I know many of you do that a lot but NOT ME!  And I attempted to let Jillian shred me for about 15 minutes but decided it was not her day to kick my butt and turned her off.

So I totally ran both times for social reasons. And maybe a little for the race that's in 10 days... : )  But mostly for social reasons.  I got a call from a gal in the morning to run-- so we did (BOB stroller and all) and then I ran again without the kiddo about 9:30 last night before all the yucky weather blew into our area.  (Oh and thankfully I did not see Dorthy or Toto but we did camp out in the basement all night!)

And my new shoes are so far rocking my world.  I haven't hugged the sales lady yet but I think I am going to kiss my shoes after my next run!

Monday, April 18, 2011

8 miles down, 2 weeks to go


We had a GREAT 8 mile run this past weekend and I allowed myself to think about being close to race day.  It felt good to run a bit faster (knowing we weren't going as far) and to run before it was H.O.T.!!

I'm still bummed my hubby won't be around for race day.  And also bummed he won't be around right after to help stretch me out.  As a former CC coach he knows how to get me stretched out and encourages me to carb load right after my run-- both of which I am thankful for the next day!!

I don't usually do many more races in a year but I am thinking I need one after this to keep up my motivation.  An 8 or 10 mile race would be just my cup-o-tea... So anyone knowing of one in the OH, KY, TN region of the US of A anywhere from 3-6 months out, let me know.

I am back down that pound I gained, so I need to keep it off!  I think I always eat better in the summer when veggies are fresh, abundant and loads of options.   Tangent.

So... up next are a few runs throughout the weeks and a easy shorter run this weekend.  Getting pumped and not going to let myself get caught up in times.  I just want to feel good and have fun.  I did the PR thing and just want to enjoy running and feel good doing it.  (I'm saying this for my own benefit... but hold me accountable is I whine after my race! : )

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mama got some new shoes

I caved.  I went into a local running shoe store and walked away spending $90 on a little slice of foot heaven (at least I hope so!).  I walked away with the Saucony Women's ProGrid Ride 3 this time.  So I am wearing them around the house before taking the plunge to the great outdoors.

Photo Source

The gal working was so sweet!  She commented on the little cross charm I wear on my running shoes and doted on my boy so I was pretty much sold before I tried on my shoes!  I also got home to find she gave me a $10 discount.  How nice!  She's pretty much my new BFF and if these measure up (ie- no foot falling asleep while running, no blister from running on a toe mid-run) I might go back and hug her.   : )

After this I think I will have run in every major brand of running shoes and still don't feel in love with one brand or style.  I am hoping this might be it and very happy to say goodbye to my pair of Brooks.

Tomorrow's run has a wet 8 miles on tap.

Bump went the Bus

That's the sound of me throwing my running buddy under the bus in this post...

For our weekend run we had scheduled to run 8 miles.  We decided to fool our brains and upon meeting at the park, collectively decided to go ahead and do our 14 mile run that was actually scheduled for this coming weekend.  We got a later start (around 9:30) and it was a beautiful morning, but the weather predicted 90 degrees for the day.  We were off... I was pumped and feeling good! 

In hindsight I should have suggested we stick to 8 when we were at about mile 4 and I had been pulling along my running buddy the first 4 miles by staying a couple paces ahead and he was making comments like "I keep waiting for that runners high to kick in!"  Because about that time he was taking some goo and a walk break and I was running on and then circling back.  This happened a few times and didn't seem that big of deal in the first half of the run.  But flash foward to mile 10 or so and I was beginning to feel pooped and wanted to just keep running and get back to the car.  I couldn't keep circling back and knew I wouldn't do well walking and running so we decided I would run on back without him.

That went well until about mile 12 when I was mentally telling myself-- just get to the light post, just get to the bridge, just get to the stop sign... then you can walk a minute.  So at mile 13 I "just got to the corner" and decided to walk a minute.  That's when I confirmed I felt like crud and did not want to run again and that walking would take too long to get me back.  Rock.  Hard Place.

When I was walking, hot, dying and contemplating all of this a cyclist passes me.  I am thinking-- they probably think I look like death warmed over.  Then I hear the bicycle's breaks and hear them turning around.  I figure they do think I look like death and are turning around to check on me.  That's when I hear "Rachel is that you?"  Oh no.  And yes it.  Turns out to be a young guy who has recently joined our architect's organization.  We chat a while.  I am mortified and how I look, smell, feel, and that I just saw someone I actually knew and decideupon parting ways to run again.  I make it almost back before I walk in to the car.

I stretch some and then drive to pick up my running buddy who is very happy to see me and we call it a day!

Hoping our race run in two weeks doesn't go so bad and my stepdad and I can find our running groove together for the actual race.  So there you have it.  My admission to a cruddy run and throwing my stepdad under the 'ol blog bus.

And I leave you with a few pics of the kiddo at 7 1/2 months old...  (PS-- please tell time to SLOW down!!)

And just because I am NEVER in a photo WITH my kid... here is one my hubby took...

Friday, April 8, 2011

Another Recall

Just wanted to give you pumping Mama's a heads up... if you use a Medela Pump In Style they have had some cord issues are are offering a replacement at this link or here:

Yours may be fine, but wanted to spead the word if your cord has kinks or bulges you will probably want to get this replacement.  I don't seem to have the issue on mine, so its not all pumps.

In other news-- did 5 miles at a tempo pace and felt good.  Still having trouble getting motivated to run and eat better. I actually have gained a pound sometime in the last few weeks!

My little guy has had his first runny nose so I am trying to eat better for that reason in the short term!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekend Recap

Saturday's run was 12 miles and it felt pretty darn good (until the last mile) but first let me paint you a picture.

We have beautiful parks in our city and they leave a lot of running options, but when you start to run longer miles (like 8+) you are pretty set on leaving the park you start in and venturing out.  SO we decided to go the other direction than we did last week when we ran 11 miles.  At about 6 miles I suggested we make it a loop instead of an out and back.  Sounded like a great idea except that it landed us back at the park and almost to our cars with about 2-2 1/2 miles left to run. 

When I do a long run I LOVE the mental motivation of running straight back to my car (or house).  Knowing I had that much more to run was a mental downer... so we ran back out a neighborhood in the opposite direction.  We were going along ok and headed back when my step dad said something like-- ok, all we have to do now is run stright back to the car!  I knew it was nearly a straight shot as the crow flies but about the time I go excited the road took a turn to the left instead of going straight.  It was as though my air was completely deflated.  I was done. spent. over.  I kept running but was not a happy camper.  I was feeling pessimistic and tired.  We creeped back with my attitude weighing me down.  So not all runs can make you feel like a rock star and this one didn't.  But I am motivated to keep up my runs this week and the next few weeks before the ran and managed to do 4 more today.

On another note-- you may remember my issues buying shoes last year when I was pregnant here and here.  So now that its been a year and such, I think its time to suck it up and get some new ones again-- though I may just wait until after the race because I don't like to chance it in unpredictable shoes.  AND since I don't bring home a regular paycheck these days, dropping $100+ on shoes has more of an ouch factor!!  I will keep you posted in that front.  My feet are a tad wide, I pronate out in the back and dont have great arches.  I'll be hitting up the running shoe store eventually but if you have similar feet and have a shoe you love, let me know!!

AND!  This week last year I was 20 weeks preggo and posting this belly-bump (below)  and then it started growing out like crazy!  Hard to believe and imagine my life before this precious kid!

Have a great week!!