Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Recovery and Discomfort

Running has generally still been going well-- its after running that is uncomfortable.  The recovery seems to take longer and be more sore and stiff than I would ever get on short runs of 3-5 miles.

I am sore between my waist and knees... pretty much everywhere that is in between the two.

So, I did some searching online today and at least found an article I thought was comforting about other pregnant runners having discomfort.  I plan to keep running through it for now (after all, the constant pee urge has actually improved!) but I wanted to know that this was all normal! 

I really have in my stubborn mind that I want to run up until labor, so I need some other sources of encouragement to keep it up when walking around after the run reminds me of how my 90 year old grandmother used to shuffle around!

So, hopefully this is encouragement to anyone else running for two or planning to run for two!

Send any other links you find or like this way too!


  1. I think that after running pain is pretty normal - at least it was for me. My best suggestion is to give yourself more recovery time between runs and not feel bad if you need to put off a run an extra day to be sure you're feeling ready to go again. Over time, my hips and lower abdomen really began to hurt, not to mention my crotch felt like it was going to give out, but I kept at it because a day later I always felt fine. When it started to NOT go away was when I figured that my running days were over. Oh, and you can always try giving yourself some more or longer walk breaks during your runs to ease the soreness, that helped immensely!

  2. Nikki-- I am so glad to hear that too! The whole crotch thing is such a weird feeling and I can't decide if its just weird or painful or where its even located?! Thanks for the info and good luck with your runs again!!!