Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oh, hi!

Oh hi-- remember me.  Looks like we are back for one last hurrah.  Yeppers... this lady is preggo again.  (18 weeks... due sometime around December 1st!) My first cold weather baby!

I would rather give birth to 10 babies naturally with no drugs (done it with 2 so far!) than go through another first trimester!  I was so sick that I literally felt like I am just surviving. 

I've not felt human.  But I really can't think of a better reason to feel like utter crud every moment of day and night -- than growing a tiny human!  Dramatic much?!  : )

But this is the last as far as we can control.  :cough:  hubby snip  :cough:

I've kept up with running until this little surprise and have been keeping up with it still.  Even if I really missed the blessing of run=no nausea ... like I had when pregnant with my first two boys.  In this case... run = feel like vomiting and then feel worse the rest of the day.  Other than that-- this pregnancy is spot on similar to my other two, so of course I was convinced it was another boy. 

BUT thanks to modern medicine... I found out at about 11 weeks that this little person will be a baby girl!

I can't promise I'll blog as much but had to let you all know!

As for the boys-- N is almost 4 at the end of August and I will be 2 in September!  Love my boys!