Thursday, April 5, 2012

Hitting the Road Again-- 15 weeks Prego

After 7 days of down right illness and 10 days or so off the roads, I hit the road again for a 3.3 mile run this morning.  It felt really good even though I could feel my energy was down a little.  Hoping to continue feeling better and get in a long run this weekend.  (The original weekend plan was 12 miles, but I think we'll shoot for 10.)

I did end up having to try the two different anti-nausea meds because without giving icky details I started getting incredibly sick again on Friday.  One gave my headaches and the other I can't stay awake on after taking.  But it lessened the puking!

Sprout (that's what we refer to the baby in utero) seems to be doing great and at the appointment yesterday had a heartrate in the 150's.  At 15 weeks I have gained a total of about 4-5lbs.  With all the puking, I was happy with that and it's tracking along at about the same rate as I did the first time.   We will get to find out the gender May 10th!!!!

So-- the 15 week update:

  • Super picky about food (ie- what can I keep down but everything sounds GROSS!)

  • Not a bit-- sick. sick. sick.  But I plan to be back at it starting today.
  • Starting to show a little more each day! Broke out the belly bands so I can stretch my normal pants for longer and not be uncomfortable trying to still button them!
Have a great Easter everyone!!!


  1. We find out on May 10th as well!!!!

  2. I loved the "finding out" part. So exciting!

  3. Oh, and great job on the run too!

  4. THis will be our first "finding out" via ultrasound (vs birth) so I am excited to find out sooner!!