Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Predicting a Baby's Gender

One of the blogs I enjoy reading are the Being Pregnant and Toddler Times on Babble.  I started reading it because one of the writers for Being Pregnant was also a pregnant runner.  She has since had her baby and has probably moved on to their "first year" series.  I kept reading Being Pregnant because I'm kinda passionate about pregnancy and birth after the whole experience. 

So... today's post really intrigued me about predicting a baby's gender.  I never did any of the "pee on things" tests but most things pointed to having a girl.  I carried out and round (most say that's a girl) verses carrying low (supposedly a boy).  I was also very sick from 6-14 weeks (also a "girl" thing).  Obviously they were all wrong for us.  I just calculated the Myan calendar thing that is mentioned in one of the slides and it also said that N would have been a girl.  (I was 29 years old when I conceived in the year 2009= even numer = girl per the calculation)  Oops.  Wrong again.

Supposedly we could even predict a future child's gender by N's hairline.  Hmmmm... looks like it would be boy because his hairline doesn't come to a point (supposedly meaning we would have the same gender as the first).  Interesting stuff. 

Did you all look up old wives tales when you were pregnant?  I admit that I did a lot because we were'nt finding out N's gender until birth, which left 9+ months of looking up these things. 

Were they right or wrong for you?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Familiar Topics and Thanksgiving Ramblings

I certainly did my fair share of eating yesterday... but I did start the day with a 5 mile run to offset at least a little of what I planned to consume that day.  Yum!  I LOVE THanksgiving.  Not just for the food but I love getting time with family and I love that the day after is usually casual and filled with family time too.  And today has not disappointed.  I woke up about 6:30 (I can no longer sleep in if I wanted to!) and did a mental list for the day.  Around 7 I got up and decided to hit Lowe's for some storage bins.  It was ghost town-- I thought it was "Black Friday"?! 

Anyway-- once I got the boy back down for his morning nap I got to organizing all his clothes that I had just been haphazardly putting in bins the basement.  Now it's organized in NB-3months, 3-6months, 6-9 and 12+, toys and other newborn/birth stuff.  I love days when I can check something off my to-do list!  Plus it gave me time to remember when the little guy wore different outfits and hope for the day another kiddo might make memories in those clothes.  It helped make a case for having a baby around the same time of year and another boy.  I realized how much all of the different increments of sizes are also in very specific seasons.  But alas, that would mean conceiving, like, now, which doesn't seem to be on the radar yet.    And how do I always end up back on this topic lately?  Moving on.

The hubby has been around all day today which is great too-- though he's been doing his own projects around the house.

The weather is gorgeous today!  Right around low 60's.  Ahhh!  Got in a short walk, eating leftovers and hanging out.  Perfect.

And while I am making random statements-- I have all but 1 gift bought AND wrapped for Christmas this year.  I'm usually pretty on the ball but never this early!  Yeah for all the homemade vanilla extract I made for the ladies in the family this year which took a nice chunk out of my shopping list!

Finally-- to my friends up north-- do you have a "black day" filled with shopping deals after your Thanksgiving in Canada?

Signing Off...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ramblings about a Future Kid

Now that it's been about 30 days since I last nursed.  (And you all were right-- it does get easier-- and while I loved nursing, it is nice to keep my shirt down all day!)  I am to the point where my OB said I might start a cycle again.  So of course I continue to think about the possibility of adding another child to our lives.  You can read more about that in my weaning posts when I closed the chapter for good here and wrote about tapering feedings here and here and here

Part of me is super excited about the idea of another kiddo... Another side of me is like-- are you CA-RAZY?!  My sister and I were about 16 months apart (both "accidents")... and I loved having a sister that close in age (most of the time, if we're being honest!).  So I'd hoped to have kids close in age.  As time ticked by and I knew having kids that close wasn't going to happen, I was a bit sad but I know the Lord knows what I can handle-- so maybe a bigger gap is what I need for sanity!  Anyway-- here's the pros and cons I look forward to with adding a kid (Lord willing) and in no particular order:

Happy Thoughts:

--I look forward to Running for two again someday!

--I am actually excited about the idea of giving birth again (hopefully naturally again and without induction)!  And seeing how we write a second birth story.  N's birth story in case you missed it.  It's a mega rush even if you don't know it at the time!

--I want my son to have a built in friend and playmate throughout his childhood and life

--Getting that newborn oohy-gooy kiss your face off, gummy smile, a year of milestones, meeting and bonding and nursing experience again.

--Seeing my husband hold his new son or daughter.  That expression of love and pride wrapped in a package that you can't fake if you tried.  (It's pretty sexy too)

--I expect to enjoy the changes of my body more the second time.  I just felt awkward the first go-round and paranoid about people always looking at my belly.

Other Thoughts:

--I know my husband thinks 2 kids is a good number-- so I am a little sad that the next round could be the last.  Last time to pee on a stick and see I'm pregnant, last time to tell the family, last time to give birth, last time to watch a child grow... My husband says this is negative and irrational thinking.  But at the earliest I will be 34 when I could have a 3rd child which starts to get close to being "high risk"... yeah-- that's a bit far out to think before even being pregnant with #2!  Hubs is right.

--Could we possibly love #2 like we love #1?  Will #1 get enough attendtion with a #2 around?  Will #2 get as much attention by having an older brother?

