Saturday, May 7, 2011

Derby Day

I love me some Derby Day and Derby Festivals as a proud Kentuckian but this weekend we fled town for a niece's graduation and had a very enjoyable mini-vacation!  And we made it back in time to watch the most exciting two minutes in sports!

We went to this fun and hilarious (HUGE) grocery called Jungle Jims in Ohio.  Baby boy enjoyed the live fish the most...

Anyway... since I never have, much less actually post a family photo-- my aunt took this one so here goes...

And  the latest closeup of the boy... though I refuse to admit that in the sunlight his eye color looks a bit more green like his daddy's because he is pretty much 98% his daddy as a baby anyway and after carrying him for 41 weeks, having a natural birth with this nearly 9lb baby and nursing him 8+ months, I would like to see more than my cheeks and eyelashes on the kid.  Alas.

And Hubby thought this would make a funny photo while on our road trip.  (No, CPS we were not really letting our 8 month old drive, the car was parked... )

And in case you wondered my mega blister is almost healed and I plan to resume running again soon!

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