Monday, November 14, 2011

My version of a race recap

I know some of you love reading race recaps.  I don't.  I think they are boring.  So you'll find my versions are a little different and hopefully satisfy those who like boring recaps and those who don't.  Ha! 

Got up Saturday morning before the alarm because of course I was worried about oversleeping!

Popped my baked oatmeal I prepped the night before into the oven.  PS-- this recipe is so good and has all the makings of a hearty pre-race breakfast!  Mine had peanut butter and chocolate chips-- you know, for protein and energy... ; ).

So-- arrive at the race with my stepdad.  I started getting a little nervous as we got into place.  I really had not been nervous until that point but it really hit me then.  Thankfully it was pretty chilly (around 45) so I wasn't getting sweaty with the nerves.  ; ) 

Crossed the starting line about 1:15 after the clock so we weren't weaving through too many people to begin-- and it was just a smaller race than we usually run-- so that party was nice.  About a mile or two into the race I stripped off the long sleeve t-shirt and gloves I wore (with intentions of tossing them).

The course was pretty flat to start and I was feeling like we were at a good pace-- staying between 9:15-9:30 which is about what we kept the whole race along the flat parts.  When we approached the park I started looking for my two boys-- hubby and the cub.  I guess it was about mile 4 (right before the first hill) that I got to see them and that shot of adrenaline kept us pumping up that hill at a quick trot.  Baby boy was just starting at all the people and even when he saw me he just kept a serious look on his face.  By the second time we saw them I got a wave out of him, and by the third time he clapped for me!  What a sweet boy.

Here are a couple photos my hubs took sometime between mile 4-7. 

About mile 6 is when I knew my blister was going to hurt bad the entire rest of the race but I made up my mind it was not going to slow me down even if my toe was torn apart by the finish (spoiler alert: it was pretty nasty by 13.1!).

We kept trotting along-- not talking too much but maybe once a mile to exchange quick conversation, ask about pace or comment on the time or people.  Ya, know, important stuff.

That's me in the pink-- coming up the bottom of the first hill... (Yes I wear my camelbak on any long run now!)

And coming down hill 3... (yes we swung wide when we saw my fam-- no we are not running into oncoming traffic!)

One of the highlights was about mile 9-- there were three kids sitting outside their apartment downtown.  I said "hi" and one of the girls yelled "are you all racing?"  I yelled back "yeah!" and then I could;t hear what she said back but it was a sweet "conversation."  Since the route changed due to a bridge closure it's not an area used to having a race go through and honestly not the prettiest area of Louisville.  This was the first year for this particular race -- put on in November by the Louisville Sports Commission.

Final Time:
2:03:57. Dangerously close to 2 hours and 4 minutes!

OK-- I'm bored writing this so you have to be bored reading this!  Have a great day!  I'm off to only a 4 mile run again on Tuesday morning (blister-willing).


  1. Well whatever your race recap style is, I think you and I fall into the same category. Sounds like it was a good race! That's a great time!

  2. Awesome job! I always write super long recaps that take forever-- I don't think I will be doing that anymore, especially since I dislike reading really long recaps myself!

    Hope the blister heals ASAP!