Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yes, the honeymoon phase of pregnancy has officially left the building for me. 

I am uncomfortable.  Hot.  Stretched.  Uncomfortable.

I seriously do no know how another 9.5 +/- weeks will feel.  I already feel stretched to the max and uncomfortable to sleep or sit for very long.

Did I mention I went to Miami for 4 days last week and thought I might keel over from the heat and humidity-- and that would have been if I weren't pregnant?!  Only being 10 weeks away from baby-land on top of my normal distain for heat and I am was really feeling hot!

I did get a run in while in Miami.  I am sure it helped to have run in the morning vs the evening, but I am pretty sure I was sweating as much as an afternoon run here.  It was pretty to run along the beach though.  I only lasted a little over 20 sweaty minutes.

Hubby actually ran with me this morning!  Since it's supposed to be 93 today with an insane heat index, I wanted to run before work.  This requires that I go out before 6 when it is still dark.  Since hub's didn't want me to run alone in the dusk, he came with me.  He's a great runner-- he just doesn't make the time for it right now, so he is also a great running partner because he can easily talk and converse at any pace.  Have I mentioned I am crazy about that guy?  ; )

In other news-- I found my first stretch mark on my side/hip while in Miami.  I had a total cry fest over it-- I called the hubby at work in tears.  I can't only blame it on hormones, though I would like to.  It was a cry of giving up control, anxiety, fear and general sadness over how growing a baby takes over your body-- that up until that point you feel you had some control over.  So yeah.  That's the real side of all of this.  I should say that Mark was totally sweet about my meltdown and said he is getting really excited to meet our kiddo and that I will still be beautiful.  Again, I love that guy.  And I am excited about having a baby too.  The unknown is always a little intimidating to me.  I am a creature of habit and all is new with a baby in the belly and on his/her way into our lives!

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