Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Belly Support Review

Today I would like to talk about maternity support bands.  Fun topic, huh?  Before I dive in, let me first show my current "baby bump" as a reference for this review.  This is my belly last week taken at 25 weeks (and I'm in pjs, so don't look too closely).

I have written about my major urge to pee while running and some hip (I guess better medical term would be, pelvis) weirdness in the last few weeks as well.

My doc had suggested a belt, which I decided I would try even though I didn't feel like I really had enough "belly" to have a band support.

At first it made the urge to pee even worse, as the belts tend to push in and lift up.  BUT... after having run with it for a few weeks now, I can say, I think it has definitely helped.  If you can get use to the urge to pee while running, you can get used to the urge when putting this belt on... but once you get going, I really think it helps to relieve some of the pressure.  I bought my belt for about $20 directly from my doctor's office.  (( Side note-- I had to balance my frugal urge to comparison shop online first, with my other frugal side who knew that I would get reimbursed if I bought it through the doc... : )  Sigh.  ))

Anyway, who can argue with $20 either way, and especially when you notice a difference.

I am wearing a small, which you wrap around in a way that is above your butt and hips in the back, and down below your belly.  It is a little too big but I pull the Velcro as far as it will go and it stays well enough.

To the side is an image of the belt I am using...  It is the Medela Maternity Support band.

The only thing I really don't like about the support band is that it peaks out below my running shirt and considering I am caucasian  and my skin basically matches the color of the band, I can only imagine that from a distance, it looks like I may be bearing a little more skin than just a support band.

(See picture below from the half-marathon a couple weeks ago to see what I am talking about!)

One more tidbit to share in this lovely post on bellys-- my belly is really HARD!  I wonder if that's the baby, or something else?  Forgive me, I am an architect... hence the reason I do not make the big bucks and do not remember my anatomy.  Just an unusual feeling when you rub your stomach... which I never understood why pregnant people rub their belly's... that's a rant for another time. 

Anyone smarter than me on this is free to comment.  : )

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  1. I tried out a support band at one point but it found it more uncomfortable than helpful. So, I ran until about 34 weeks without one and did fine. I had my days where everything hurt more than others, but I just compensated by slowing down more and taking more and increasingly longer walk breaks. Worked like a charm! :o)