Tuesday, May 25, 2010

I won!

I never win anything... this is the girl who can hold on to a lucky ticket in a room of only 2 ticket holders, and I will not win a thing.  But today, my friends, I have won some lozenges!  Now, I can't say I don;t have a lucky streak.  : )

Check out the post and blog about my win!  The Blog is here and the specific Post is here.

(You will also find the Happy Runner as one of the running and pregnancy blogs I enjoy... and is another person I do not actually know in the real world.) 

Given I had a VERY unpleasant first trimester filled with full days of nausea while carrying this little Squirt in my belly, I (only have joking) said that maybe one kiddo might be enough for me.  BUT, my friends... I hope to give pregnancy another go-round so I can try these-- oh, and to have a playmate for Squirt. ; )

Thanks again for the win!

1 comment:

  1. Yay, congratulations!
    And nice job continuing to run. It looks like you're due about 2 months before me. Exciting times :-)