Monday, April 23, 2012

When 13 turns into 14 (Miles)... and Double Jogger Stroller Questions

So-- per some mis-calculation/mis-communication my 13 mile run turned into a little over 14 by the time we got back to the car.  Oops!  Hopefully it makes race day in a couple weeks feel easier... though I am expecting more hills than we ran! 

I didn't feel that ready to run a long distance when we started but once I was in the groove I felt pretty good.  My legs were feeling more tired by about 9 miles but I had more "push" up the last couple hills than I did a couple weeks ago just running 12... so I am hoping that's a good sign!  We ran at a 10:15 pace which was leisurely enough to enjoy instead of pushing it.  I'd say we'll be around that pace is all goes well on race day!

Pee-need was not horrible.  However inner thighs were sore enough that turning over in bed last night was harder (who knew you used those muscles to toss and turn!)

Now onto jogging strollers...

I honestly try all I can NOT to have to run with the boy.  He enjoys it but it's such a workout to run without swinging your arms and pushing a kid!  That said-- I am still considering an upgrade to a double jogger for when I have to run with kids or for walks in the neighborhood or trips to the zoo when I like having the stroller with a canopy and storage.  My kiddo's will be right around 2 years apart-- if that's a factor.  Hubby is not excited about upgrading (maybe it's because the first jogger was over $300 and I use it about once a week...??) 

The double version of the jogger I have now:

BOB Duallie Ironman Stroller: Yellow

What has your experience been?   Is a double side-by-side a practical next step?   How well does it fold into your car (I plan to keep a car, not SUV or van)?  Can you use a double for outings practically?  I'd like to just buy one double stroller for both running and everyday trips where a stroller is needed.  Anyone considered the doubles where one rides's behind?  I'm not sure a kid that gets a bit older would like being in the back but I like the width better!  Like this one:

Phil and Teds Sport e3 Jogger Stroller

As many thoughts as your want to provide are welcome!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

17 weeks & My 2 cents on Boston

A big hi-ho from Kentucky... did you hear about Wesley Korir winning the Boston marathon?  I was pumped about him winning as if he was my own kid!  Seriously the guy is an amazing athlete and the nicest person in real life (I should mention while he was attending school and running for the University of Louisville he was also going to our church).  He and his wife use a majority of the money he makes on races to support work he does back in Kenya.  So yeah... very excited for him.  That's a Creme of the Crop race to win and with the crazy heat to boot!  Go Wesley!

17 week Update:

Symptoms:  The minor icky's all the time and a growing little belly!

Exercise:  Back to the regular routine still!  A long run on the weekend, two mid-week runs and chasing a toddler!  : )  I have a 13-miler scheduled this weekend which is my last long run before race day in a couple more weeks!  Whoo Hoo!  Knock on wood, the only minor "issue" so far is the urge to pee some during the run but no other weird-ness yet.  Hoping that lasts!

Cravings:  Ugh.  Nothing.  Do I have to eat food?  I would like to enjoy food again, seriously.

20 more days until we know the big gender baby reveal!!!  And yes, I am wearing my during-the-day-shirt and pj's.  Oops.

I leave you with a great quote I read today that reminds me to make today count: 

How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.
~Annie Dillard

Saturday, April 14, 2012

16 weeks, Tall Dandelions and Dirt Face

A little late but here goes for 16 weeks...

First... a belly shot (excuse the shadow again)...

Still with the icky's and food aversions.  No puke though!  I have to scroll through or pass up all my yummy food blogs unless I happen to hit them at the right time of day.  : )

Got a 12 mile in last weekend, my mid-week runs and an 8 miler today!

With N I craved tomatoes like crazy.  I really cant stand much acidic right now and tomato anything sounds super gross!  I'd like to crave SOMETHING because at least it would mean something sounds good!

Onto the boy... check out the super huge dandelion hubby found growing around the water hose outside!

Little man loves playing in dirt-- you can't tell it here but it was all over his face! 

The thing I love most about his age right now (19 months) is the developing sense of pretend and play.  He likes to put his stuffed dog/bear to bed after he gets up from a nap and tells them "night night", loves to hammer/drill/build like his Daddy, loves all things balls and lately likes to "fall with a ball" like his favorite page in the Dr Seuss book.

He also has a HUGE appetite lately.  I thought having a boy was cheaper than a girl but the kid eats me out of house and home by dinner!  : )

Little man is super sweet.  He can often be heard saying "thank you mommy" when you give him something or saying "bless you" after sneezing.  Or if he bumps into you he'll say "sorry mommy".  His prayers before meals are also super sweet and change every day.  I'll start him out and then he'll add thank you for "hammer", "cheese", "Lawn Mower", "Nana", "Papaw"... whatever comes to mind.
I had no idea pre-kids that I would love being a mom as much as I do!  So fun even when its exhausting!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Why we plan to find out the gender during Pregnancy

With sweet boy, we waited until his birth (at 41 weeks) to find out the gender.  While it was a fun surprise-- so was just having a baby and the gender thing really wasn't that much of an added shock to the general shock of a baby. 


The main reason we'll find out this time is because after months and months of bonding with both a girl and a boy (since we didn't know which it would be)... I would draydream about "if it's a girl, we'll do this together" ... "if it's a boy then my life might look more like this..."  We also named two children.  A sweet boy and a girl we never brought home.  We loved our boy (I secretly wanted an eldest boy) but when we didn't bring home our sweet girl we felt a little like we'd lost a baby.  We'd spent so many months "getting to know" what both might be like that it was a little sad when one was left behind.

This time we are planning to find out at 20 weeks and share with family the gender but not the name (until birth).

Since I knew we'd find out sooner this time I have not given much thought to gender until then, even though this may be my last kiddo.  I always saw myself with two boys but a boy and girl would be fun and all american too.  : )

One month from today I can start planning for my baby boy or girl... Stay tuned...


And just for fun I took a couple online gender prediction tests.  Here's the results:

According to the test on it's a girl...

Per the Chinese Lunar Chart... It's a Girl. 
(Side note, my first son was also "a girl" per this prediction and heartrate myths.)  We'll find out May 10th!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hitting the Road Again-- 15 weeks Prego

After 7 days of down right illness and 10 days or so off the roads, I hit the road again for a 3.3 mile run this morning.  It felt really good even though I could feel my energy was down a little.  Hoping to continue feeling better and get in a long run this weekend.  (The original weekend plan was 12 miles, but I think we'll shoot for 10.)

I did end up having to try the two different anti-nausea meds because without giving icky details I started getting incredibly sick again on Friday.  One gave my headaches and the other I can't stay awake on after taking.  But it lessened the puking!

Sprout (that's what we refer to the baby in utero) seems to be doing great and at the appointment yesterday had a heartrate in the 150's.  At 15 weeks I have gained a total of about 4-5lbs.  With all the puking, I was happy with that and it's tracking along at about the same rate as I did the first time.   We will get to find out the gender May 10th!!!!

So-- the 15 week update:

  • Super picky about food (ie- what can I keep down but everything sounds GROSS!)

  • Not a bit-- sick. sick. sick.  But I plan to be back at it starting today.
  • Starting to show a little more each day! Broke out the belly bands so I can stretch my normal pants for longer and not be uncomfortable trying to still button them!
Have a great Easter everyone!!!