Saturday, May 28, 2011

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Resumed Running and a NINE month old

Why haven't I written about running since the half marathon April 30th?  Oh yeah... it's because I really haven't run until this week.  Oops!  I hate when time gets away from me!

But I got in two runs this week already and my MEGA blister has healed.  Oh, and I'm staying in town a while again which always helps.

I can't let this bloggy day pass without saying today my baby is NINE stinkin months old!  I can testify it flew a lot faster with him outside the womb than in it!  Man I love the kid.  He pulls up on anything and everything and is into it all!  He is really understanding words now... will wave "bye bye" when I tell him too, says "uh uh" when he drops something (also known as "uh oh" in the adult world) and is still a HAPPY, HAPPY camper!

He got to run with me on one of the runs this week.  He either loves it because he sits there totally still, playing with the strap or hates it because he sits there totally still.  Joking.  I think he loves it00 the wind in his face, all the new things to look at as they swoosh by...

Here's a pic I took this week...  you wouldn't believe it looking at that round little face-- but he's only in the 25th percentile of weight (per his appointment today)!   There must be some giant babies roaming around out there somewhere because he's not small! Every time I take him out and people ask how old he is-- its ALWAYS followed by-- wow, he is a big baby!

Ok-- off to eat and perhaps get in a HOT run before the bad storms move through town! 

Monday, May 16, 2011

Running Around The Big Easy

We're back from the Big Easy and I have to say I LOVED IT!  I was hesitant about New Orleans after everyone I talked to about going had only bad things to say-- it's dirty, crime ridden, watch where you stay... I didn't see any of that.  To me it was a friendly town, beautiful homes and buildings, GREAT food (and I didn't even think I liked Cajun).

And the only running I did in the 5 days I was there was when I was dressed up for my conference, wearing heels and discovered my kiddo enjoyed these quick bursts of a run while being pushed along the riverfront in his umbrella stroller.  So of course his mama obliged!  And my hubby snapped away during one such dash back to him.

Kiddo started multi-tasking while standing in his head like this-- it was cracking me up!  (And of course being a bit germ-phobic he pretty much only was allowed to play on the bed in the hotel.

And last but not least my hubby snuck in this last photo... of course the St Louis Cathedral is beautiful in this photo but my hubby suprised me with this one because see that small black spec in the bottom righthand corner... that was me sketching it!   And even though it's year 2011 and about 30,000 architects attended the convention, AND I wore a badge that showed I was an architect-- it never ceases to amaze me that people assume I am something other than that because I'm female.  I actually had a vendor whose first words to me were -- "so I guess you are a designer" to which I politely said, "yes, and an architect."  Moron.  And I would add my family was not tagging along at that point.  I give a little more grace to people who assume my husband is the architect when he is with me.

Anyway-- French Quarter was beautiful, as was the Garden district.  We stayed in the Warehouse district which was a great loction to the convention and within walking distance to everything else we did including good food!  I have got to get a good red beans and rice recipe as well as a bread pudding recipe.  My mouth is STILL watering! :  0~

Ok-- maybe my next post will be about running...

Breastfeeding Reflections

I just tucked my baby boy in for the night.  His last feeding is my favorite and I hate when I am not home and miss it.  Either hubby or I will put Baby Boy in his jammies and sleep sack with a clean diaper around 7 (to which he is usually a bit fussy).  Then I sit down in the comfy glider arm chair in his room, pull my baby close, begin a natural sway of the chair and nurse him.  He keeps his eyes open for about 3 minutes and then finishes the rest of his feeding with eyes closed as he dozes off to sleep.  I unlatch my limp baby boy and lay him down to sleep in his crib as his mouth moves, still suckling his imaginary milk.

This feeding and the hundreds that have come before it make me so grateful that I endured the first few months of breastfeeding when it was not enjoyable, hurt, made me exhausted, hungry...  When my baby was not getting enough so I had to pump after EVERY feeding and the middle of the night until he was months old.

The reason I include this here is to encourage any new moms to not give up.  Take it one feeding at a time at first.   I had to.  Many days I was saying, I can't do it, I don't want to feed him even one more time.  But just like running, you take the next step and before you know it you take one more... Yeah we all can read health benefits and blah, blah but I am talking about a moment you will cherish when it's a bond only you and your baby can have.

