Monday, April 18, 2011

8 miles down, 2 weeks to go


We had a GREAT 8 mile run this past weekend and I allowed myself to think about being close to race day.  It felt good to run a bit faster (knowing we weren't going as far) and to run before it was H.O.T.!!

I'm still bummed my hubby won't be around for race day.  And also bummed he won't be around right after to help stretch me out.  As a former CC coach he knows how to get me stretched out and encourages me to carb load right after my run-- both of which I am thankful for the next day!!

I don't usually do many more races in a year but I am thinking I need one after this to keep up my motivation.  An 8 or 10 mile race would be just my cup-o-tea... So anyone knowing of one in the OH, KY, TN region of the US of A anywhere from 3-6 months out, let me know.

I am back down that pound I gained, so I need to keep it off!  I think I always eat better in the summer when veggies are fresh, abundant and loads of options.   Tangent.

So... up next are a few runs throughout the weeks and a easy shorter run this weekend.  Getting pumped and not going to let myself get caught up in times.  I just want to feel good and have fun.  I did the PR thing and just want to enjoy running and feel good doing it.  (I'm saying this for my own benefit... but hold me accountable is I whine after my race! : )

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