Sunday, January 6, 2013

Perpetually Late

Before I got married (7ish + years ago now, what?!)... I liked to be a half hour to 15 minutes early to everything... church, a movie, a show...   Then I got married and we were lucky when we got anywhere together just 5 minutes early. 

Then one kiddo came along and that shot Early right in the foot.  We were lucky to get anywhere just 5 minutes LATE.

Now with two kids... um yeah, it's sliding back further still. 

If we keep having kids I'm thinking we'll shoot for the 9am service at church (or show or movie) and be happily surprised when we are there early for the 11:15!

Random thought of the day.  That is all.

Though I haven't been commenting... Good luck to any virtual running buddies doing the Goofy Challenge.  That means you Mandy and Nikki

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  1. Thanks! We got a little bit later with each kid too but the great thing is that you do start getting the hang of it and eventually get back to being on time again. And, there are all kinds of tips and tricks that can help make getting out of the house a lot easier with a toddler and baby. You'll be a pro in no time!