Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hello world!

Hello blog world... yeah I know, I have had good intentions about joining you before... I even joined the blogging world for a while as one of those people with a "private" blog that not even best friends want to log in to read.  Ha! 

Well, here goes in all my naked glory (only as a figure of speech of course) to bare myself to the world in a public blog.  Don't tell the hubby. ; )

Today is Wednesday, March 31st... as of this coming friday I will officially be halfway through my pregnancy!  No, this is not another one of those pregnancy and mom blogs... this blog, this very blog is devoted to being a pregnant runner for the next (hopefully) 20 weeks until the birth and as soon as I can beyond birth.

I have searched in vain for other pregnant runner blogs.  Although I found some chics blog in Canada that was rather interesting and another related half to the ladies running and baby-daddy drama... I have discovered, there aren;t too many sharing the experience.  So world--  hello.  Let's run.

No this is not me... I found this image via google.