Thursday, July 26, 2012

Update on ISR Swimming and a Video

I mentioned we started ISR Swim lessons in this post

Well-- after 8 weeks my little guy is QUITE the swimmer!  Now only can he swim REALLY well... he also LOVES to swim!  I would call this class a huge (and more expensive than I planned!) success!  The kid "swims" everywhere now (on the kitchen floor, in the bath tub, in his tiny baby pool).  He is even teaching his lego man and stuffed bear how to "swim"on the floor too.  : )

So-- I would HIGHLY recommend these classes if you want your kid to really know how to swim and not have a fear of water.  We'll have to do 1 week refresher classes each year but the premise is that its now all muscle memory and will take very little effort to remember even if we don't see water all winter long!

I wish I could swim this well!

Here is a short video of the swimmer in action.  He was taught to look for a wall to swim to and float on his back to catch his breath before swimming again.  Here goes...

Video Link


  1. Wow! What an awesome little swimmer he is! I will definitely have to look into these classes as Avery gets a little older!