Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Predicting a Baby's Gender

One of the blogs I enjoy reading are the Being Pregnant and Toddler Times on Babble.  I started reading it because one of the writers for Being Pregnant was also a pregnant runner.  She has since had her baby and has probably moved on to their "first year" series.  I kept reading Being Pregnant because I'm kinda passionate about pregnancy and birth after the whole experience. 

So... today's post really intrigued me about predicting a baby's gender.  I never did any of the "pee on things" tests but most things pointed to having a girl.  I carried out and round (most say that's a girl) verses carrying low (supposedly a boy).  I was also very sick from 6-14 weeks (also a "girl" thing).  Obviously they were all wrong for us.  I just calculated the Myan calendar thing that is mentioned in one of the slides and it also said that N would have been a girl.  (I was 29 years old when I conceived in the year 2009= even numer = girl per the calculation)  Oops.  Wrong again.

Supposedly we could even predict a future child's gender by N's hairline.  Hmmmm... looks like it would be boy because his hairline doesn't come to a point (supposedly meaning we would have the same gender as the first).  Interesting stuff. 

Did you all look up old wives tales when you were pregnant?  I admit that I did a lot because we were'nt finding out N's gender until birth, which left 9+ months of looking up these things. 

Were they right or wrong for you?


  1. I did look up old wives tales - bought a book of them. It was a lot of fun for my husband and I. Mine was split...and the odd/even thing didn't work for me either. :)

  2. I looked into a bunch of them and they ALL said boy and they were right. The creepiest was my Chinese neighbour who saw me on the driveway one day and said, "Oh! I see you're having a boy! Congrats!" and she was right. We had just found out it was a boy but hadn't told anyone yet! I think I looked like a classic, low, pointy boy belly!

  3. HAHA! I guess that's why they work some of the time and not at all for others. They are fun to do anyway.