Saturday, April 14, 2012

16 weeks, Tall Dandelions and Dirt Face

A little late but here goes for 16 weeks...

First... a belly shot (excuse the shadow again)...

Still with the icky's and food aversions.  No puke though!  I have to scroll through or pass up all my yummy food blogs unless I happen to hit them at the right time of day.  : )

Got a 12 mile in last weekend, my mid-week runs and an 8 miler today!

With N I craved tomatoes like crazy.  I really cant stand much acidic right now and tomato anything sounds super gross!  I'd like to crave SOMETHING because at least it would mean something sounds good!

Onto the boy... check out the super huge dandelion hubby found growing around the water hose outside!

Little man loves playing in dirt-- you can't tell it here but it was all over his face! 

The thing I love most about his age right now (19 months) is the developing sense of pretend and play.  He likes to put his stuffed dog/bear to bed after he gets up from a nap and tells them "night night", loves to hammer/drill/build like his Daddy, loves all things balls and lately likes to "fall with a ball" like his favorite page in the Dr Seuss book.

He also has a HUGE appetite lately.  I thought having a boy was cheaper than a girl but the kid eats me out of house and home by dinner!  : )

Little man is super sweet.  He can often be heard saying "thank you mommy" when you give him something or saying "bless you" after sneezing.  Or if he bumps into you he'll say "sorry mommy".  His prayers before meals are also super sweet and change every day.  I'll start him out and then he'll add thank you for "hammer", "cheese", "Lawn Mower", "Nana", "Papaw"... whatever comes to mind.
I had no idea pre-kids that I would love being a mom as much as I do!  So fun even when its exhausting!

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  1. I love that you ran 12 miles pregnant! I hope to be like that someday!