Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Oh, hi!

Oh hi-- remember me.  Looks like we are back for one last hurrah.  Yeppers... this lady is preggo again.  (18 weeks... due sometime around December 1st!) My first cold weather baby!

I would rather give birth to 10 babies naturally with no drugs (done it with 2 so far!) than go through another first trimester!  I was so sick that I literally felt like I am just surviving. 

I've not felt human.  But I really can't think of a better reason to feel like utter crud every moment of day and night -- than growing a tiny human!  Dramatic much?!  : )

But this is the last as far as we can control.  :cough:  hubby snip  :cough:

I've kept up with running until this little surprise and have been keeping up with it still.  Even if I really missed the blessing of run=no nausea ... like I had when pregnant with my first two boys.  In this case... run = feel like vomiting and then feel worse the rest of the day.  Other than that-- this pregnancy is spot on similar to my other two, so of course I was convinced it was another boy. 

BUT thanks to modern medicine... I found out at about 11 weeks that this little person will be a baby girl!

I can't promise I'll blog as much but had to let you all know!

As for the boys-- N is almost 4 at the end of August and I will be 2 in September!  Love my boys!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Flying time and a 9 month old!

Time is passing by WAY too fast!  Seriously its exciting and makes me a bit hide-my-tears-weepy too!

My baby... my BABY... is not so much a baby.  He just turned 9 months old.  And as you Mama's know... turning 9 months is one of those reflective turns of the calendar as you think back to how your baby has now lived in the great big world as long as they were in your belly's... so yeah... very pleased to be the Mama to sweet and active bundle of smiles both within my belly and outside of it!

He crawls EVERYWHERE and pulls up on any surface he can find.  He's my adventurous and fearless baby, so I'm a little worried what the future holds!  He is determined and vocal and completely has me smitten over him!

Here we are the day of his baby dedication at church...  Squinty one and squinty two... this shows why I am always in sunglasses outside and I-man has bluer eyes and squints like me too!

And his official 9 month photo...

And then there is the sweet big brother who will be 3 in just a couple months! I thank the Lord for the opportunity to be Mama to the world's best boys (not that I am biased).  : )
Here he is painting his lawn mower he built at a Home Depot kids workshop day.  He loves to swing a hammer and build and paint and use his hands.  He is just like his daddy!  Handy and a brain that turns in a very "engineering" way.  Always wondering how things work, what they are made out of etc.  I'm more of a right brain... so its fun to look at life and answer questions through his lenses.
And Running-- you know I am still running.  But I've added cross training and love that.  SO now I run 2 times a week and cross train/strength train 2+ days a week.  Since I started p90x in February and kept up with the cross training-- I lost extra poundage doing this routine (as in the 10lbs I needed to lose to get back to pre-preg weight)!  Yeah!
Enough rambles for the day-- I finally had an all kid-fee day thanks to my sweet sister in law watching the boys today!  Off to go enjoy the last few minutes alone... and can't wait to hug my boys again!  : )


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Thursday, March 21, 2013

1st go at Windows Live Writer (rocks!) and Feeling Old!


I recently saw a post on Facebook along the lines of—I still feel like I’m 20—until I’m around 20 year olds, and then I feel my age!

Um—yeah.  That pretty well goes for how I feel I still look—dewy, young—until I try to take a few shots with my 6 month old… then I realize… holy smokes, who is that 32 year old?! 


6 month with Mommy 1

That’s what my 82 year old grandma says too.  She says she looks in the mirror and wonders who the wrinkly old lady is staring back at her.  Alas, maybe some things never do change!  : )  So while I am still a spry young three-two years of age, I better get some shots with my growing-up-fast baby boy…

6 Month w Mommy Crop

And then when you’re 6 months old—your happy about life and “don’t have a tooth in your head” --- yet...

6 months Sitting6 months


**PS—His hair always looks greasy on top because it is.  We have to keep lotion on his head all the time or he gets really bad dry skin and itches himself until he bleeds.  ; (  So greasy hair, it is!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mommy Freak Outs and everyday life

I'm pretty certain when you sign up to be a mom, you no longer get to have days without worry over something or someone!   I haven't mentioned it to anyone but my hubby and a friend but oh well...  Here goes...   Don't think I'm a bad mom...

My 2 1/2 year old had a big plate of cantaloupe, and a wheat pita stuffed with a tiny smidge of organic natural pb.  A while into his meal while eating the cantaloupe he asked for a napkin because he said the juice was making him itchy... it was running all over him.  We wiped it off and then he started getting a few little bumps around his mouth.  I kinda freaked out and said it was time to take a bath to get all the juice off.   He started to scratch his neck like crazy and I had him lay down in the water to wash off more.  After about 15 minutes, the little rash on his face went away and he seemed fine again.  Freak out subsided.

Fast forward a day and he had more cantaloupe but ate it with a fork and there was no juice and no rash.  No issue.

Fast forward another day and my husband gave him another small pita sandwich with a smidge of organic natural pb (only ingredient are peanuts).  He got the little rash on his chin again... no itching and then it went away again after about 15 minutes. 

I have a niece with a severe pb allergy and this was obviously not the way she reacted.  I don't want to ask my sister about it because she will probably get me more nervous than I am!  Does this sound like a pb allergy?  He's eaten nuts of all kinds before without issue.  And also had other pb before without issue (the kind with extra ingredients).  I usually give him only sunflower seed butter for sandwiches but I ran out.

I have an appointment set up Friday with his pediatrician and another with an allergist on Monday... any thoughts/experiences before then are appreciated.  Obviously I am avoiding anymore pb before the appointments! 

*And thanks for the blogger alternative.  I am a pc, so I will look into it soon!  Blogger is back to not letting me post pictures!

**And happy 1/2 birthday to my sweet 6 month old (yesterday)!!