Wednesday, June 30, 2010



That is all I can say.

My belly button is seriously hurting.  I have had random tenderness around my belly button, but today it downright hurts and is crazy tender.  I am pretty sure its rebelling against the latest growth!

My belly button is tender to the touch and if I twist a little one way or another it really hurts.

I googled it and all is well and normal, so no worries.

While I am bemoaning my ailments... I got in a workout again today, which of course brings back the pain on my pubic bone too.  Ah, the joys!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No wonder you look pregnant!

So, I am talking to my sister yesterday afternoon and ask her how far along she was when she gave birth. 

She says, 36 or 37 weeks (but was induced with both girls). 

Then she asks why I am asking. 

I tell her I have had some cramps which just reminded me this baby will be here before I know it, and to ask her when she delivered.   

She then asks me how far along I am. 

I say, 32 weeks.  (Friday will be 33 weeks)

Her response-- You are?!  No wonder you look pregnant!!

Wow.  I am glad my family and I are totally on the same page.  Alas.

I leave you with a pic of this SERIOUSLY growing baby...


Having had an AWFUL nights sleep on Sunday night, I decided getting in a few snoozes were better than getting up to run.  Then when it was 90+ degrees that afternoon, I decided my trusty dvd would be my workout. 

I had purchased Barry's bootcamp a couple months ago when I saw it on sale... you read that right, Barry's Bootcamp.  I am pretty sure its the off-brand bootcamp, if you can have such a thing.  The workout was fab, but seriously, the guy gives me the creeps.  He is pretty effeminate, has a weird speech thing going and he personally does not lead the workout, but instead harasses the beautiful woman leading the workout along with the women following along.  Its very strange. 

Anyway, the premise of the 21 minute workout is to do 16 exercises at full intensity for  seconds.  At 10 seconds left you hear a buzzer and everyone starts counting down, 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1.  This is probably the first and only time I will listen to the video (thank goodness for a mute button), but I have to admit, the concept is pretty motivating. 

I do hope to get a run in tomorrow and this weekend, but I also want to try some of the other videos now that I know it was easy enough to do while pregnant.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Babies and Rib Pokes

32 weeks and paid another visit to the ob doc again today!  She said all was looking really good.  The baby's heartrate was 160 which I was surprised about since many of my visits are in the 140s.  The doctor said it was probably because the baby had been moving around-- and sure enough, this little guy or gal was squirming before and during the appointment.

The doc also asked if I was still running and she was shocked when I said yes  (for pregnancy and weather reasons)!  I gained another 4 pounds but since I hadn't beento an appointment in almost 4 weeks, I was expecting about that much gain.  That puts my overall weight gain at 21 pounds.  I have hoped to only gain about 25 pounds for the entire pregnancy, so with 8+/- weeks left, I will probably be over that.  Oh well.  I feel good, healthy and have a baby inside that is also doing very well.

Based on my chirpractor, little Squirt has been happily resting in the same position as the baby above.  Notice where those feet are-- right at the rib.  My kiddo likes to plant a foot under my rib at various times of the day, and let me tell you-- it is not the best feeling in the world!  According to my emails, the little guy/gal is almost 4 pounds now and over 16" long.  I feel every bit of that weight and height in my belly too!  Sometimes I think I have an alien in my tummy based on some of the crazy moves going on in there!!

In other updates, I am SOOO happy to report that I found a doctor's group for this little baby of ours.  I was shocked at how many places will not accept you if you want to consider a delayed/alternate vaccination schedule.  (ie-- I don't want our newborn receiving a Hep B shot before they even leave the hospital).  So it was a huge relief to find a group that would accept us and that we really liked at the initial meeting!  I was also impressed that she spent almost an hour talking to us.

I know the shot thing is a very personal decision that many people feel passionate about, so please don't get offended if you have a different view.  I just ordered a book on the subject by Dr Sears called The Vaccine Book which I hope will better educate our decisions on the issue.

Alright enough baby talk for now... T-minus 8 weeks (+/-) and counting until we get to meet our new child and find out of Squirt is a baby boy or girl...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

6am runs and 80 degrees!

Today was another peaceful morning run at 6am... but may I also mention it was 80 degrees and humid!  I find it funny that I am pregnant during a summer/spring that is even hotter than normal since I despise hot weather more than most!  And I will also volunteer that my air at home and work cannot keep up, so the office and house are nice and warm by the afternoon!  Thank goodness for a twenty minute drive home with the car AC blasting!

Just read an article on activities to avoid when pregnant.  I wanted to see if running made the list.  It was there, but as a "use caution" sport.  They also link to an article on running during pregnancy which doesn't have any real profound advice but is good to read for general advice on running during pregnancy.  As with anything-- if you were doing it before you got pregnant, chances are, you can continue after pregnancy, modifying as your body changes or as needed.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Peaceful runs

Usually Thursday nights are an evening run for me-- that is until Spring decided to be well into the mid-90's!  Yikes.