I was sure I wanted to give breastfeeding a whirl but I honestly thought it was a little weird.  After all, we live in a culture that sexualizes a woman's breasts and before a baby-- hey, that's about all they are good for.  I was nervous for reasons that only a woman's brain can think up before I had a baby and totally frustrated early on with nursing.  Everyone tells you it can be tough-- that's true-- but it also is hard when you are only sleeping in spurts, having company, have a kiddo that takes a minimum of 30 minutes to eat, your back hurts, you have nipples that feel incredibly raw (wearing a bra and taking a shower hurts), have a baby that is ready to do it all over again 2 1/2 hours after you started the last feeding.   And about the time mom and baby get the hang of it-- the American work force wants you back and you're told to pump during the 9 hours you'r away.  (Hello mechanical pump and sore breasts!)  It's a wonder we do breastfeed in the modern world.

BUT and I mean and huge and bold BUT... it's worth it!  Once you get over that hump and get past the fact that your breasts are indeed for more than a thrill... and you are tucking your sleeping baby in at night, you're comforting them with a liquid gold only you can give, you're holding them, smelling them, watching them change and transform right under your nose --  it's all worth it!

And you get it.  You understand why women before you have cried when this stage is over.  You get that mom's before you are envious of the stage of life you are now in.  You get why bottle feeding is just not the same experience.  You get it.

Science, health, logic can say what it wants.  You understand in a way only a mom can-- feeling thankful for each feeding you get to spend with your baby.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Derby Day

I love me some Derby Day and Derby Festivals as a proud Kentuckian but this weekend we fled town for a niece's graduation and had a very enjoyable mini-vacation!  And we made it back in time to watch the most exciting two minutes in sports!

We went to this fun and hilarious (HUGE) grocery called Jungle Jims in Ohio.  Baby boy enjoyed the live fish the most...

Anyway... since I never have, much less actually post a family photo-- my aunt took this one so here goes...

And  the latest closeup of the boy... though I refuse to admit that in the sunlight his eye color looks a bit more green like his daddy's because he is pretty much 98% his daddy as a baby anyway and after carrying him for 41 weeks, having a natural birth with this nearly 9lb baby and nursing him 8+ months, I would like to see more than my cheeks and eyelashes on the kid.  Alas.

And Hubby thought this would make a funny photo while on our road trip.  (No, CPS we were not really letting our 8 month old drive, the car was parked... )

And in case you wondered my mega blister is almost healed and I plan to resume running again soon!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Race day recap

The race Saturday is probably the best I have ever felt for a race.  It seemed like each mile passed by with ease and around mile 6, it felt like mile 3 and so on.  The only thing that became an ouch factor was this blister between my middle and next smaller toe on my left foot.  I literally was running on the side of the smaller tow so both had a blister to end all blisters.  About mile 7 it started hurted and at 12 miles it felt like it shifted and hurt more, but it wasn't show stopping so we ran on.  My stepdad was a trooper and even though his hip hurt he pushed through the last two miles.  And my mom had her best time ever.  She is a speed walker but she said she ran a little each mile and she finished with mostly runners.  I was proud of her!

So-- our official time: 2:06:52-- I placed 4002nd in a race with 11,394 finishers.  Right dab in the middle of my age bracket too.  All this proves I am an average runner.  I had fun this year and was not sore afterwards or today which is very good for me.  Happy and enjoyed it.  Now I need to think of my next motivating race!

I LOOOVE people watching during my race.  Both people cheering and people running.  The top ten (people) highlights (I can still remember) from the race:

1.  It was a new route that took us through a rougher end of town this year.  One dude in pjs was standing on his porch talking to a cop and was really upset a race was happening in front of his house.

2.  A typically crowd of frat guys with beers cheering in the crowd.

3.  A mom running stopped to kiss her two small boys and husband in front of me.  Then the boys yelled "go mommy!"  Since my husband was out of town for the race I didn't have them there.  This scene literally brought tears to my eyes like a goof.  I hope the next race they are there and I am kissing them!

4.  "Team Tina" which was a group of ladies running with their friend who was "running" in her wheelchair.

5.  Around mile 10 we had the marathon winner pass us (his mile 19) with his police escorts.  A group of us had fun joking about that and that he did start about 5 minutes before us : )

6.  Seeing my brother and his girlfriend cheering for us since I was pretty sure they would not show up.

7.  Seeing a pregnant runner.

8.  A group of girls cheering who were really dressed up for 7ish a.m. to which we joked they were scoping guys.  (I was just jealous I didn't think of that when I was single... ha ha)

9.  Having someone tell me that wanna-be runners wear pink (guess who wore pink on race day...)

And finally...

10.  A group of senior citizens that sit out and cheer every year in front of their senior home.  So cute and such a reminder to be thankful for good health and youth while we have it!!

And I leave you with a pre-race photo of myself, stepdad and mom... are these ever that flattering?!