Thursday, June 24, 2010

6am runs and 80 degrees!

Today was another peaceful morning run at 6am... but may I also mention it was 80 degrees and humid!  I find it funny that I am pregnant during a summer/spring that is even hotter than normal since I despise hot weather more than most!  And I will also volunteer that my air at home and work cannot keep up, so the office and house are nice and warm by the afternoon!  Thank goodness for a twenty minute drive home with the car AC blasting!

Just read an article on activities to avoid when pregnant.  I wanted to see if running made the list.  It was there, but as a "use caution" sport.  They also link to an article on running during pregnancy which doesn't have any real profound advice but is good to read for general advice on running during pregnancy.  As with anything-- if you were doing it before you got pregnant, chances are, you can continue after pregnancy, modifying as your body changes or as needed.

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