Thursday, June 17, 2010

Peaceful runs

Usually Thursday nights are an evening run for me-- that is until Spring decided to be well into the mid-90's!  Yikes.

So I got my pregnant bootie out of bed bright and early for yet another morning run this week.  It was such a peaceful, blissful run at 5:45.  Seriously.  I ran in the road for the majority of the run and I think I saw about 2 cars the whole time!

Birds were singing, the sky was filled with colorful brush strokes.

Logged 3.36 miles at a 10:50 pace.  Felt good.

Tomorrow is 31 weeks-- but whose counting?! 

I really hope to keep this running thing up until the very end-- with perhaps a minor motivation that I read on average people who run up until they deliver will deliver about a week earlier than their due date.  We'll see.  But if its this insanely hot in JUne-- what is August going to feel like at 9 months pregnant?!


  1. Well, I ran almost to the end (a few weeks short) and I was 8 days late! Hopefully you're early or at least on time!

  2. Nikki-- I loved reading your running experiences during pregnancy the first go-round.

    I have also read your first pregnancy is usually a week past your due date... yeah! We'll see how it plays out! : )