Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No wonder you look pregnant!

So, I am talking to my sister yesterday afternoon and ask her how far along she was when she gave birth. 

She says, 36 or 37 weeks (but was induced with both girls). 

Then she asks why I am asking. 

I tell her I have had some cramps which just reminded me this baby will be here before I know it, and to ask her when she delivered.   

She then asks me how far along I am. 

I say, 32 weeks.  (Friday will be 33 weeks)

Her response-- You are?!  No wonder you look pregnant!!

Wow.  I am glad my family and I are totally on the same page.  Alas.

I leave you with a pic of this SERIOUSLY growing baby...

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  1. Update-- My sister says she thinks she was induced at 38 and 39 weeks, not 36 and 37.