Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pregnant Run vs Postpartum Run

Hands down, running 9 months pregnant is easier for me than running postpartum. I know some ladies sleep worse pregnant than with a newborn or just feel too uncomfortable everywhere but I feel better and have easier access to running when pregnant. 

I ran 2 miles on Thursday and 2 miles today (Sunday).  Whew.  It was S.L.O.W. and took a good hour of mental prep before I could even bring myself to change into running clothes. 

First, there is finding a window of oppotunity.  (ie. Baby asleep, toddler occupied, a sitter to watch said baby & toddler)

Then there is the motivation to run over taking a nap.  A window of opportunity usually means choosing between the two!

Finally, there is the whole physical side.  My postpartum body (okay-- really just my postpartum chest) is SORE all. the. time.  I am not talking just my nips.  Nursing does a number on me and baby 2 is no exception.  My entire chest is sore and putting it into a running bra is painful!

BUT... I think my being tired is not just about having a newborn and being up a couple times to nurse in the night... its also about a sudden drop off of physical activity so I have to get out there!

So there you have it.  Pregnant Run vs Post-Partum Run -- I'd say the 9 month pregnant run is easier for me!

Baby boy is 3 weeks old.  Big brother wants nothing to do with me if baby brother is around... he just wants to hold him and "play" with him.   This is a horrible picture but its what life looks like when I allow the toddler to have his way...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Good Cry

Oops-- started this post yesterday and never published it...

I have been a lot more emotional stable after this pregnancy/birth than I was with my first son.  Though I still have a good cry every couple days.  : )

Well today it was after watching this beautiful video about one of the most loving decisions this single mom would make... allowing her baby girl to be adopted.  This was posted on another blog I follow and I had to share it.  Grab some tissues and cry with me!