Tuesday, March 12, 2013

More randoms -- Alternate Title-- I hate blogger.

When blogger stopped letting me upload photos I just quit posting.  Here is a photo from five stinkin' weeks ago... but its too cute not to put up!
The boys are so sweet and I am thankful for every day we get to spend together!  Seriously, life is short and I don't take the blessing of being a mom lightly!
My sweet I-man is now 5 1/2 months old and has been sitting so well... ask him to roll over though and he is just happy to stay either way you lay him.  Seriously hes probably only rolled over from belly to back 15+/- times.  I knew it would be true, but could not imagine how it would look when I was pregnant... its pretty amazing how different babies can be!   It's REALLY hard the second time around not to play the comparison game.  I try not to look back at N's baby book and go from memory on some milestones so that I can't compare!  I know N was sitting really well right at 6 months but he rolled both ways a ton before sitting.  Alas.  They look different and act different.  And they love each other like crazy.  Seriously, they make each other giggle constantly and it warms my Mommy heart like crazy!
My sweet 2 1/2 year old (just turned 2 1/2!!) is VERY into asking questions.  Its a stage I knew would come like a flood when it did but I was not prepared for how many silly questions I'd have to repeatedly answer.  "Why are you taking the shell off the (hard boiled) egg?" (Asked at least 5 times as I peel an egg.) "What are you doing?"  "Why are the cars stopped?" (At every red light) "Why are you putting on your shoes?"  "Where are we going?" Ïs that ___?"  "Why is daddy doing that?" (To me while his Daddy is standing there doing something simple).  It's fun and yet, I quickly see why parents start to answer "because."  
Hint: Today I pretended to eat the shell of the egg, so I think I at least got him to fnish asking that question. : ) 
I've been running 3 days a week still but also started in a P90X group since I decided to postpone races right now (kinda on burnout from races and to help the budget).  The p90x has been a fun new challenge!  It's a lot more exercise than I normally do-- but I feel better and my jeans fit better after one month!

Well-- back to real life.  Thanks for those that have kept posting... I'm still reading!

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  1. If you're not on a Mac, Windows Live Writer is a great (free) program for posting to Blogger. It functions just like Word or any other word processor and was so much easier for editing your posts especially with photos... Even without photos we still like your posts!