Wednesday, June 2, 2010


We're back from our "babymoon"... that last trip before the baby comes as a couple.  The destination was nice, but mostly I enjoyed the time to connect with my hubby away from work and distractions.  Sure, we took baby bump photos, walked too much and saw the sites-- but we also took in some treasured time together!

So now, back to reality.  Back to work.  Back to running, anticipating and the busy-ness of everyday.  I enjoy those things too.

With the vacation tucked neatly into a long weekend, I missed my Thursday and weekend runs.  However, I was back out there yesterday evening.  It felt good to run.  It was crazy hot-- about 90 but one of those nights where you feel good.  Even though we walked like crazy in Virginia on vacation, I think the rest off the running legs was good for me. 

We ran 3.5 miles last night at an 11 minute pace.

Considering I am officially into the third trimester, a week off of running, a hilly course and the extreme heat-- this sweaty mama was pleased!  And speaking of sweat-- I literally had sweat running down the back of my legs after the run.  I am going to go with the thought that it was back sweat that ran on down my leg instead of thinking that I was literally sweating my bootie off!  I know, too much information.

Speaking of the heat... if you run with a little one on board-- PLEASE stay hydrated and listen to your body!  I know I talk about being stubborn, but I try to listen to my body and know my limits.

I leave you with my latest weekly "bump" photo.

I am excited to be really showing to a point that there is NO doubt that a baby is on board. 

I am starting to get used to the weird crotch pain after runs, sleeping in a new (and interrupted) way and watching this belly grow.  Ok-- I'm kind of enjoying this thing called pregnancy : ) 

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