So I got my pregnant bootie out of bed bright and early for yet another morning run this week.  It was such a peaceful, blissful run at 5:45.  Seriously.  I ran in the road for the majority of the run and I think I saw about 2 cars the whole time!

Birds were singing, the sky was filled with colorful brush strokes.

Logged 3.36 miles at a 10:50 pace.  Felt good.

Tomorrow is 31 weeks-- but whose counting?! 

I really hope to keep this running thing up until the very end-- with perhaps a minor motivation that I read on average people who run up until they deliver will deliver about a week earlier than their due date.  We'll see.  But if its this insanely hot in JUne-- what is August going to feel like at 9 months pregnant?!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yes, the honeymoon phase of pregnancy has officially left the building for me. 

I am uncomfortable.  Hot.  Stretched.  Uncomfortable.

I seriously do no know how another 9.5 +/- weeks will feel.  I already feel stretched to the max and uncomfortable to sleep or sit for very long.

Did I mention I went to Miami for 4 days last week and thought I might keel over from the heat and humidity-- and that would have been if I weren't pregnant?!  Only being 10 weeks away from baby-land on top of my normal distain for heat and I am was really feeling hot!

I did get a run in while in Miami.  I am sure it helped to have run in the morning vs the evening, but I am pretty sure I was sweating as much as an afternoon run here.  It was pretty to run along the beach though.  I only lasted a little over 20 sweaty minutes.

Hubby actually ran with me this morning!  Since it's supposed to be 93 today with an insane heat index, I wanted to run before work.  This requires that I go out before 6 when it is still dark.  Since hub's didn't want me to run alone in the dusk, he came with me.  He's a great runner-- he just doesn't make the time for it right now, so he is also a great running partner because he can easily talk and converse at any pace.  Have I mentioned I am crazy about that guy?  ; )

In other news-- I found my first stretch mark on my side/hip while in Miami.  I had a total cry fest over it-- I called the hubby at work in tears.  I can't only blame it on hormones, though I would like to.  It was a cry of giving up control, anxiety, fear and general sadness over how growing a baby takes over your body-- that up until that point you feel you had some control over.  So yeah.  That's the real side of all of this.  I should say that Mark was totally sweet about my meltdown and said he is getting really excited to meet our kiddo and that I will still be beautiful.  Again, I love that guy.  And I am excited about having a baby too.  The unknown is always a little intimidating to me.  I am a creature of habit and all is new with a baby in the belly and on his/her way into our lives!

Friday, June 4, 2010

The un-fun run

Out of maintaining full disclosure... last night was not a good run.  I had a muscle pain in the front of my thigh immediately after starting to run.  (Maybe if I listened in Anatomy I could have told you what that muscle is.) Plus it was way hot and muggy.  Hello Kentucky weather, it's still early June!  You usually reserve this kind of hot muggy weather for August (when I will be really large and miserable)!

Bad runs happen though.  If every run where a good run, I would probably run more often than I do!

We ran 3.3 miles at an 11:23 pace last night.  The distance nor time matter to the point that I was just not feeling the groove in this run!  Then once I got home, I was still feeling the discomforts of the run and had trouble sleeping. 

29 weeks along now!  Gained another pound since the last appointment.  Looking forward to meeting this baby!

This kiddo is moving around like crazy-- I love to feel the giant movements and flips that are so different from the little squirms of early pregnancy!

Very thankful that running is about the only thing that brings me weird symptons right now, and I bring that upon myself! 

Moral of the story-- not all runs are enjoyable and smooth sailing.  Again-- that's life.  I could go out tonight and have an awesome run (but I'm not)... so until next time.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We're back from our "babymoon"... that last trip before the baby comes as a couple.  The destination was nice, but mostly I enjoyed the time to connect with my hubby away from work and distractions.  Sure, we took baby bump photos, walked too much and saw the sites-- but we also took in some treasured time together!

So now, back to reality.  Back to work.  Back to running, anticipating and the busy-ness of everyday.  I enjoy those things too.

With the vacation tucked neatly into a long weekend, I missed my Thursday and weekend runs.  However, I was back out there yesterday evening.  It felt good to run.  It was crazy hot-- about 90 but one of those nights where you feel good.  Even though we walked like crazy in Virginia on vacation, I think the rest off the running legs was good for me. 

We ran 3.5 miles last night at an 11 minute pace.

Considering I am officially into the third trimester, a week off of running, a hilly course and the extreme heat-- this sweaty mama was pleased!  And speaking of sweat-- I literally had sweat running down the back of my legs after the run.  I am going to go with the thought that it was back sweat that ran on down my leg instead of thinking that I was literally sweating my bootie off!  I know, too much information.

Speaking of the heat... if you run with a little one on board-- PLEASE stay hydrated and listen to your body!  I know I talk about being stubborn, but I try to listen to my body and know my limits.

I leave you with my latest weekly "bump" photo.

I am excited to be really showing to a point that there is NO doubt that a baby is on board. 

I am starting to get used to the weird crotch pain after runs, sleeping in a new (and interrupted) way and watching this belly grow.  Ok-- I'm kind of enjoying this thing called pregnancy : )