Thursday, March 21, 2013

1st go at Windows Live Writer (rocks!) and Feeling Old!


I recently saw a post on Facebook along the lines of—I still feel like I’m 20—until I’m around 20 year olds, and then I feel my age!

Um—yeah.  That pretty well goes for how I feel I still look—dewy, young—until I try to take a few shots with my 6 month old… then I realize… holy smokes, who is that 32 year old?! 


6 month with Mommy 1

That’s what my 82 year old grandma says too.  She says she looks in the mirror and wonders who the wrinkly old lady is staring back at her.  Alas, maybe some things never do change!  : )  So while I am still a spry young three-two years of age, I better get some shots with my growing-up-fast baby boy…

6 Month w Mommy Crop

And then when you’re 6 months old—your happy about life and “don’t have a tooth in your head” --- yet...

6 months Sitting6 months


**PS—His hair always looks greasy on top because it is.  We have to keep lotion on his head all the time or he gets really bad dry skin and itches himself until he bleeds.  ; (  So greasy hair, it is!


  1. Silas scratches his head, too! Looks like a cat got to
    him, most of the days! I can't believe our boys are 6 months!!!!

    1. HA! That's funny he does it too... it doesn't matter how short I cut his nails, he can really make himself bleed if he goes at it!!!

      Its going too fast!