Friday, April 15, 2011

Mama got some new shoes

I caved.  I went into a local running shoe store and walked away spending $90 on a little slice of foot heaven (at least I hope so!).  I walked away with the Saucony Women's ProGrid Ride 3 this time.  So I am wearing them around the house before taking the plunge to the great outdoors.

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The gal working was so sweet!  She commented on the little cross charm I wear on my running shoes and doted on my boy so I was pretty much sold before I tried on my shoes!  I also got home to find she gave me a $10 discount.  How nice!  She's pretty much my new BFF and if these measure up (ie- no foot falling asleep while running, no blister from running on a toe mid-run) I might go back and hug her.   : )

After this I think I will have run in every major brand of running shoes and still don't feel in love with one brand or style.  I am hoping this might be it and very happy to say goodbye to my pair of Brooks.

Tomorrow's run has a wet 8 miles on tap.

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