Friday, June 25, 2010

Babies and Rib Pokes

32 weeks and paid another visit to the ob doc again today!  She said all was looking really good.  The baby's heartrate was 160 which I was surprised about since many of my visits are in the 140s.  The doctor said it was probably because the baby had been moving around-- and sure enough, this little guy or gal was squirming before and during the appointment.

The doc also asked if I was still running and she was shocked when I said yes  (for pregnancy and weather reasons)!  I gained another 4 pounds but since I hadn't beento an appointment in almost 4 weeks, I was expecting about that much gain.  That puts my overall weight gain at 21 pounds.  I have hoped to only gain about 25 pounds for the entire pregnancy, so with 8+/- weeks left, I will probably be over that.  Oh well.  I feel good, healthy and have a baby inside that is also doing very well.

Based on my chirpractor, little Squirt has been happily resting in the same position as the baby above.  Notice where those feet are-- right at the rib.  My kiddo likes to plant a foot under my rib at various times of the day, and let me tell you-- it is not the best feeling in the world!  According to my emails, the little guy/gal is almost 4 pounds now and over 16" long.  I feel every bit of that weight and height in my belly too!  Sometimes I think I have an alien in my tummy based on some of the crazy moves going on in there!!

In other updates, I am SOOO happy to report that I found a doctor's group for this little baby of ours.  I was shocked at how many places will not accept you if you want to consider a delayed/alternate vaccination schedule.  (ie-- I don't want our newborn receiving a Hep B shot before they even leave the hospital).  So it was a huge relief to find a group that would accept us and that we really liked at the initial meeting!  I was also impressed that she spent almost an hour talking to us.

I know the shot thing is a very personal decision that many people feel passionate about, so please don't get offended if you have a different view.  I just ordered a book on the subject by Dr Sears called The Vaccine Book which I hope will better educate our decisions on the issue.

Alright enough baby talk for now... T-minus 8 weeks (+/-) and counting until we get to meet our new child and find out of Squirt is a baby boy or girl...

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  1. Yay, only 8 more weeks to go! Getting exciting...