Friday, June 4, 2010

The un-fun run

Out of maintaining full disclosure... last night was not a good run.  I had a muscle pain in the front of my thigh immediately after starting to run.  (Maybe if I listened in Anatomy I could have told you what that muscle is.) Plus it was way hot and muggy.  Hello Kentucky weather, it's still early June!  You usually reserve this kind of hot muggy weather for August (when I will be really large and miserable)!

Bad runs happen though.  If every run where a good run, I would probably run more often than I do!

We ran 3.3 miles at an 11:23 pace last night.  The distance nor time matter to the point that I was just not feeling the groove in this run!  Then once I got home, I was still feeling the discomforts of the run and had trouble sleeping. 

29 weeks along now!  Gained another pound since the last appointment.  Looking forward to meeting this baby!

This kiddo is moving around like crazy-- I love to feel the giant movements and flips that are so different from the little squirms of early pregnancy!

Very thankful that running is about the only thing that brings me weird symptons right now, and I bring that upon myself! 

Moral of the story-- not all runs are enjoyable and smooth sailing.  Again-- that's life.  I could go out tonight and have an awesome run (but I'm not)... so until next time.


  1. I'm so jealous, only gained 1 pound since last appt! Hee hee, good job on the run though!

  2. It helps when you are this far along and appointments are closer together : )