Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Maternity Clothes

Coming up on 28 weeks preggo and the third trimester--  I have totally, completely embraced maternity clothes!  For about 2.5-3 weeks now, I have retired my normal clothes and gladly step into maternity pants every morning.  Ahhh!  That stretchy band around the waist is amazing! 

I admit to having been one of those pregnant chicks who worries about the changing body and weight gain.  I have tried to keep exercising and eating healthy/as I did before, but its odd looking down and seeing such major changes in a short amount of time! 

As of my appointment last Friday I had gained 16 pounds to date.  This is the most I have weighed in my life, which is a serious change to look at the scale, but as hubby reminds me-- its not you that is weighing that-- you're body is growing a baby!  And boy oh boy is this baby's growth about to really take off in the final trimester.

Here is how (generall) weight gain breaks out, this one is from WebMD:

Baby  -  8 pounds

Placenta - 2-3 pounds

Amniotic fluid - 2-3 pounds

Breast tissue -  2-3 pounds

Blood supply - 4 pounds

Fat stores for delivery and breastfeeding - 5-9 pounds

Uterus increase- 2-5 pounds

Total:  25 to 35 pounds

I thought I would share that tidbit.

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