--One kid is so easy to take everywhere and to find a last minute sitter for.  Two.  Gotta be harder.

--Having that first month of having a newborn again.  Sleep deprivation.  Emotional roller-coaster.  Hard.

That's enough ramblings for a day...

No-- I am not pregnant.  Just baby fever.  Yes, this was not about running.  Maybe next time. 

PS-- The blister is healing up but still looks super ugly. Ew.

Monday, November 14, 2011

My version of a race recap

I know some of you love reading race recaps.  I don't.  I think they are boring.  So you'll find my versions are a little different and hopefully satisfy those who like boring recaps and those who don't.  Ha! 

Got up Saturday morning before the alarm because of course I was worried about oversleeping!

Popped my baked oatmeal I prepped the night before into the oven.  PS-- this recipe is so good and has all the makings of a hearty pre-race breakfast!  Mine had peanut butter and chocolate chips-- you know, for protein and energy... ; ).

So-- arrive at the race with my stepdad.  I started getting a little nervous as we got into place.  I really had not been nervous until that point but it really hit me then.  Thankfully it was pretty chilly (around 45) so I wasn't getting sweaty with the nerves.  ; ) 

Crossed the starting line about 1:15 after the clock so we weren't weaving through too many people to begin-- and it was just a smaller race than we usually run-- so that party was nice.  About a mile or two into the race I stripped off the long sleeve t-shirt and gloves I wore (with intentions of tossing them).

The course was pretty flat to start and I was feeling like we were at a good pace-- staying between 9:15-9:30 which is about what we kept the whole race along the flat parts.  When we approached the park I started looking for my two boys-- hubby and the cub.  I guess it was about mile 4 (right before the first hill) that I got to see them and that shot of adrenaline kept us pumping up that hill at a quick trot.  Baby boy was just starting at all the people and even when he saw me he just kept a serious look on his face.  By the second time we saw them I got a wave out of him, and by the third time he clapped for me!  What a sweet boy.

Here are a couple photos my hubs took sometime between mile 4-7. 

About mile 6 is when I knew my blister was going to hurt bad the entire rest of the race but I made up my mind it was not going to slow me down even if my toe was torn apart by the finish (spoiler alert: it was pretty nasty by 13.1!).

We kept trotting along-- not talking too much but maybe once a mile to exchange quick conversation, ask about pace or comment on the time or people.  Ya, know, important stuff.

That's me in the pink-- coming up the bottom of the first hill... (Yes I wear my camelbak on any long run now!)

And coming down hill 3... (yes we swung wide when we saw my fam-- no we are not running into oncoming traffic!)

One of the highlights was about mile 9-- there were three kids sitting outside their apartment downtown.  I said "hi" and one of the girls yelled "are you all racing?"  I yelled back "yeah!" and then I could;t hear what she said back but it was a sweet "conversation."  Since the route changed due to a bridge closure it's not an area used to having a race go through and honestly not the prettiest area of Louisville.  This was the first year for this particular race -- put on in November by the Louisville Sports Commission.

Final Time:
2:03:57. Dangerously close to 2 hours and 4 minutes!

OK-- I'm bored writing this so you have to be bored reading this!  Have a great day!  I'm off to only a 4 mile run again on Tuesday morning (blister-willing).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Rest Day and Remembering my best. meal. ever.

Today was a running- "rest day" but I still was up early after one of those scary dreams that make up wake up shaking and then I couldn't go back to sleep.   Yuck. Must have been the quiche we ate for dinner.

Speaking of food-- I was making lunch this week dreaming about the sandwich I had after giving birth.  Does anyone else think their first meal after giving birth was nothing short of the best meal ever?  Want to know what mine was?  A ham and swiss sandwich with lettuce and tomato on wheat bread (and baked lays).  Seriously it was so good.  I'm not sure if it was because I have not been within a mile of a cold-cut since I found out I was pregnant (and it was recommended to avoid), or if it was because I hadn't eatten in hours or maybe that little thing called labor and delivery?  Either way it was the best sandwich I have ever eatten.  Oh-- and it was about 4:30 in the morning when I ate said sandwich.  : )

Image Source Here

If you have been reading long enough, you have come to expect my randomness. 

Well-- I will be off to packet pickup soon.  Taking the boy and another running friend with me!  Saturday's forecast is looking PERFECT... low of 52, a high of 63!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Awkward Photos and Future Runs

Tomorrow is the last weekend run before race day next weekend!  8 miles is on tap and then we will only do one 5 mile run next week!  THEN I have to decide if I still have the motivation to continue early morning runs or if I will switch to evenings as it gets colder and I keep my base up for the race in April.

And since I don't take running pictures like everyone else, I have to supplement with others.  So below is my first ever photo taken on a weight machine.  (Wait, is that even what it's called?)  Anyway-- kiddo boy wanted to "drive" and my mom wanted a photo, hence the awkward photo below with my little Pooh Bear.

And this is Pooh Bear in his boots.  He is mildly obsessed with them right now-- so hopefully a certain Father-in-Law-Santa will decide to bring him the next size up for Christmas!  The boy wants to wear them as long as he can!

And here is the kiddo with his "painted" pumpkin.  A 14 month old doesn't exactly understand this concept just yet-- so you get a few small patches of paint which actually turned out better than him putting the seeds back in the pumpkin when we tried to carve it.