Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mommy Freak Outs and everyday life

I'm pretty certain when you sign up to be a mom, you no longer get to have days without worry over something or someone!   I haven't mentioned it to anyone but my hubby and a friend but oh well...  Here goes...   Don't think I'm a bad mom...

My 2 1/2 year old had a big plate of cantaloupe, and a wheat pita stuffed with a tiny smidge of organic natural pb.  A while into his meal while eating the cantaloupe he asked for a napkin because he said the juice was making him itchy... it was running all over him.  We wiped it off and then he started getting a few little bumps around his mouth.  I kinda freaked out and said it was time to take a bath to get all the juice off.   He started to scratch his neck like crazy and I had him lay down in the water to wash off more.  After about 15 minutes, the little rash on his face went away and he seemed fine again.  Freak out subsided.

Fast forward a day and he had more cantaloupe but ate it with a fork and there was no juice and no rash.  No issue.

Fast forward another day and my husband gave him another small pita sandwich with a smidge of organic natural pb (only ingredient are peanuts).  He got the little rash on his chin again... no itching and then it went away again after about 15 minutes. 

I have a niece with a severe pb allergy and this was obviously not the way she reacted.  I don't want to ask my sister about it because she will probably get me more nervous than I am!  Does this sound like a pb allergy?  He's eaten nuts of all kinds before without issue.  And also had other pb before without issue (the kind with extra ingredients).  I usually give him only sunflower seed butter for sandwiches but I ran out.

I have an appointment set up Friday with his pediatrician and another with an allergist on Monday... any thoughts/experiences before then are appreciated.  Obviously I am avoiding anymore pb before the appointments! 

*And thanks for the blogger alternative.  I am a pc, so I will look into it soon!  Blogger is back to not letting me post pictures!

**And happy 1/2 birthday to my sweet 6 month old (yesterday)!!

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