Sunday, May 1, 2011

Race day recap

The race Saturday is probably the best I have ever felt for a race.  It seemed like each mile passed by with ease and around mile 6, it felt like mile 3 and so on.  The only thing that became an ouch factor was this blister between my middle and next smaller toe on my left foot.  I literally was running on the side of the smaller tow so both had a blister to end all blisters.  About mile 7 it started hurted and at 12 miles it felt like it shifted and hurt more, but it wasn't show stopping so we ran on.  My stepdad was a trooper and even though his hip hurt he pushed through the last two miles.  And my mom had her best time ever.  She is a speed walker but she said she ran a little each mile and she finished with mostly runners.  I was proud of her!

So-- our official time: 2:06:52-- I placed 4002nd in a race with 11,394 finishers.  Right dab in the middle of my age bracket too.  All this proves I am an average runner.  I had fun this year and was not sore afterwards or today which is very good for me.  Happy and enjoyed it.  Now I need to think of my next motivating race!

I LOOOVE people watching during my race.  Both people cheering and people running.  The top ten (people) highlights (I can still remember) from the race:

1.  It was a new route that took us through a rougher end of town this year.  One dude in pjs was standing on his porch talking to a cop and was really upset a race was happening in front of his house.

2.  A typically crowd of frat guys with beers cheering in the crowd.

3.  A mom running stopped to kiss her two small boys and husband in front of me.  Then the boys yelled "go mommy!"  Since my husband was out of town for the race I didn't have them there.  This scene literally brought tears to my eyes like a goof.  I hope the next race they are there and I am kissing them!

4.  "Team Tina" which was a group of ladies running with their friend who was "running" in her wheelchair.

5.  Around mile 10 we had the marathon winner pass us (his mile 19) with his police escorts.  A group of us had fun joking about that and that he did start about 5 minutes before us : )

6.  Seeing my brother and his girlfriend cheering for us since I was pretty sure they would not show up.

7.  Seeing a pregnant runner.

8.  A group of girls cheering who were really dressed up for 7ish a.m. to which we joked they were scoping guys.  (I was just jealous I didn't think of that when I was single... ha ha)

9.  Having someone tell me that wanna-be runners wear pink (guess who wore pink on race day...)

And finally...

10.  A group of senior citizens that sit out and cheer every year in front of their senior home.  So cute and such a reminder to be thankful for good health and youth while we have it!!

And I leave you with a pre-race photo of myself, stepdad and mom... are these ever that flattering?! 


  1. People watching was my favorite part of my half marathon this past Saturday! I didn't expect the run to be so emotional. Great job!

  2. It is emotional (and the happy-- tears extremes of emotion) too!


  3. congrats on a great race!!!