Thursday, December 1, 2011

Men vs Women: The Sick Day

So my husband has been sick since Monday.  It's Thursday and guess who is still home, yep... hubs.
I have no doubt he is sick-- not the kind I ever stayed home for but wow-- do men ever do "sick days" differently than women:

Men vs Women: The Sick Day

First thing in the morning...

Men-- Lay in bed, cough, complain your throat hurts. The world as we know it must be ending.

Women--  Realize you might puke, oops, puke. Pull self up by the bootstraps, make breakfast for everyone anyway.  Decide only because you're puking that your really sick.

After breakfast:

Men-- Thank your wife for the breakfast in bed, you could have gotten up but you just feel too horrible to move.  Instead you pull out a lap top and proceed to watch Netflix and Hulu.  Cough.  Sniffle. 

Women-- Decide that only because you are puking you won't go in today.  Pull out your laptop and get to work from home.  You'll run to the bathroom between calls.  Or if you are an at home Mama-- you tell yourself you can do this-- make it to the bathroom before puking on the head of kids.  Have a fleeting thought about how nice "sick days" used. 


Men-- Ahhhh... so tired from laying in bed.  Decide to take a nap before lunch-- maybe even move to the couch for the nap.  Cough. Scratch. Cough.

WOmen-- Ugh, I feel icky.  Wish I could take a nap.  Instead, I'll eat a cracker and make some hot tea to sip as I continue working.  Must. keep. going.


Men-- Wow, that nap make me even more tired.  I guess I'll get up to pee, grab some snacks and then come back and watch a movie.  Cough. Sniff.

Women-- It's only lunch?  I feel like this day is dragging on forever.  Guess I'll try to eat something while doing 10 other things at the same time.  Oops... that didn't sit well... puke.   Ugh, I feel like a dog.


Men-- Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Women-- Breaks out the cleaner to sanitize and clean the bathroom so no one else gets sick.


Men-- Keep the kids away, I feel awful!  I'm pretty sure I am going to have to stay home tomorrow too.  After dinner I think I'll hit the hay early.  TV. Movie. Sleep.  Cough.

Women-- You're home! Yes dear, I've got dinner cooking even though I have zero appetite and might hurl.  Hurl.  Clean the bathroom again.  Take a hot bath while your husband and kids pop in and out of the bathroom.  Ugh.

Ok-- maybe that's just the difference in my family. ; )

Seriously when I was uber sick a few months ago with the pukies-- my husband just told me to wear a mask all day so the baby didn't get sick too.  When he's sick this week, it looks more like this around here...

Good thing women do the child-bearing or we'd really all hear how miserable it is!  I may have told my husband that yesterday too-- to which he said-- if I exert energy I might get more sick-- I'm trying to avoid getting it really bad.  Can't fault that logic!  Cough. Smile. Cough.

Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. hahahaha, Rachel!! This comes in perfect timing for me as I can hear Ryan upstairs coughing away. He came home last night not feeling well and has been in bed ever since. I know he feels bad, but like you said, if it were me, I'd keep on going. I'm ready for the day to be over with and it's only lunch time!! :-)

  2. Yeah-- day 4 it is beginning to get old... Hope Ryan feels better! I was supposed to see him today to do the building tour.

  3. Ha ha, this is sooo true. I love my husband dearly but he gets such a bad case of the "man cold" when he's sick, it's ridiculous. You'd swear to got he was dying when really it's just a sore throat!

  4. The man cold-- yes absolutely dying with a tiny cough and sore throat!

  5. That's awesome, Rachel! I completely understand and it is the exact same way here. So frustrating!

    I just realized that I never responded to your question about the buttercup bag. I am so sorry! I meant to look at the pattern and get back to you when I wasn't holding a little one and I never did. I'm kind of confused about what your question was, but it's been awhile since I made that one. I may have only halfway paid attention to the directions. A lot of the time tend to do my own thing...and it's not always great sewing that gets me to the final product. I hope you figured it out and finished one. I bet you are better than you think - I'm sure I am too. ;)

    Hope Mark feels better very soon and that you all can get back to life as usual!