Thursday, July 26, 2012

Update on ISR Swimming and a Video

I mentioned we started ISR Swim lessons in this post

Well-- after 8 weeks my little guy is QUITE the swimmer!  Now only can he swim REALLY well... he also LOVES to swim!  I would call this class a huge (and more expensive than I planned!) success!  The kid "swims" everywhere now (on the kitchen floor, in the bath tub, in his tiny baby pool).  He is even teaching his lego man and stuffed bear how to "swim"on the floor too.  : )

So-- I would HIGHLY recommend these classes if you want your kid to really know how to swim and not have a fear of water.  We'll have to do 1 week refresher classes each year but the premise is that its now all muscle memory and will take very little effort to remember even if we don't see water all winter long!

I wish I could swim this well!

Here is a short video of the swimmer in action.  He was taught to look for a wall to swim to and float on his back to catch his breath before swimming again.  Here goes...

Video Link

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Let's Talk Dirty-- Toddler Potty and Poopy Talk anyone?


I need your thoughts and experience on potty training.


Some background...

Now that my sweet boy is quite the swimmer and I am not going to lessons EVERY morning for 8 weeks (8 weeks?!) and a baby due in 9 weeks... we're in the throws of real, official, potty training.  As I mentioned in this post -- he has been pretty consistently going poo on the potty since 18 months.  It's the pee we needed to work on.

Sooo... starting Monday we began officially.  I had him either naked or in loose undies and each time he'd start to pee, he'd look up and say "go potty!" with a surprised look, would stop going and would finish peeing in the potty.  That's pretty much been how it's going for 2 days.  Wet a little, finish in the potty.  After he goes I tell him he's a big boy and do a silly song with a dance.  (Thank goodness you people can't see that on camera!)  He laughs and that's his "reward" for using the potty.

Thank goodness we have hardwood floors everywhere, so cleanup has been easy!  : )  And we still do diapers for naps and bedtime.

My questions for you:
Is that normal that he starts going a little before he realizes it and finishes on the potty?

At 23 months old, how much should I "help" him go potty?  Right now I go in with him and help him pull down/up his pants.  He doesn't ever really go in on his own-- he always tells me he needs to go and we go together.

Did your boys sit or stand to pee?

When did you venture out in undies and know they'd tell you if they had to go?

We alternate between his little potty or the seat on the big potty.  What's your preference for your kiddos?

Any thoughts and advice are welcome... I admit I did not read any books on this and have been winging it and feel like we're getting somewhere but I'm not sure.

Bumps- Week 27-30

I really have got to remember not to take bump photos in my pj's... they are sooo not flattering.  See week 28 as proof.  : )  Here are weeks 27-30

Week 27:

Week 28:

Week 29:

Week 30:

And we'll see how long it takes me to post tomorrow's week 31 bump!  ; )

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

30 weeks but a month overdue

A month overdue in blogging that is!  About 9.5 weeks left to go.

SO I can't believe I will be into single digit weeks on Thursday... already!  (well unless this kid bakes an extra week or two like his brother did!)

I am feeling good but running has definitely grown harder as the belly has grown.  Try as I might, my pace just naturally slowed.  I'd been easily running around 9:30/mile and now its slowed to 10 or 10:20 a mile.  Oh well... as long as I can keep some miles on my legs I don't really care how slow it is!  With all the home projects a few runs have slipped through the cracks, though!  Oops!

I did learn something from my chiropractor today... she said this baby is not very low (but is head-down) and sits a little transverse in my belly.  (Oh-- I should say she is also a doula and feels my belly after my adjustment every week to see how the baby is sitting).

She said it's probably making running better since you don't have a head right down there at your pubis bone.  I said-- that must be why it hurts a lot less to run this time.  My first little guy was head down and really low early on... and I was always really sore down there after a run.  I have not had that problem this time.  I also don't feel the urge to pee as much when I run with this one.  Interesting, huh?!  Sorry to be TMI but it was interesting to me!

Well... of course my computer is wanting nothing to do with uploading photos... so that will have to wait, again!  Whew!