Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crumbs and Garbage

Do you ever wonder what the cleaning people think about you just based off of how you leave your space and have it "decorated" at work?  I do.

I have always been a fairly big snacker... as in, I eat about 2-3 times while I am at work throughout the day.  Even before being pregnant, while just running, I had a pretty big appetite that required a morning snack, lunch and sometimes an after lunch snack.  Of course, that has continued now that I am pregnant, hungry and running... (especially when I was insanely sick in the first trimester and eating helped the nausea!) 

I try to be a neat eater, I do.  But sometimes a spare raisin or Fiber One cereal 'noodle' will get away from me and doesn't make it into my mouth or the trash. 

((Can you believe that carpet is actually in the office of a company practicing architecture?!!))

Then there is the trash can-- filled with random scraps of food or packaging.  Looking in the garbage right now I see a banana peel, a baked lays bag, a container from vegetable soup, a container from half a sandwich, a popsicle stick and napkins.  I would like to say that was from a few days, but that was all trashed after today's meals/snacks.  (I do eat healthy most days!)

Back to my point-- I wonder what perception the cleaning people have of the person who works in the corner space?  Do they wonder which photo up on my wall is of me?  Do they notice other clues I leave behind or have displayed that I don't?  Makes you wonder.  I think about who they are at times, but maybe I am just a little weird like that. 

We occupy the same spaces and yet we don't meet. 

Hum... kind of like my baby and me right now?!  I really wasn't doing this post to reach that conclusion.  But, makes me think... Until next time. 

I am off for a run tonight.  Its almost 90 and muggy here today, ugh!

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