Tuesday, July 24, 2012

30 weeks but a month overdue

A month overdue in blogging that is!  About 9.5 weeks left to go.

SO I can't believe I will be into single digit weeks on Thursday... already!  (well unless this kid bakes an extra week or two like his brother did!)

I am feeling good but running has definitely grown harder as the belly has grown.  Try as I might, my pace just naturally slowed.  I'd been easily running around 9:30/mile and now its slowed to 10 or 10:20 a mile.  Oh well... as long as I can keep some miles on my legs I don't really care how slow it is!  With all the home projects a few runs have slipped through the cracks, though!  Oops!

I did learn something from my chiropractor today... she said this baby is not very low (but is head-down) and sits a little transverse in my belly.  (Oh-- I should say she is also a doula and feels my belly after my adjustment every week to see how the baby is sitting).

She said it's probably making running better since you don't have a head right down there at your pubis bone.  I said-- that must be why it hurts a lot less to run this time.  My first little guy was head down and really low early on... and I was always really sore down there after a run.  I have not had that problem this time.  I also don't feel the urge to pee as much when I run with this one.  Interesting, huh?!  Sorry to be TMI but it was interesting to me!

Well... of course my computer is wanting nothing to do with uploading photos... so that will have to wait, again!  Whew!


  1. So glad to hear from you again! And glad to hear your are still running too! So exciting! (Whoa, sorry for all the exclamation marks...)

    1. Ha! I always feel like I use a million exclamation marks too! ; ) I didn't even notice yours. Stay tuned today or tomorrow... you may be able to weigh in on a post I hope to do about potty training!

  2. Very interesting! I did make it this far still running in my pregnancy, and slowed down more than you did, so many kudos!